Start Choices Addenda

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Stranger has added two extra scenarios when starting the game:

• Expeditor - start with a Transporter and 100 credits. The ship is equipped with fuel injectors and with Planetary Landing equipment.

• Advanced Miner - start with a Bushmaster and 100 credits. This ship is not hyperspace capable but is equipped with fuel injectors, a front mining laser and fuel scoops.

You must have Spara's original Start Choices installed for the Expeditor scenario!


Start Choices (author Spara).

Bushmaster models and texture maps from Staer9's Shipset (Staer9, Griff).

Thanks to Sanata for idea of expanding playable ship choice!

Thanks to Phkb for pointing out possible conflicts with original Staer9 shipset.

Version history

28.01.2018 - Version 0.6.1	- Converted to OXZ.
06.04.2017 - Version 0.6	- Bushmaster resource files renamed and links updated to avoid possible conflict with updated Staer9 shipset.
27.10.2017 - Version 0.5	- Fixed problem with player's Bushmaster rear view.
05.07.2016 - Version 0.4	- Improved compatibility with Illicit Unlock OXZ; Transporter cargo capacity fixed to 8 tons.
24.01.2016 - Version 0.3	- Bushmaster miner added.
23.12.2015 - Version 0.2	- Transporter cargo load reduced to 8 tons.
17.11.2015 - Version 0.1	- Initial release.


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