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Description of OXP Category

Activities Allow Commanders to carry out a new activity or task eg. racing, gas giant skimming, taking out loans
Ambience Change or add to the scenery, visuals or sound effects eg. planet skins, add new planets/moons to systems, move suns further away, dim nebulae, add monuments
Dockables Add new objects that the player can dock with eg. carriers, space bars, casinos, fuel stations. Also, see Oolite Stations
Equipment Buy upgrades for your ship excluding weapons
HUDs Modifications of your dials, gauges and other read-outs on your Heads-Up Display
Mechanics Change the game play in a specific way eg. alter market mechanics, add more pirates
Missions New missions for Commanders to undertake. For more information, see Oolite Missions
Retextures Retexture existing objects, either by replacing or adding variations, but without adding objects that did not exist before
Ships New ships, except dockable ships. Also, see Oolite Ships
Systems Alter multiple star systems in a number of ways eg. combinations of changing main station and local police ships, adding new stations, ships, activities, missions
Weapons Addons for your ship for blowing up the baddies
Misc OXPs that don't fit into the other categories eg. debug consoles, internationalisations, config mechanisms, demo OXPs

OXP authors: if you are unsure how to categorise your OXP or if you wish to update the details of an OXP for an author who has disappeared, please seek advice on the Expansion Pack Forum before proceeding. Please put your OXP in one category only. You can edit the section below to add your OXP.

OXP difficulty

OXP by level indicated is a table listing the OXPs and their difficulty level according to the author's belief. You can find the level indicators on the wiki

Sortable Table of OXPs

The following table is optimized for a horizontal screen resolution of at least 1280px so that all OXP descriptions fit on one line.
Oolite-gov-multigov.png indicates one or more additional authors of the .oxp
The "Z" column indicates that an OXZ version is available in the OXZ list and downloadable within the Expansion Pack Manager in Oolite.


OXP Name and Brief Summary (keep length to that of existing entries or less)




HUDs Aad-HUD enhances and rearranges the default HUD Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-03 Y
Retextures Accessories v2.2 re-textures all the Stations and non-ship objects with a more detailed and realistic look Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-01 N
Ships Aegidian's Specials adds the powerful Mussurana, the Asp Mark II Special, and a new cargo canister Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-07-27 N
Ships Aegidian's X-Ships adds Python ET Special, Cobra Mk II, Asp Mark II Special, and Sidewinder Special Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-04-29 N
HUDs Alerting Crosshairs automatically varies the gun-sight according to the current danger level Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-16 Y
Ambience Aliens Adds mysterious and unknown Alien ships to the Ooniverse. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-17 Y
HUDs Altimeter adds a low-altitude digital altimeter to almost any HUD. Great for ground-attack missions! Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-16 N
Ambience Ambiences recommended by Norby installs many graphical packs for better look and feel, needs Oolite v1.82 Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-17 Y
Ships Amen Brick's Pirate Clan One: The Blitzspears adds the Assassin, the Hoodlum, the Scoundrel, and the Spiv Amen Brick Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-06-30 N
Ambience Amiga Replacement Sounds is based on the sound set used in the Amiga version of the original Elite EAGLE 5 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-03-22 N
Systems Anarchies overhauls legal ratings and spices up anarchies with Hacker Outposts, Salvage Gangs, special stations & ships Commander McLane Killer Wolf, Griff, Cdr. Wyvern, Murgh, Aegidian, 8-Bit Apocalypse 2012-04-02 Y
Ships Andromeda is a large battleship with exceptional cargo and fuel capacity. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-01-03 Y
Ships Anguis Primus is a rare and powerful pirate ship that is player buyable. Ryan Hoots Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-30 N
Ships Ankalagon An alien looking ship, with fairly large cargo space. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-17 N
HUDs Another HUD is based on Killer Wolf's Generic HUD NorthenderPNE Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-03-18 N
Ships Aphid adds the stylish Aphid Escort Service 8-Bit Apocalypse Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-01-02 N
Equipment APRIL is an expandable in-flight pylon reloading piece of equipment. Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-04-19 Y
Missions Aquatics adds the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation of Aqualina, G3 along with its ships and a mission Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-29 Y
Ships Arachnid Mark 1, A multi purpose Elite style vessel similar to a Cobra Mark 3. For both NPCs and players. Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-07 Y
Ships Ardvark Trader adds another trader ship, with colorful ball turrets. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-10-05 N
Ships Armoured Transport Type 1 adds Gaundlet's Armoured Transport Type 1 and Armoured Escort Viper that ferry valuables Arexack Heretic Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-12-28 Y
Weapons Armoury adds AMS, captured Thargons, drones, probes, a missile rack, some bombs, and the missile machine Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-03-16 Y
Missions Assassins Guild adds 21 missions involving murder to order in Galaxy 7 Littlebear Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-04-02 Y
Ambience Asteroid Randomizer Moves static asteroids on a really random position. SMax Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2016-09-10 Y
Mechanics Asteroid Remover Removes blasted asteroids between save games. Reset after witchspace jump. SMax Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2016-08-24 Y
Ambience Asteroid Storm adds different types of asteroids & a mission where a station in G1 is threatened by a large asteroid strike Littlebear, Charlie Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-19 Y
Activities Asteroids3D lets you play a game of Asteroids. IN SPACE! Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-08 N
Mechanics Asteroid Tweaks implements asteroid respawning and lets you multiply the number of asteroids in system. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-10-16 Y
Equipment Audible Docking Clearance enables the docking clearance protocol and plays notify sounds for docking events Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-03 Y
Ships Aurora adds huge passenger ships for the wealthiest in society pagroove Griff, Thargoid 2010-11-10 Y
Equipment Auto Crosshairs changes shape to alert the pilot to the precise moment a target is centred Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-23 Y
Equipment Autodock gives players without a docking computer the ability to use automated docking systems at main stations for a small fee. (Updated for Oolite 1.82) phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-01-10 Y
Mechanics Autodock allows the main station to remotely pilot the player's ship into the hangar for a fee when no docking computer is installed. CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-02 N
Equipment Auto-ECM activates the ECM once a missile is fired at the player's ship. See the BB for more info Switeck Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-01 Y
Equipment Auto Eject ejects your escape pod automatically when your energy becomes too low Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-08-28 Y
Equipment Automatic Chaff System provides an enhanced chaff-based missile countermeasure system Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-06-21 N
Misc Auto-prime equipment helps manage connections between MFD's and primable equipment (auto-priming the equipment when MFD is changed or selected). phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-10-12 Y
Mechanics Auto Skim gives the player ship an AI to automatically sun skim for fuel. Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-31 N
Ships Baakili Far Trader adds a dockable alien ship Zieman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-09-19 N
Ships Bandersnatch adds a pirate capital vessel armed with 4x fore lasers Flying Circus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-11-09 N
Ambience Battle Damage Improved immersion: adds hull damage when you take un-shielded laser fire. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-02 Y
Equipment Beer Cooler allows you to fit your ship with a beer cooler Maik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-07-11 Y
Dockables Behemoth adds a dockable Navy cruiser carrying Navy Asps, Navy Vipers and Navy Sidewinders Aegidian Eric Walch, Spara 2015-08-16 Y
Mechanics Behemoth Spacewar adds intelligence to the Behemoth and combat with Thargoids! Eric Walch Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-03-31 N
Ambience Better Buoys (v1.3) Improves the buoys with detailed textures and lighting. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-06-29 Y
Ambience Better Screens (v1.1) Update for the 'in-game' GUI screens. If you are bored with 'just black', this might be for you. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-24 Y
Ambience BGS - Background Set Immersion Improver: images, sounds and visual effects Svengali Pagroove, PhantorGorth, Thargoid, Tricky 2018-11-20 Y
Ships BigBlimpy It's a big balloon. Carries big cargo, or display signs. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-04-28 N
Mechanics Big Ships ensures that large ships do not dock and controls population of systems with them Thargoid Eric Walch 2009-11-24 Y
Activities Black Monk Monastery offers loans in advanced systems and adds the Black Monk Gunship to persecute defaulters Littlebear Griff, spara 2015-11-02 Y
Missions Blackjack's Bullion starts in galaxy 2 at Telace as Commander Blackjack arrives via escape pod Rustybolts Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-09 N
Mechanics BlOomberg Markets varies the in-game economy by generating random events that affect commodity prices Ramirez Svengali, spara 2015-06-24 Y
Ships Boomslang adds a mid-range multi-role ship. Used by pirates and traders alike milinks, Jar Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-09-07 N
Equipment Bounty Scanner adds bounty details (if any) to the targeting lock-box display when locked onto other ships Frame Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-07-02 N
Mechanics Bounty Status displays your current bounty (and your legal status) on the F5 manifest screen Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-08 N
Mechanics Bounty System changes the way bounties are stored and processed, making the bounty system deeper and richer. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-07 Y
Mechanics Breakable Life Support System adds a new breakable equipment to the player's ship. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-12-07 N
Mechanics Breakable 'Standard' Equipment makes standard equipment like Shields, HUD, Engines etc damageable in combat Capt Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-01 Y
HUDs BroadcastComms MFD provides a way of communicating with other ships during flight. phkb, zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-11-09 Y
Equipment Bulk Cargo Processor provides a way to quickly dump or destroy cargo in your hold during flight. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-08-25 Y
Ships Bulk Haulers adds the Lynx Bulk Carrier, the Long Range Cruiser, the Bulk Hauler, and the Super Bulk Hauler ADCK Aegidian, pagroove 2010-04-07 N
Mechanics Bullet Drive tweaks the torus drive to be more like that of the original Elite Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-16 Y
Misc Bulletin Board Contracts moves all the cargo, passengers and parcel contracts onto the Bulletin Board, instead of having three different F4 interface screens. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-05-09 Y
Misc Bulletin Board System is a utility designed to help OXP authors add custom missions to the Oolite universe. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-08-17 Y
Ships Bull's Eye Squadron Adds three new ships meant to act as a squadron. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-01 N
Ambience Buoy Repair adds a spectacular Buoy Repair Facility and related ships to repair defective/destroyed nav-beacons Eric Walch Svengali, Murgh, Zieman 2012-03-19 Y
Ships Caduceus adds the very expensive (and deadly) Caduceus ClymAngus Cdr. Wyvern, another_commander, Eric Walch, Thargoid 2010-12-14 Y
Equipment Camera Drones adds some new external views to your ship cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-17 Y
Ships Capisastra adds Capisastra Defenders, Capisastra Haulers, and Capisastra Warriors Selezen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-01-12 N
Ambience Captain Berf Engineer adds a voice for crew members Captain Berf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-12-26 N
Ambience Captain Berf Pilot adds a voice for crew members Captain Berf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-12-26 N
Ambience Captain Berf Pilot Alien adds a voice for crew members Captain Berf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-12-26 N
Ambience Captain Berf Tactical Officer adds a voice for crew members Captain Berf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-12-26 N
Equipment Cargo Shepherd attracts cargo pods and holds them until you can scoop them; also includes a beacon Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-04-07 Y
Equipment Cargo Spotter highlights scoopable items with a colour-coded glow. Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-08 Y
Mechanics Cargo Wreck Teaser adds alternative cargo pods to the system. Arexack Heretic Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-10-11 Y
Ships Carriers Build up your fleet and take it with you on your Carrier! Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-01-20 Y
HUDs CB-HUD Mark II features a HUD that changes based on installed equipment. See the BB post for more information Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-09-25 N
Misc Change View Sound plays a sound as an audible confirmation whenever the view direction is changed during flight. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-01-22 Y
Ships Chimera Gunship, a craft intended to be able to carry a large array of weaponry to combat the growing Thargoid threat. Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-21 Y
Ships Chopped Cobra adds a chopped version of Griff's Cobra and also includes Enforcer and S9 variants by Smivs. Staer9 Smivs 2011-07-24 N
Ships Chupacabra is a bird-like ship featuring the ChupaCabraHUD Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-11-17 N
HUDs ChupacabraHUD has central curved bar gauges, custom missile displays and shield capacitor gauges CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-26 N
Retextures Classic Ships (Addition) v1.0 Modern re-imaginings of the original Elite-style ships. Good-looking nostalgia. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-05 Y
Retextures Classic Ships (Replace) v1.0 Modern re-imaginings of the original Elite-style ships. Good-looking nostalgia. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-05 Y
Retextures Classic Variety Pack v1.0 Adds another twenty textures to the Classic Ships expansions. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-20 Y
HUDs ClearHUD is a minimalist HUD suitable for playing on large, wide screens Tichy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-15 N
Ships Clippers Long-legged variants of the Python and Boa 2, with new features! Replaces Boa Clipper OXP. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-23 Y
Equipment Cloak Repair Allows a damaged Cloaking Device to be replaced at TL15 systems. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-02-25 N
Ships Cobra AC is a faithful reproduction of the Cobra on the cover of the Dark Wheel novella with improved specs Dertien Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-02-24 N
Ships Cobra Clipper SAR adds a custom Cobra Mk III to rescue stranded Commanders Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-04-21 N
Ships Cobra III NjX adds a faster, tougher variation on the Classic Cobra Mk III Selezen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-08-10 N
Ships Cobra Mark III-XT This is the XT upgrade of the Classic Cobra Mk III CaptSolo Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-10-06 Y
Ships Cobra 3.5 adds the Cobra Mk 3.5, a slightly faster and tougher variant with a reduced cargo bay Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-12-22 N
Ships Colonial Viper Mark 1 adds a single seater fighter from GalTech Industries Corporation, both for NPCs and the player Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-24 Y
Ships Blue Racer, a medium cargo ship, also adds three other Racers to the game, each with their own HUD. Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-27 N
Ships Coluber CPV-9333 Pitviper is a powerful combat vessel well suited for bounty hunters. Includes optional custom HUD. Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-15 N
Ships Coluber CPV-12375 Pitviper Mk. II is a corvette-class combat vessel, improving on the original Pitviper. (requires 1.77 for some HUD functionality). Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-07-28 N
HUDs Coluber HUD CH01 A fully featured HUD with individual scales for each gauge and additional control lights for important equipment. Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-09-15 Y
HUDs Combat HUD A stylish, logically arranged HUD designed to give clear information during combat. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-24 Y
HUDs CombatMFD shows much data about your ship and also about your target. Norby Zirael 2015-05-18 Y
Activities Combat Simulator allows practice fights at certain orbital stations. cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-02-16 Y
Ambience Combined Murgh, Wiggy & xaotik's sounds combines the 3 available packs from Murgh, Wiggy and xaotik Eric Walch Murgh, Wiggy, xaotik 2009-09-13 N
Ships Comet adds a version of a cartoon ship of the same name. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-02-26 N
Equipment Commanders Log adds a log of the last 100 major events Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-08-08 Y
Systems Commies Adds Astro Mines, Factories, Production Units, Commuters & special police ships to Communist systems Dr. Nil Ramirez, Murgh, johnsmith, HueijRevisited 2010-05-22 Y
Mechanics Commodity Markets splits the buying and selling markets on the main stations. Thargoid Spara 2015-06-09 Y
HUDs CommsLogMFD displays all communications received by the player in a scrollable multi-function display phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-09-07 Y
Ambience Communications Pack A adds NPC comms messages cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-06-01 Y
HUDs Compact HUD provides an alternative HUD with a clean look Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-10-17 Y
Misc Compressed F7 Layout compresses the F7 screen, removing blank lines, and moving data from Distant Suns & Explorers Club to the top. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-11-18 Y
Ships Condor adds a very powerful police and Navy Cruiser Charlie Eric Walch 2010-10-24 N
Ships Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser adds a mighty, Starfleet-exclusive exploration vessel Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-02 Y
Ships Contractor Mk II v1.6 Very fast combat 'stealth' ship. Appears in-game as a Bounty-hunter & rarely as Pirate. Buyable Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-7 Y
Missions Coyote's Run brings Cody's novella Coyote to life as an exciting mission OXP Okti Cody, Smivs, Wyvern 2011-12-16 N
Ships Croydon Starsoarer adds a ship that is similar to the Asp in specification SimonB pagroove 2010-05-08 N
HUDs CRR-HUD is the stand-alone version of the Coluber Red Racer HUD Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-19 N
Ships Cruzer adds Ace's Cruzer ace\56 Staer9 2015-07-16 Y
Equipment Cup of Tea (v1.1) Buy an express tea maker. Makes a lovely cup of tea in just 15 seconds. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-18 Y
Missions Curse of the Black Sunspot is an "informal" mission set in Galaxy 3. cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-01 Y
Ambience CustomShields adds player selectable advanced shield game mechanics, shield effects, and combat damage effects CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-10 Y
Ambience CustomSounds replaces/adds 40+ sounds, featuring music & extensive use of calm female computer voice for warnings milinks Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-12-21 N
HUDs Cyan HUD Big scanner and partially numeric dials around crosshairs. Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-07-17 N
Ships Cylon Raider Mark 1 adds a new kind of aggressive alien, known from Battlestar Galactica, to the game Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-07-09 Y
HUDs Damage Report MFD lists all damaged equipment in a MFD. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-01-12 Y
Ships Dark Rainbow is an 'überfied' and tweaked version of the Caduceus with more turrets, pylons, and cargo sdrubble Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-09-14 Y
Mechanics Dark Ray turns off (unrealistic) laser beam glows Stranger & Vasig Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2019-02-03 Y
Ships Dark Wheel Cobra is a custom Cobra Mk III model, as seen on the cover of the Elite Manual Ramon Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-11-23 N
Ambience Darkspace removes the nebulae from the sky and limits the number of stars visible to improve game performance Gimi Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-07 N
Misc Death Comms adds immersion to battles by sometimes having ships give a final comms message when they die. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2016-03-04 Y
Misc Debug OXP is a special OXP that enables JavaScript console support (only for Test Releases of Oolite) Ahruman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-16 N
Equipment Deep Horizon Advanced Navigation Computer allows for fuel saving by extending the hyperspace jump countdown Cdr. Cheyd, PhantorGorth Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-06-27 Y
Equipment Deep Horizon Emergency Witchspace Initiator decreases the hyperspace jump countdown, but can have nasty side-effects Cdr. Cheyd Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-10-23 Y
Activities Deep Horizons Gas Giant Skimming OXP allows skimming gas giants (to refuel a ship) and also mining them for rare minerals Cdr. Cheyd Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-07-02 N
Ambience Deep Horizon - Lights Down lowers ambient light within system to give more natural feel to planets and ships Cdr. Cheyd Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-07-02 N
Ships Deep Horizon Nav Buoy 1.0 replaces Witchpoint, Station, and other Nav. Buoys with a new model Cdr. Cheyd Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-04 Y
Mechanics Deep Horizon - Pirate Ambushes adds pirates that ambush the player upon exit from witchspace Cdr. Cheyd Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-07-06 N
Ambience Deep Horizon - Systems textures the main planet of a system as well as adding moons and additional planets Cdr. Cheyd Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-07-06 N
Activities Deep Space Dredger adds dockable Space Dredgers, defended by Sabre fighters, and a missile to salvage derelict ships Sabre Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-01-10 Y
Mechanics Deep Space Pirates adds pirates and asteroids outside the space lanes Eric Walch Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-08-12 Y
HUDs Deepspace HUD is an alternative HUD with two versions DeepSpace Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-02-14 N
Retextures Deepspace Ships replaces the default ships with new textures DeepSpace Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-02-14 Y
Ambience Delightful Docking Improved docking experience. Slower stations. View the station when queueing. Better music. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-02-20 Y
Missions Deposed is a series of missions set in Galaxy 4 for an experienced Commander Cdr. Wombat Commander McLane, Eric Walch 2013-09-21 Y
HUDs Destination ETA displays a continually updated estimated time for arrival at your selected destination Wildeblood Spara 2013-05-18 N
Equipment Detectors shows the sum of your energy, shield and armour - and more about your target too! Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-18 N
Ships Diamond A large, colorful trader ship loaded with ball turrets mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-03 N
Systems Dictators adds a range of ships and stations to each dictatorship and offers new trading opportunities to players Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-21 Y
Ambience Diso adds extra planets and stations to the Diso system in Galaxy 1 Murgh Eric Walch 2010-11-02 N
Mechanics Display Current Course displays your current course on contract detail screens (and most other mission screens that display a long range chart) phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-08-16 Y
Equipment Display Reputation lets you know your current reputations in the passenger, parcel, and cargo contract market Commander McLane Norby 2013-08-27 Y
Ambience Distant Suns individually varies the appearance of all 2048 stars in Oolite Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-12-14 Y
Equipment Dock Assist System™ helps you to align better with a main station's docking bay by adding a set of runway lights Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-08-03 N
Mechanics Docking Clearance enables the docking clearance protocol for all stations: Now in the Vanilla game Eric Walch Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-12-25 N
Ambience Docking Fees adds a small docking fee and messages to all GalCop stations based on system tech level. Some are given unique fees or docking messages. Layne Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-07-01 Y
Ambience Docklights adds a trail of green docking lights to tech 3+ main stations, which turn red on station launches Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-05 Y
Retextures Dodo Stations adds new textures for Dodecahedron stations Griff, CaptKev Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-05-18 N
HUDs Dr HUD is an alternative HUD Dr. Nil Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-12-22 N
Ships Dragon Assault Craft adds a heavy combat ship, and the Military Smart Missile, an improved hardhead Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-11-26 N
Weapons Dragon Military Missile adds an enhanced hardhead, seeks priority targets when ECM'd Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-11-19 Y
Ships Dragonfly/Firefly S.T adds Dragonfly S.T & much faster Firefly S.T. Ideal small fast ships for pirates or bounty hunters Rustybolts Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-10-25 N
Ships Dragonships adds three ships that are designed to look like WW2 aircraft - the Draco, the Dragonette and the Wyrm Rorschachhamster Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-10-02 Y
Ships D.T.T. Atlas adds a bulk-cargo hauler, similar in specs to the Anaconda, but with 4 integral Passenger Berths. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-01-26 Y
Ships D.T.T. Cyclops adds a large bulk-cargo hauler, along the lines of the Anaconda, but faster. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-17 Y
Ships D.T.T. Galaxy Liner adds a player-flyable Luxury Cruise Liner. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-17 Y
Ships D.T.T. Heart of Gold adds the famous 'Heart of Gold' spaceship from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-16 Y
Ships D.T.T. Kraken A medium capacity cargo hauler, slightly larger and faster than a Boa. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-07-07 Y
Ships D.T.T. Manta A stylish and elegant all-rounder, roughly on a par with a Cobra Mk-III. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-12 Y
Ships D.T.T. MK-1 adds a general purpose cargo ship, with overall specs similar to a Cobra Mk-III. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-15 Y
Ships D.T.T. Planet Express adds the famous Planet Express delivery ship from the TV series Futurama. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-03-03 Y
Ships D.T.T. Snake Charmer Specs similar to a Cobra Mk III, but has 4 integral passenger berths built in. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-03 Y
Ships D.T.T. Space Zeppelin adds a Steampunk-esque Zeppelin style cargo ship. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-19 Y
Ships D.T.T. Tomahawk This stylish and modern-looking general-purpose ship has slightly higher specs than a Cobra Mk-III. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-11 Y
Ships D.T.T. War Lance Bigger brother of the Tomahawk, this well-armed, dangerous looking ship is intended to compete with the Boa Mk2. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-07-18 Y
Ships D.T.T. Wraith The Wraith is an excellent bounty-hunter's ship. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-11 Y
Ships Eagle Mk II adds the cheap Eagle Mk II escort vessel in several different versions, including an enhanced SE Selezen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-03-11 N
Ships Eagles Mk I to IV adds four Eagle Long Range Fighters to the game ADCK Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-04-07 N
Ships Elbereth Large, unusual cargo hauler. Lights up prettily. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-10 N
Misc Elite Ranks A costly device showing the NPCs' Elite standings. An immersion increase OXP. Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-01-02 N
Equipment Email System gives pilots an email interface: they will start receiving emails from GALCOP and other entities. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-10-12 Y
Equipment EnergyBomb OXP makes the original Elite's Energy Bomb available in Oolite 1.77+ cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-20 Y
Equipment Energy Equipment adds a pylon-mounted automatically triggered top-up for when the juice runs low Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-03-24 Y
Mechanics Energy Rebalance rebalances energy between shields & energy banks Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-11-04 Y
Ambience Engine Sound creates an engine sound that reacts to the speed of the your ship Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-12-05 Y
Ambience Engine Sound FG creates an engine sound reacting to the speed of the ship, thruster sounds when maneuvering, and some additional sounds Fritz Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-12-09 N
Ambience Enhanced Misjump changes the ambiance of the jump tunnel when having a misjump: Now in the Vanilla game cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-18 N
Missions Enhanced Passenger Contracts expands on the standard passenger contract system, trying to add a bit of variety and interactivity. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-02-28 Y
Misc Equipment Remove Item Color changes the color of equipment items described as "Remove", to make them stand out from standard equipment items. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-03-22 Y
Equipment Escape Pod Locator v1.4.1 is a piece of equipment to allow tracking of escape pods in system Capt Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-05 N
Mechanics Escape Pod Slave Fix prevents scooped escape pods from only holding slaves (ie no insurance payout or bounty reward). phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-02 N
Mechanics Escape Pod Tweaks changes the way escape pods are processed to make it more logical. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-06-10 Y
Missions Escort Contracts v1.7.1 allows players to enter into short-term escort contracts with NPC lone wolf traders Capt Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-12-04 Y
Activities EscortDeck Build up your personal escort fleet, make money from salvaging small ships. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-04-14 Y
Mechanics Escort Formations adds some variety to the formations used by escort craft cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-02 Y
Ships EscortPack Escort ships, especially useful with EscortDeck. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-22 Y
Equipment ETT Homing Beacon marks a position in space by deploying a pylon-mounted beacon Twisted Lone_Wolf 2011-04-04 Y
Ships Executive SpaceWays adds Delta/Gemini Escorts, Starseeker/Trident Exec Shuttles, Strelka Cruise Liners Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-06-19 Y
Activities Explorers' Club v1.3.3 keeps a record of the systems you have visited and gives you an explorer rank Capt Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-30 Y
Equipment ExtraFuelTanks Re-fillable extra fuel tanks fitted inside your ship. 1LY Reserve or 3LY Auxiliary tanks available. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-25 Y
Ships Extra Thargoids adds some types of Thargoid ship, each of which packs surprises. UK_Eliter Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-25 Y
Systems Factions from anarchy, feudal, dictatorship & communist systems meet in multi-government systems and start fighting m4r35n357 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-04-05 N
Ships Fair Cobra III upgrades the NPC Cobra IIIs to equal the basic player ship cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-30 N
Ambience Famous Planets adds unique textures, new descriptions, and theme tunes for many planets in G1 and G2 pagroove Cdr. Cheyd, Stromboli, Pangloss, CaptKev, Drew Wagar, Thargoid, Svengali, Lestradae, UK Eliter 2010-09-30 Y
Ships Famous Planets Liners adds Spaceway Liners on the 4 spaceways from Lave to Zadies pagroove Ramirez, Presti70, Thargoid 2009-03-02 N
Ships Far Arm Ships adds Sunracers, Scows, Tankers, Corsairs, Darts, Hunters, Cruisers, Titans, Vultures, & Wasps Zieman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-28 Y
Activities FarPlanets travel to new and very far planets with fast drives. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-04 N
Ships Far Star Murderer adds a mid-range fighter / trader, with a fair sized cargo bay 8-Bit Apocalypse Svengali 2018-12-04 Y
Equipment Fast Target Selector helps target ships on the scanner quickly and easily, also highlighting the current target on the scanner. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-08-15 Y
Ambience Far Sun places suns further away from the planet than standard Oolite Kaks Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-05-05 N
Ships Fer de Lance 3G adds player & NPC Fer de Lance versions with custom paint jobs & altered specs UK_Eliter Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-25 Y
Ships Fer de Lance NG adds a more powerful version of the Fer de Lance with several custom paint jobs alien Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-03-14 N
Ships Feramborini Fast, unarmed, and fast. For Rich folk. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-02-13 N
Ships Ferdepai/Fer de Epee adds a new fighter/trader to Galaxy 2 JohnSmith Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-12-17 Y/N
Systems Feudal States adds the Jäger, the Korvette, the Zerstörer, a Royal Hunting Lodge and other elements to Feudal Systems Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-15 Y
HUDs Fighter HUD is an alternative HUD CaptKev Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-05-21 Y
Ships FireAnt Killer Insect series. Tiny fighter, with tiny ball turrets, and above average speed. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-10 N
Ships Fireball, A medium sized multi-function vessel from the TV show Fireball XL5. Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-12 Y
Ships Firebird adds a ship inspired by an early 70s Pontiac Firebird mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-09 N
Ships Firefly Class Transport adds the Firefly from Serenity Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-02-17 Y
Ships Firewasp adds a fast interceptor Draco Caeles Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-10 N
Ambience Fireworks allows you a joyful celebration of whatever it is you want to celebrate Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-12 Y
Equipment Flight Log adds a log of the last 100 systems visited Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-02-27 Y
Ships Flying Dutchman adds a small chance to meet the Ghost Ship in the Ooniverse Commander McLane Griff 2011-04-14 Y
Misc Freaky Thargoids is a shader demonstration for Oolite Ahruman Eric Walch 2011-02-03 N
Dockables Free Trade Zone adds an independent trading post of dubious legality to Multi-Government systems Disembodied Commander McLane 2010-10-08 Y
Ambience Freighttrain - an OXP that lets giant freight trains cross some systems. Rorschachhamster Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-21 N
Mechanics Friend or Foe OXP - an OXP that enhances ship group interaction. Current version 1.2 (November 26, 2012) Tricky Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-26 N
Ships Frizbee adds a frizbee to the game. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-03-09 N
Ships Frog Space Rickshaw (FSR) adds a chatty space taxi service to the safer systems Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-01-12 N
Mechanics Frontier Style Equipment enhances some combat equipment to actually use up cargo space a la FFE Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-21 N
Ships Fruit Bat, a small sized escort/pirate vessel with a true escort variant. Rorschachhamster Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-21 Y
Equipment Fuel Collector scoops fuel from killed ships and collects fuel while cruising, even in witch space Frame Commander McLane 2011-07-05 Y
Equipment Fuel Injection Cruise Control Fuel injectors now operate like the Torus drive: being turned on and off, rather than continually holding down the i key. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-08-26 Y
Activities Fuel Station adds fly-thru Fuel Stations and Fuel Satellites near the witchpoint and along Route One Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-24 Y
Equipment Fuel Tank mounts in place of a missile, to top up 3 light years of fuel Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-05-31 Y
Mechanics Fuel Tweaks makes fuel scooping more rewarding: with a new commodity, Quirium Fuel, new equipment and controls changing the way fuel is handled. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-02 Y
Mechanics Furball adds barroom brawls that've got out of hand. Furious fugitives flee from pissed off police on the station's doorstep Caracal m4r35n357 2012-04-25 N
Mechanics Galactic Misjump allows intergalactic space to be reached by the brave cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-14 N
Ships Galactic Navy Additions enhances the graphics of the Galactic Navy & Behemoth oxps and alternatively adds new ships. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-02 N
Systems Galactic Navy adds more ships and stations to the arsenal of the Galactic Navy. Allows joining the Naval Reserves. Nemoricus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-18 N
Equipment Galaxy Info helps search for systems by selected criteria (forerunner of GalCop Galactic Registry) Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-10 N
Ambience GalCop Galactic Registry give pilots access to galactic chart data to aid in course plotting. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-10-22 Y
Missions GalCop Missions adds a number of replayable missions, accessible through the Bulletin Board System, to giving more to do in and around each system. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-02 Y
Missions GalCop's Most Wanted adds a list of criminals wtih heavy GalCop bounties. Track them down using logic and deduction about where they are likely to be. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-07 Y
Mechanics GalCop Rewards adds a loyalty reward scheme with a lottery. PhantorGorth Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-16 N
Equipment GalDrivePod A portable Galactic Hyperdrive unit (allowing you inter-alia to complete the "Lost Worlds Grand Tour") Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-07 Y
Activities Gallery Show and zoom ships, meet Exhibitions and gain Visitor Levels. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-04-25 Y
Ships GalTech Escape Pods offers varying levels of comfort and performance to increase diversity in the Ooniverse. Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-10-20 Y
Ships The GalTech Escort Fighter provides long range escort and strike capabilities whilst being small enough to be used as a carrier based fighter. Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-25 Y
Activities Gates adds short-cut jump gates to suitable systems, speeding journeys between the main station and witchpoint Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-23 Y
Ships Generation Ships adds encounters with the mythical Generation Ships from time to time Draco_Caeles Commander McLane, phkb 2015-07-14 Y
Ships Genesis adds a huge player-flyable trader with 8 ball-turrets. The NPC version comes with 6 SunBat Mk II escorts mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-01-09 N
Ships GHOST Gunship is GHOST's entry into the ship market, a good value for money ship with multiple front lasers Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-29 N
Ships GHOST Raptor a very light dog-fighter with high speed, decent shielding and good energy banks Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-11-10 N
Ambience Giant Space Pizza Adds giant Space Pizzas with visitor centres in solar orbit to a few systems. Can you visit them all? Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-08 Y
Dockables Globe Station is a new type of stations that appears in advanced systems Murgh Svengali 2013-03-08 N
Ambience GNN The Galactic News Network. Successor to Snoopers. Svengali Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-11-21 Y
Ambience Graffiti Asteroids add asteroids with graffiti Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-06-12 N
Ships Greek Ships adds Penelope Class Freighters, Telemachus Class Escorts, and Ulysses Class Interceptors 8-Bit Apocalypse Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-07-22 N
Ships Green Gecko features the Green Knights of Lago in their awesome twin-laser Geckos Cody Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-09-07 Y
Ships Green Hornet Largest in the Killer Insect series. Good for hauling, or mauling. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-10 N
Retextures Griff's ArcElite adds versions of native Oolite ships textured & shaded to resemble the Acorn Archimedes version of Elite Griff Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-09-29 N
Ships Griff Boa contains the famous Griff Boa Griff Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-28 Y
Ambience Griff's Alloys & Wreckage adds new alloy & debris models to exploding ships Griff Thargoid 2013-03-24 Y
Ships Griff Krait adds a heavily modified Krait, similar in design to the Griff Boa Griff Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-06-17 Y
Retextures Griff's Normalmapped Ships adds some of the best looking ships, stations, and flotsam available in Oolite Griff Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-02-29 N
Ships Griffin Two adds the Griffin Mk II from Frontier Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-10-11 N
Retextures Gritty Coriolis alternates the Coriolis stations with two elaborate gritty Corioli xaotik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-02-27 N
HUDs G-HUD Mk2 adds an alternative HUD Gunney Plym Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-07-08 N
Ambience Habitable Main Planets redefines planets to make eco-systems realistic (Strangers World suite) Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-08-12 Y
Ships Halloween Witch adds a witch that fires pumpkins at the player Griff CommonSenseOTB, Eric Walch 2011-10-29 N
Ambience Halsis features a female cockpit voice, sometimes called Hal's Hot Sister (the newest version is compatible with BGS) Ovvldc Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-08-01 N
Ships HardBase one of the biggest playable entities with a huge cargo capacity and almost no agility. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-07-24 N
Mechanics Hard Eject toughens the insurance to emulate more modern rules: you loose ‘half of your upgrades’ etc. for your new craft (Strangers World suite) Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2019-02-13 Y
Mechanics Hard Way: ‘’all’’ flight consumes fuel - hence 4 modules - collapsible shields & fuel consumption; gravity wells; solar wind scoop & warp drive (Strangers World suite) Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2020-11-29 Y
Mechanics HardShips Armoured ships, harder NPCs, many new pieces of defensive equipment. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-10 Y
Ships Hatchling BoyRacers adds the talkative (and often insulting) BoyRacers to more advanced systems (also updated: Iron Ass OXP) Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-01-13 N
Ships Hauler P30 is a very large cargo ship made by Staer9 Industries Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-15 N
Ambience Hawksound features a quality female computer voice, new weapon, damage and some station interface sounds Hawkstrom Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-11-20 N
Ambience Headlights See the dark side of objects in space. Invaluable for mining or for scooping stuff! Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-10 Y
Ships Heavy Metal Freight Hauler adds a semi-tractor/trailer like ship. Available in single and double trailer versions. Paradox Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-11 Y
Ships Herald adds the Herald Military Gunboat, a powerful police and Navy interceptor Flying_Circus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-01-07 N
Mechanics Here be Dragons ‘’discover’’ your ooniverse: hides data on unvisited/distant systems on F6/F7 screens Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2019-01-30 Y
Weapons Hired Guns adds escort ships that can be hired to accompany you on your next journey Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-29 Y
Ships Hognose Tugships adds the Hognose, a chatty tug that can be seen towing broken-down ships Murgh Jonnycuba 2006-03-01 Y
Ambience Home System immersion enhancer, emotionally tweaks received messages in designated Home Systems withe further benefits as the system is frequented. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-02-28 Y
Activities HoOpy Casinos appear near the station in advanced systems. You can win or lose credits in games of chance Murgh Eric Walch 2012-04-01 Y
Ships Hornet adds ace's Hornet ace\56 Staer9 2015-07-16 Y
Ships Hotrods adds custom paint jobs to classic Elite ships, racing vehicles, and a space gang that doesn't like the player Kaks Arexack_Heretic, Murgh 2011-12-05 N
Misc HudRequests tech demo to make dynamic HUDs and a small action game. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-06-16 N
HUDs HUDSelector choose a HUD from an increased selection, set your default MFDs & enhance your scanner's magnifications. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-17 Y
HUDs HUD Vanisher automatically hides and restores the HUD when changing to and from external views Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-25 N
Equipment HyperCargo adds an extended and expanded cargo handling system Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-04-22 Y
Mechanics Hyperspace Hangar Own more than one ship. Ramen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-09 Y
Ships Icarus adds a small fighter / trader based on blueprints from the lost Solice system Selezen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-07-13 N
Ambience Icesteroids are like normal asteroids but are frozen lumps of water instead Staer9 Griff 2011-10-31 Y
Mechanics Illegal Goods Tweak adds interactions with Galcop customs on docking at a main station with Contraband in the hold Capt Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-07-03 Y
Ships Illicit Unlock allows the player to fly all the classic Elite ships tgape, phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-10-12 Y
Ships Illicit Unlock - Griff Version allows the player to fly Griff's pirate/viper Ships ADCK dertien 2011-02-28 N
Equipment ILS semi-automatic Instrument Landing System for Docking which supports Injector-enhanced speeds. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-03-21 Y
Ships Imperial Courier adds the powerful Imperial Courier from Frontier, constructed by Seldar Shipyards Selezen Commander McLane 2007-06-14 N
Ships Imperial Star Destroyer adds a battleship Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-06-05 N
Ships Imperial Trader adds the powerful Imperial Trader from Frontier ADCK Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-06-14 N
Activities In-System Taxi adds in-system passenger contracts. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-02-07 Y
Mechanics In System Trader varies system market. Dr.Tripsa Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-7 Y
Activities Interstellar Help allows you to help out traders stuck in interstellar space without fuel Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-04-11 Y
Mechanics Interstellar Tweaks modifies what happens in interstellar space. UK_Eliter Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-03-26 Y
Missions Ionics adds a series of missions featuring the Ionics Company of Zaria, the Ramaza Liberation Front and The Link Galileo Eric Walch 2010-08-10 Y
Retextures Iron Ass Vol.1: The Aegidian Shipset, dark metallic RELOPy retexures of the majority of the Oolite core ship models Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-04-18 N
Retextures Iron Ass Vol.2: Inception Cameos, dark metallic RELOPy retexures of the "oldships" models Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-04-18 N
Retextures Iron Ass Vol.3: The Aegidian Xtras, dark metallic RELOPy retexures of the Aegidian "xtra" OXP models Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-04-18 N
Retextures Iron Ass Vol.4: Young Murgh Relics, dark metallic RELOPy retexures of selected old young Murgh models Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-04-18 N
Retextures Iron Ass Lave, dark metallic reboot of the Lave Dark Wheel scene Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-04-19 N
Retextures Iron Ass Missionaries, dark metallic reboot of Dr.Nil's Missionaries.OXP Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-06-04 N
Retextures Iron Ass WPB, dark metallic overhaul of the WPB.OXP Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2022-05-08 N
Missions Iron Raven is a multi-stage mission to investigate a dangerous conspiracy on behalf of GalCop High Command Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-11-17 Y
Equipment IronHide introduces the new range of IronHide ship armour from the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-02-19 Y
Ships Ixian Military Ships adds Ixian Battle Cruisers, Bezerkas, Gunships and No-Ships from Dune 8-Bit Apocalypse Eric Walch 2009-03-12 N
Ships Ixian Freighter adds a civilian freighter to the universe 8-Bit Apocalypse Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-01-09 N
Ships Jabberwocky adds the powerful Jabberwocky fighter / trader Flying_Circus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-03-12 N
Ships JadeShadow adds a powerful, multi role ship from the post movies book series of Star Wars mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-11-30 N
Mechanics Jaguar Company adds in an Elite group of pilots to patrol the space lanes in Anarchy, Feudal and Multi-Government systems. Tricky Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-11-10 Y
Equipment JellyBaby Dispenser adds a handy Jellybaby Dispenser for your cockpit Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-03-01 N
Mechanics Keyboard Cobra reduces the turning speed of ships to aid keyboard players SandJ Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-15 N
Ships Kestrel & Falcon adds buyable Star Wars style Falcon for pirates/traders and the Kestrel, a police/navy interceptor Charlie Kaks 2007-02-24 N
HUDs Killer Wolf's Dynamic HUD adds a version of the dynamic HUD first seen in Killer Wolf's Werewolf ships, to all ships Killer Wolf Thargoid 2010-07-08 N
Weapons Killit adds a bunch of insane super-weapons Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-07 N
Ships Kirin adds a heavy military hauler, CV & XM versions used by both pirates & traders ClymAngus Cdr. Wyvern 2009-09-09 Y
HUDs Klepto-HUD is a different 'take' on a HUD with precise crosshairs Kleptoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-03-09 N
Ships Koneko Industries OXP adds the Koneko Industries line of ships to the game, Koneko Industries HQ station and Ryan's Villa Ryan Hoots Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-29 N
Ships Lane Legal Racers adds NPC versions of Kraits, Mambas, and Sidewinders from different racing teams Dr. Nil Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-09-27 N
Equipment Laser Arrangement allows lasers to be moved between the different laser mounts available on the ship, when docked. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-15 Y
Equipment Laser Booster primably boosts lasers, but can also break them. Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-08 Y
Weapons Laser Cannons powerful short range lasers for large ships. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-07-03 Y
Ambience Laser Colors changes the laser color to orange for all classic player ships. NPC laser is still red Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-25 Y
Equipment Laser Mount Switching System (LMSS) enables multiple lasers to be installed at each mount point, and switching between them during flight. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-08-19 Y
Ambience Lave is a system make-over for Lave, adding all features described in The Dark Wheel novella included with original Elite Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-12-31 N
Activities Lave Academy adds Lave Academy Station above Lave & other planets, with 3 mini-games to test Commanders' skills Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-31 Y
Misc Library is a collection of snippets and helpers for other OXPs Svengali Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-11-19 Y
Activities Life In The Frontier (Phase 1) System BBS with mission generator and player reputation. Currently in development. BeeTLe BeTHLeHeM Norby 2015-07-12 Y
Missions LinkG7 is a mission in Galaxy 7 Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-02-16 N
Ambience Liners adds some beautiful and very large vessels to the spacelanes. Smivs pagroove, Thargoid, Griff, Eric Walch 2013-09-05 Y
Dockables Liners Markets adds a trade market to the dockable liners in the Liners OXP. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-08-02 Y
Ships Llama adds the Llama fighter / trader. Updated from the old Oosatl version to fix a small bug Flying_Circus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-02-28 N
Misc LogEvents Prints all js event calls into the Latest.log file. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-06-04 Y
Equipment Long Range Scanner shows all ships currently in your system and allows them to be targetted. Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-27 N
Missions Long Way Around adds a transport mission well suited to the novice in Galaxy 1 Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-04-11 Y
Missions Lovecats is a mission about love & betrayal amongst the feline races of Galaxy 4. Fast ship & hard heart required! JohnSmith Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-28 Y
Ships M-Pack (rusties) adds rusty banger versions of all Classic Elite ships in poor condition but which can still haul cargo Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-01-19 N
Equipment Maintenance Tune Up: provides the ability to do maintenance even when not necessary (if the system's TL level is 7 or greater). phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2019-04-13 N
Ships Mamushi Light Fighter super light fighter which always brings friends, sometimes with missiles bungi Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-12-29 N
Ships Mandotech Attack Ships Nine fighter ships, two previously unreleased. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-27 N
Ships Mandotech Heavy Haulers combines all Mandotech large trade ships in one pack mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-14 N
Ships Mandotech Killer Insect Pack combines all Mandotech Killer Insect ships in one pack mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-17 N
Ships Mandotech Ovoids Pack Five fairly different oval shaped ships added to the Ooniverse. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-17 N
Ships Mandotech_WarBirds Four fighter birds, Lightningbird, Terrorbird, Thunderbird, & Roc. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-24 N
Ships Manta adds the Manta light escort craft Dr. Nil Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 N
Mechanics Manual Witchspace Alignment makes entering hyperspace more interactive by requiring manual alignment with the destination beacon. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-09-12 Y
Ships Marauder is a small ship with huge engines, intended to be an escort, or a speed mission runner. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-06 N
Mechanics MarketAide Adds lowest, average and maximum commodity prices to the F8 market screen. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-02 N
Equipment Market Inquirer adds two station interfaces and updates the ASC to show the markets of selected secondary stations and in-system distances. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2020-10-12 Y
Equipment MarketObserver Enhances the market screen by showing ads and trading information. This oxp also gives a trader's rating based on your purchases and sales. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2020-10-12 Y
Ships Marett Space Corporation releases Adder Mk II, Mosquito Trader, Mosquito Sport, new fighters / medium traders Dr. Nil Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 N
Ships Medical Anaconda adds NPC "Medical Anaconda" Hospital Ships and their Moray Medical escorts. Ranthe Smivs 2013-09-07 N
HUDs Medusa HUD is an alternative HUD ClymAngus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-01-18 N
HUDs Mega-Walnut Dashboard is a generic version of the fabled Fer de Lance HUD Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-07-05 N
Ships Megaladon It's a huge shark ship. Nasty looking, but really just a cargo ship. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-17 N
Ships Merlin Ships are interceptors used by the Police & Navy, but also available on the open market Charlie Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 N
HUDs MFD Fast Configuration helps pilots manage MFD configurations by providing up to 6 different sets that can be loaded quickly and easily. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-08-16 Y
Mechanics MFD Restore After Load Restore MFD configuration after game loading. SMax Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2016-08-12 Y
Ships MFLPS introduces player flyable versions of NPC ships with multiple forward lasers CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-20 N
Ambience MildAudio Sound Set xaotik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-02-15 N
HUDs MilHUD 4000 is a fork of Milspec HUD with updated script and new features Wildeblood Cdr. Wyvern 2013-03-05 N
Missions Military Fiasco adds a navy mission for Commanders with > 1,000 kills. Also equips Navy with powerful cruisers Murgh Eric Walch 2013-11-03 Y
Equipment Military Fuel Injectors An upgrade to the regular injectors that recaptures some unburnt fuel Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-25 Y
Dockables Military Station adds well armed Military Stations to the more advanced systems Dr. Nil Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 N
Ships Military Stingray adds an ex-military ship that may show up in pirate hands or for the player to buy CaptKev Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-03-24 N
Equipment Military Targetting System is an advanced system of targeting for oolite acquiring up to 16 targets of a particular type simultaneously at the push of a button. CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-13 N
HUDs Milspec HUD is an alternative HUD with targeting aids and an emphasis on functionality Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-16 N
Mechanics Mineral Store Reset resets the minerals for sale at the Main System Orbital Station to prevent saturation Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2019-01-19 Y
Ships MinerCobra 75t cargo, miner laser and scoop at the cost of less energy, missile pylons and diminished recharge. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-11-24 Y
Equipment Misjump Analyser scans witchspace & on detection of disturbances sounds an alarm, logging the location of the disturbance Eric Walch Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-05-25 Y
Equipment Misjump Inducer can turn on/off misjumps on demand Switeck Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-04-02 N
Equipment Missile Analyser scans incoming missiles & sets target to incoming missile when it is not a standard missile Eric Walch Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-05-25 Y
Ambience Missile Beep Plays beeps whenever a missile is targeted at you hoqllnq Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-05-17 Y
Equipment Missile Spoof is an ECM system that employs flares to deter hardened missiles Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-04 N
Weapons Missiles & Bombs adds a wide variety of missiles & bombs that are are available to player & NPCs alike Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-15 Y
Ships Missionaries adds clerics of four faiths who spam Commanders with requests to worship their Gods Dr. Nil Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 N
Mechanics Modern Start adds new starting options to the game, providing a small selection of equipment that is considered standard in many other space combat/trading games. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-11-29 Y
Ambience Moons: dynamic moon configurations with two sets of moons. Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-04-30 Y
Ships More Core Player Ships OXP makes some NPC-only core ships playable.. Ryan Hoots Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-29 N
Ships Morrigan adds a vast trade ship to the Universe Flying_Circus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-12-01 N
Ships MTBattleCruisers Two large, powerful combat ships loaded for battle. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-22 N
Ships MT2000Brachiator A trader/fighter built for a race of monkeys. Has ball turrets. Can destroy. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-24 N
Ambience Murgh's Replacement Sounds contains 10 new sounds Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-08-15 N
Ships Murgh's X-Ships adds Bandy-Bandy, Chuckwalla, Eel Rapier, Taipan (fast courier craft & 2 light escort ships) Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-09-12 N
Ships MvM Veloce e Appuntita 1.0 Fast Grand Tourer Ship Knotty Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-05 Y
Equipment Naval Grid enhances recharging rates by linking the naval energy unit to military-boosted shields Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-03-09 Y
HUDs Navigation MFD displays navigational information in an MFD. Information includes data from hyperdrive system and space compass. spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-01-20 Y
Retextures Neolite Ships is an Oolite ships replacement set. Version 1.1.1 is available. SimonB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-05 N
Mechanics New Cargoes adds special cargoes and markets for them with high-risk high-profit trading opportunities cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-02-09 Y
Ships New Ships adds Hamadryad, Josher, Naga, Ringhals (mining and trade ships from previous versions of Elite) Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-05-15 N
Weapons Nexus missile adds multiple versions of a multi-warhead, 'anti-hostile' (or, in one case, anti-thargoid) missile UK_Eliter Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-11-07 Y
HUDs NG HUD is an alternate HUD. All standard functions, but with a personal view alien Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2005-03-06 N
Ships Night Adder adds ace's Night Adder, a fully shadered, light escort player ship ace\56 Staer9, phkb 2015-07-16 Y
Ships Night Adder for Escort Deck adds Ace56's Night Adder as an option for Escort Deck. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-12 Y
Ships NovaBat is a 3x enlarged version of the SunBat with larger cargo capacity, higher speed, and better weapons mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-11-11 N
Misc No Market Notification displays a meaningful message instead of an unusable market screen on stations with no commodities market. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-06 Y
Retextures Normal and Specular+Gloss Maps for Oolite v1.88+ another_commander Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2020-03-11 N
Mechanics NPC equipment damage OXP makes NPCs equipment damageable - just like yours! Ngalo Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2016-14-06 Y
Mechanics NPC shields gives shields to NPCs, together with a nice glow effect Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-05 N
HUDs Numeric Style HUDs numeric gauges, now version 3. CommonSenseOTB Norby 2015-01-10 Y
Ships Nu Vipers increases the types of Viper patrol ships with GalCop Viper Mark II, GalCop Viper Cruiser Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 Y
Weapons Nuclear Torpedos adds some powerful, but slow moving, missiles E. Walch, Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-29 N
Mechanics Offender Traders makes some traders into offenders/fugitives Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-04-20 N
Ships Old Ships adds Elite-A Bushmaster Miners, Cat/Cougars, Chameleons, Ghavials, Iguanas, Monitors, Ophidians, Salamanders Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-08-02 N
Ships Old Ships 2010 is a retextured version of Old Ships, adding the bonus Monitor 2 ship pagroove Murgh, ADCK, Simon B, Lestradae 2011-02-10 N
Equipment OMGLaser the ultimate laser weapon for Anaconda. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-04-01 N
Missions Oo-Haul adds vast bulk L-Crate Haulers to the space lanes and offers missions at constores to safely escort them Dr. Nil Eric Walch, Ark 2009-02-21 N
Mechanics ooCheat adds a 'cheat' menu to the game Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-02-19 Y
Ambience Oolite Fonts is a listing of all the available font packs for the game. Various Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-06-20 Y
Misc Oolite en Français is a French Oolite localization Poovga Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-09-29 N
Misc Oolite auf Deutsch is a German Oolite localization SwissMäc Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-06-02 N
Misc Oolite Italiano is an Italian Oolite localization another_commander Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-01-06 N
Misc Oolite in Russian: Roolite.org provides localizations of Oolite 1.76 and some OXPs. Also check Elite Games Seventh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2009-03-26 N
Ambience Orbits positions planets on orbits around the sun Ebi Kaks, Wildeblood 2012-04-21 N
HUDs OrangED HUD Big scanner, partially numeric dials and more! Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-07-17 Y
Ambience Orbital Stations simulates dynamic orbits for orbital stations - and gives different stations to different types of planets! Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-02-07 Y
Equipment Ore Processor extracts valuable materials from asteroid fragments when mounted to a ship's fuel scoop Dr. Nil Ark, Kaks, Eric Walch, Spara 2015-12-26 Y
Ships Orisis BigTraders are large passenger liners that ferry passengers around pagroove ADCK, Thargoid 2010-01-21 N
Ships Osoroshii Carrier heavy and light carriers for the Mamushi fighter bungi Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-12-29 N
Ships Outrider is a medium fighter produced by the Taranis Corporation Roberto Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-08-14 N
Retextures P.A. Groove Stations adds lots of different types of Coriolis and Dodec Stations pagroove Griff, Commander McLane 2010-04-16 N
Ships Pallas adds a fast but lightly shielded fighter. Charlie Svengali 2011-10-25 N
Ships ParadoxWeird, paradoxical hunter/trader ship. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-07-27 N
Ships Pelamis adds the Pelamis trade ship Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-04-24 N
Ships PersephoneVery large new trader, gold metallic finish, and four lasers. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-19 N
Ships Petra - It's a guitar ship. Electric V style guitar ship. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-07 N
Ships Phoenix is a strange ship, built from salvaged parts of various Serpent Class ships Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-01-17 N
HUDs Pie Chart Style HUDs New invention! Pie-chart gauges. CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-20 N
Ships Piranha An ultra fast escort ship, with no Witchspace capability mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-07-29 N
Mechanics Pirate Coves adds rock hermits that have been taken over by pirates in more dangerous systems lazygun Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-04-23 Y
Mechanics Pirate Traps are dummy traders who report pirates firing on them to the police popsch Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-01-04 N
Equipment Planetary Compass expands the ASC to track and identify planets and moons. Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-08 Y
Ambience Planetary Systems simulates dynamic solar system configurations for terrestial planets & gas giants Stranger Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-06-23 Y
Activities Planetfall allows the player to land on and trade at the planets and moons of each system Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-04-15 Y
Dockables PlanetFall Market Saver Stores the market state of PlanetFall stations in the save-file. SMax Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2016-08-19 Y
Mechanics Pods adds fuel, missile, bulk & empty cargo pods and pods which jam, explode, have trumbles or take a few scoops Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-03-18 Y
Equipment Police IFF Scanner Upgrade v 1.3.1 highlights offender and fugitive ships with custom IFF scanner colours Capt Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-18 Y
Ambience Povray Planets adds unique procedurally-generated textures to all planets submersible, ecraven Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-06 N
Equipment Primable Laser adds a secondary forwards laser Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-14 N
Ships ProseusBig, metallic blue, and nasty .... for a trader, that is. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-22 N
Ships Pteradyne Technologies Ships The Excalibur, a buyable combat ship and the Paladin, a military version Cdr. Wyvern Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-12-27 N
Equipment Pylon Based Equipment Remover allows removal of a selected piece of equipment from your pylons Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-04-01 N
Ships Python Class Cruiser is a large powerful trade ship, which can also hold its own in battle Aegidian Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-07-11 Y
Equipment Quirium Cascade Mine Detector detects the launch of a Q-Mine, alerting the pilot by sounding an alarm, as well as providing an on-screen warning. Diziet Sma Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-12-25 Y
Equipment Q-Charger is a Quirium supercharger which promises a 100% speed gain with twice the fuel efficiency of fuel injectors CommonSenseOTB Norby 2014-05-23 Y
Ships Racers adds Chicaneer Mk II, Chicaneer Mk IV, Dragster Mk I, and Dragster Mk II racing ships Murgh Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-01-02 N
Weapons Railgun introduces a revolutionary new weapons system to the Ooniverse Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-13 N
Ships Ramon's Anaconda is a fantastic re-imagining of the Anaconda freighter. Check out its special features Ramon Griff 2009-04-20 N
Ambience Random Docking Music plays a random music track from a pre-set list on activating docking computers Frame Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-05-12 N
Missions Random Hits adds seedy space bars to Anarchy Systems, offering large bounties on the galaxy's Most Wanted Criminals Littlebear Eric Walch, Spara 2018-10-29 Y
Ambience Random Player/Ship Name enhances the Ship Registration interface with random names. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-04-26 Y
Ambience Random Ship Names adds randomly generated names to all normal ship classes. Immersion Enhancer. Commander McLane Disembodied 2013-11-17 Y
Ships Razor adds a wicked fighter with a V-style profile mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-18 N
Retextures Re2dux Ships is an Oolite ships replacement set. SimonB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-06-12 N
Misc Real Life Time converts *lite timecode to day/month/year format, starting on whatever date is desired Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-16 N
Mechanics Realistic Damage gives a chance that equipment damage will destroy it Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-16 Y
Ambience Realistic Stars 1.1 Changes star colours for a more realistic look Knotty Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-10-15 Y
Ambience RedSet contains red-themed backgrounds for the UI screens another_commander Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-06-18 N
Retextures Registration ID adds ID tags to all Oolite standard ships Frame Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-02-28 N
Ships Remorse Of Conscience is a trade ship with a large hold, that can hold its own in combat 8-bit Apocalypse Svengali 2011-11-01 N
Ships Renegade Pirates adds rare, very well-armed, high bounty pirate versions of Classic Elite ships Littlebear Aegidian, Griff 2006-12-03 N
Ships Renegade Viper + Grass Snake adds stolen Vipers which earn large bounties & Grass Snake, a large pirate trade ship 8-bit Apocalypse Svengali 2011-10-29 N
Equipment Repair 'Bots adds a pylon mounted canister of repair nanobots which attempt to fix damaged equipment in mid-flight Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-03-19 Y
Systems Rescue Stations adds Rescue Stations to stable systems, for rescue and recovery. cim Spara 2017-06-20 Y
Missions Resistance Commander gives players a chance to command a squadron in combat Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-02-20 Y
Ambience retroRefit Restores the classic Elite-style ships and stations (with the original rotation rates) in place of the new default set. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-11-22 N
Equipment Retro Rockets are a handy little piece of equipment which gives your ship a backwards boost out of trouble. Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-04 Y
Mechanics Reverse Control in the aft view, so you can aim as in the front view. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-08-02 Y
Activities Ring Pod adds a series of racing rings to the Galaxy 1 systems of Lave and Zaonce Aegidian Eric Walch 2011-10-11 N
Activities Ring Racer adds the Corporate Systems Ring Racing League to Galaxy 1 Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-04-14 Y
Ambience Riredi Enhances planet Reredi in G1 with a new texture, adding a custom main station and defence ships. Captain Beatnik Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-01-12 N
Mechanics Risk Based Economy changes prices depending on the government type cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-10 N
Equipment Rock Hermit Locator adds equipment to locate Rock Hermits Frame Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-03-02 N
Ships RocketMiner starter ship which can dock without rolling. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-11-04 N
Ships Romulan Bird of Prey is a rendition of the ship from the first Star Trek series mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-03-30 N
Ships RXSoftware Shipset is a remake of all standard player ships plus 18 new ships, most of them player useable commanderxairon Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-10-12 N
Ships Ryan's Bonus Ship Pack adds six new ships to the game. Ryan Hoots Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-11-20 N
Mechanics Safe Docking allows you to earn GalCop Reward Points for safe manual docking. PhantorGorth Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-06-16 N
Equipment SafeJumps Warns the player if they are about to jump to a Nova system Okti Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-05-06 N
Equipment Safety Catch prevent accidental Q-Bomb or other mine launches when using missiles. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-15 Y
Ships Saleza Aeronautics adds Bellatrix Cruisers, Rigel Tactical Bombers, and Saiph Interceptors to high tech corporate systems Ramirez Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-10-24 Y
Ships Sangreli_Traderadds a new, alien trader ship. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-27 N
Ships Santa adds very rare Santa Sledge to space lanes escorted by plasma gun toting reindeer space bikers! Griff Eric Walch 2010-05-26 N
Ambience Satellites adds some small satellites to every main planet. Rorschachhamster, phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-10-12 Y
Mechanics Save Anywhere allows you to save your game at any OXP Station Frame Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-14 N
Equipment Scanner Alerting Enhancement provides automatic pre-emptive identification of new ships on the scanner jh145 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-17 Y
Missions Scourge of the Black Baron features combat & transport Galaxy 1 missions Rxke Kaks, Thargoid 2018-04-12 Y
Ships Scout is a cheap but good looking ship from Staer9 that shares a lot of technology with the Xeikil Staer9 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-05-11 N
Ships Second Wave adds variants of Thargoid Warship, Thargon Robot Fighter and alien ships Thargoid Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-18 Y
HUDs Select-o-matic Crosshairs choose which cross-hair design to use, regardless of installed weapons Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-20 Y
Ships Selezen's S-Ships adds GalCop SWAT Vipers and Oresrian Traders Selezen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-07-12 N
Equipment Sell Equipment allows, for a small fee, resale of equipment at 60% price at suitable tech level world Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-10-19 N
Mechanics SellAll cargo with one keypress, sometimes can sell over 127t - but for less than half price. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-09-07 Y
Ships Serpent Class Cruiser - comparable to the Boa 2, an excellent choice for the discerning pilot and trader. Player and NPC. Shipbuilder Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-09 N
Ambience Sensible Sun creates suns further from the planet than Oolite's default configuration Wildeblood Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-11-07 N
Misc Shady Cobra adds shader effects to Cobra Mk III Ahruman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-07-11 N
Retextures Shady Sungs adds replacement textures for all Classic Elite Ships Sung, ADCK Micha 2012-01-22 N
Equipment Shield Cycler distributes shield energy between fore and aft shields (stable version) Lone_Wolf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-09-04 Y
Equipment Shield Cycler Next (development version) distributes shield energy between fore and aft shields Lone_Wolf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-11-29 Y
Equipment Shield Equalizer & Capacitors balances shield energy - and stores unused shield energy CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-07-03 Y
Misc Ship Comparison helps players buying a new ship: view the specifications of 3 different ships at once. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2017-12-01 Y
Mechanics Ship Configuration makes the process of equipping your ship more deliberate by using up space and weight allowances. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-06 Y
Mechanics Ship Repurchase makes escape pods more important, forcing the player to eject, then giving options for the replacement ship received when rescued. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-07 Y
Equipment Ship’s Library-Comes with the Ship’s Manual, more books addable! Readable while docked or buy an in-flight MDF. Cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-07 Y
Equipment Ship’s Library Book-Captain Solo's Good Fortune: Short Story: how Captain Solo defeated the Dark Man at poker and won more than he thought CaptSolo Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-06-24 Y
Equipment Ship’s Library Book-Extracts from the Tre Clan: Book: the famous lectures on the Spacer’s Life for your Ships Library Cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-03-23 Y
Equipment Ship's Library Book-Mutabilis Read Drew Wagar's second novel in MFD during long travels. Ramen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-06-17 Y
Equipment Ship's Library Book-Status Quo Read Drew Wagar's first novel in MFD during long travels. Ramen Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-05-09 Y
Equipment Ship's Library Book-The Traders Almanach: Book: the famous set of trading tips for your Ships Library Zireael Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-11-09 N
Misc Ship Storage Helper is a helper OXP with functions to store/restore current ship info. Requires Oolite 1.77 Capt. Murphy Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2015-04-13 Y
Ambience Ship Respray OXP gives player the opportunity to purchase a new paint job for their ship. phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-10-05 Y
Misc Shipset Compatibility helps old replacement shipsets work with Oolite version 1.80 or later cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2014-06-06 Y
Mechanics ShipVersion NPCs get extra equipment and bonuses appropriate to the version number. Norby Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-12-17 Y
Retextures Simon B's Ships OXP Adds a collection of Simon Bridge's ships from his Neolite OXP's, updated for Oolite 1.80+. CaptSolo Simon B 2014-10-18 Y
Mechanics Skilled NPCs makes many of the pilots much smarter cim Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-03-07 Y
Ships Skrounk All-Stars Limited adds Large Freighter, Seymour Class Sled, Starbelly Class Sled, Starhawk & Starwolf Mk I goji62 Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-24 N
Ships SideShooter Small fighter, with a starboard mount for lasers, giving it a one sided look. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-29 N
Ships Slasher adds a V-style ship with forward ball turrets mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-03 N
Ships Slasher_redux The Slasher with lower, more streamlined profile. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-19 N
Ships Slug An ultra slow, but huge trader ship, with Piranha escorts mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-08-01 N
Ships SmallBlimpy Smaller than BigBlimpy, but looks just as silly. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-28 N
Retextures Smivs' Shipset v4.2 re-textures all the core ships, with non-shader lighting effects and stunning visual SFX. Smivs Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-04-25 Y
Mechanics Smugglers - The Galactic Underworld increases variety, adds smuggling compartments and a Black Market interface, generally shaking up the cargo business! phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-08-19 Y
Ships Snapper is a VERY large ship, able to move at 250LM, while hauling around 760 tons of cargo mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-28 N
Ships Snark is a powerful fighter/trader, often used by pirates and bounty hunters Flying_Circus Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2006-06-21 Y
HUDs Sniper Camera System Zoomable camera for surveillance and long-range sniping. CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-08-04 N
Equipment SniperLock More accurate targeting by automatically keeping ship's aim on target longer. CommonSenseOTB Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-12-17 N
Ambience Snoopers adds the galactic news network channels (Superseded by GNN). DaddyHoggy Disembodied, Drew, Svengali 2013-06-08 Y
Ambience Solar Flares adds visible solar flares to systems with solar activity phkb Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2018-01-22 Y
Ships Solid Gold Cobra Mk.3 is a limited edition Cobra Mk3 to celebrate its 25 years anniversary ADCK Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-06-09 N
Ships SolarWing Bounty hunter ship. Very fast, very quick, and very nasty to Offenders. mandoman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2012-09-09 N
Ships Sonoran Hunter-trader ship inspired by Smivs' Contractor Mk II. Robin Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-09-27 y
Dockables Sothis Space Station is a station from Isis Interstellar with a compact design of comparable size to a standard Coriolis Killer Wolf Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2010-08-08 N
Dockables SothisTC override .oxp: converts all Sothis Space Stations to Sothis Trade Stations only found in high tech corporate systems. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-16 N
Ships Spara's X-Ships updates Aegidian's X-Ships to match Smivs' ShipSet. Spara Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-05-30 N
Ships Spearhead Interceptor Mk.I is a pure fighter, fast and nippy but with weak shields and without cargo bay Rendell Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2011-11-15 N
Dockables Special Interstellar Repair Facilities offer different trading strategies & repair facilities on uncommon trading routes Tinker Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2013-01-01 Y
Mechanics Spicy Hermits spices up the core rock hermits by altering markets and behavior. Spara