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I like to play Oolite with a challenge. That means using as little helping oxps as possible and hardening the game with appropriate oxps. Thats why my commander rarely advances anywhere in the game.

Occationally, usually while playing, an idea of an oxp might surface. Then it's time to do some OXPing. These are my released and in my opinion usable OXPs.



This hud is fashioned from the default hud. Originally rearrangements done by Tichy, further tweaks by me. It feels like the original, but in my opinion is more logically arranged. It also integrates an ETA display to ASC target to the hud.

Galactic Navy Additions

Because ADCK's Behemoths oxp is broken, all those nice upgraded models for GalNavy, Behemoths and Thargoids were in danger to be lost. To save those models (and to make Galactic Navy oxp graphically appealing), I ripped the oxp open, extracted the models and repackaged them into four individual oxps. After that I've been resurrecting other Navy related oxps.

Anarchies Facelift

After facelifting GalNavy, I took a closer look at the Anarchies oxp by Commander McLane to see if the graphics could be upped a bit. And this is the result.

Audible Docking Clearance

I missed the docking window one time too much so I created this oxp that plays notify sounds when your docking queue status changes. Most importantly it notifies you when you are cleared to dock.

Breakable Life Support System

As a big fan of Breakable 'Standard' Equipment OXPs, I created a breakable equipment of my own. Hopefully this oxp will give some excitement when trying to reach home after being seriously damaged in battle.

In-System Market Restore

I found myself heavily exploiting BlOomberg Markets oxp. BlOomberg raised the price of one commodity in the main station and I started to haul that commodity in from all in-system stations. When other stations' markets dried, I saved and loaded and repeated the process. This oxp changes that by restoring the prices and quantities of non-main station markets when saving/loading.

In-System Taxi

Idea spawned from the discussion thread of Taxi Galactica. Gives an alternative way of making small pucks in system and adds a reason to visit all those extra dockables you have installed.


I just can't remember all that commodity price data from the OOLITE Reference Sheet, so I created a very simple oxp that overlays the market screen with min, max and average prices

Market Inquirer

In the core game there is one main station and it's market is visible in the f8 screen. After adding some oxps the game changes so that there are multiple stations in-system. I think that the markets of those stations should be visible just like the main station's market. At least some of the markets. This oxp does that and more.


markerAide started to feel a bit of a immersion killer. I mean it's funny that you know in advance what min, max and average prices will be. That reveals a bit too much of the game mechanics. But I still would like to know something about the prices. This oxp collects market data from the game while you play and shows that information on the market screen. Now those markets feel a bit more alive.


KillerWolf made a very beautiful Sothis Station. I felt that it was lacking something, so I wrote this oxp. This oxp converts those stations to trading centers, adds some New Cargoes functionality and relocates them to high tech corporate systems.

Spara's X-Ships

I wanted to have more ships that match Smivs' ShipSet and retextured Aegidian's X-Ships.

Start Choices

It feels a bit of a cheat to start the game with Cobra mk3, then sell it, buy Cobra mk1, iron ass it and start hunting. Switeck's Shipping OXP has some nice save games that allow you to start the game with Adder or Cobra mk1. Oolite 1.77 has some nice new functions that allowed me to turn these save game starts to an oxp. Now, when you start a new game, you can have a nice menu giving you ship choices of varied difficulty.

Stations for Extra Planets

I wanted a reason to visit those far away planets and I also wanted to put those fine stations people have built some where and not override my current station set.

Technical Reference Library

In the novella Mutabilis by Drew Wagar, Rebecca checks the specs of a Vampire in-flight. That gave me the inspiration to this oxp. This oxp implements a reference library, that allows you to check the specs of other ships.

Trophy Collector

There is a collector in all of us and now you can collect kills of different ship types in Oolite. This oxp gets better if you have some extra ships installed, so there is more to collect.

Updating TSC

I was missing eta and distance information from Talkative Space Compass and this was the result.