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PLEASE NOTE: This information is NOT CANON for the Elite: Dangerous setting.
ALSO NOTE: This information follows the Syncretist approach in Lore

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The Galactic Navy is the military arm of the Galactic Co-operative of Worlds. It is primarily focused on the war with the Thargoids.


Absolute command over the Galactic Navy is the responsibility of the office of the GalCop president. The president has one Naval attache, called the Navy Commander-in-Chief, who is usually a serving Admiral or Commodore. Perhaps the most well known officer to serve as Commander-in-Chief was Admiral Matthews. Widely credited as the father of the modern Galactic Navy, Admiral Matthews, through superior leadership and sheer force of will, moved the Navy from a poorly funded, under-manned and under-armed force, to the major military power it is today.

Other than this, the Galactic Navy has no centralised command structure, as this would not be beneficial in the sort of war being fought. Instead, overall control of the Navy resides with regional commanders, called Sector Commanders (SecComs). Each Galaxy contains 14 sectors with one commander assigned to each sector. These SecComs are typically on the front lines of battle, situated on Mobile Command Ships. These are often either Anacondas or Behemoths, depending on the classification of the combat zone. In times of relative peace the commander may be found at the Sector Command Station in orbit around the chosen "home planet" for that sector.

Within each sector, the SecCom usually commands a fleet of vessels, called a Carrier Group, comprised of two types of officer.

Career Navy

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The career navy are the full-time serving officers and men who comprise the central core of the Navy's fighting forces. They are graduates of one of the Naval Academies, and have dedicated their lives to the war against the Thargoids and to the defence of GalCop against any threat. The greatest of these officers is undoubtedly Sector 7 Commander, Admiral Kurtz of the Sixth Galaxy. Admiral Kurtz strategic brilliance is legendary. His long list of military victories remains unblemished as he has never been defeated in battle. It is often quoted, "Thargoids have no word for fear in their language... they use Kurtz instead."

The career navy is equipped with the latest technology and many of the ships and equipment have been designed specifically for Naval use.

Reserve Navy

The reserves make up the majority of the Naval force, and are made up from the qualified pilots and combateers from the merchant and independent organisations that make up GalCop. Many are volunteers who have requested military service, although in some battlezones conscription is used to ensure that numbers are met. GalCop includes a contractual obligation for pilots who graduate from the Pilot Academy on Lave to be available for military service if called up. This obligation is rescinded if the pilot volunteers for a year of military service on the front lines. Pilots interested in volunteering and receiving assignments may do so at any Sector Command Station. Reservists do not receive a base pay like career navy, but they are allowed to keep whatever bounties they collect during battle and can earn over 90,000 credits in bonuses for sorties flown.

Naval reserve forces normally use their own ships and equipment, although it is common for navy equipment to be 'loaned' to the officer during their tenure.

Below are shown the old, full colour version of the reserve logo alongside the newer, bolder 'blue star' design.

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Most of the naval force is divided into squadrons. There are currently 103 regular navy squadrons and 230+ reserve squadrons, split fairly evenly across the 8 galaxies. The most notable of these are the 114th Squadron and the 16th Reserve Squadron, who are currently top of the table in kills versus losses in battle.

The reserve squadrons in particular are fiercely proud of their records in battle, and it has been known for many conscripts to remain in service due to the cameraderie and sense of accomplishment they have experienced whilst in the unit.


'The Navy has all the good stuff'.

Rumours abound about all the cool top of the line super weapons the navy has. If only a fraction of them were true, why then are they still fighting the Thargoids?

This is a common question asked about the Navy, and is one that is difficult to find a solid answer to. Rumours of ion cannons, high-yield plasma weapons and even cloaking devices make the rounds on a regular basis. This much is known - the Navy is well enough equipped to hold its own against the superior numbers of the Thargoid race.


The center piece of the Galactic Navy fleet is the Behemoth class carrier. These massive ships form the heart of any Navy Carrier Group formation but are formidable enough to enter battle without support. The wing of deadly Navy Vipers and Asps each Behemoth carries in its hangar make these sorts of independent engagements possible. Most Behemoths are deployed on the front lines of battle with the Thargoids in interstellar space. They can occasionally been seen traversing the space lanes, however, on patrol or returning from the front.

The mainstay of naval fighter wings is the trusty Navy Viper. Vipers are regularly deployed to deal with Thargon remote Craft and can hold their own against most enemies. They are the standard fighter found on board Behemoth class carriers. For more aggressive attack scenarios, the Navy employs the Navy Asp assault fighter. With a crew of two, these ships are fitted with a wealth of weaponry, including missiles, military lasers and Q-mines (although the latter are rarely used except on solo missions). Its increased speed and stronger shields make it a more effective, albeit more expensive, alternative to the Viper.

In addition to the Behemoths and their fighters, they Navy also employs a wide range of specialized support craft. Principal among these are the deadly Navy Frigates. Although designed to specifically to support Behemoth carriers, these capable ships can be found performing several roles including planetary patrol and picket duty. Other essential fleet craft include Navy Transports, Minesweepers, Medical Ships, and Shuttles. These ships are rarely seen operating independently of a convoy, carrier group or sector command station.

Notable Locations

Aside from SecCom Stations, other naval bases of all types exists across all 8 galaxies and serve a variety of functions. The research and development complex on Ribilebi is the most commonly known of these bases, but many others exist, from training camps to weapons arsenals.

Unconfirmed rumours place a watchstation in Biorle, where the Galactic Navy keep an eye on the Imperial home system of Achenar. Presumably Sector8/Biorle rather than Sector1/Biorle: unless of course Achenar is underneath or on top, rather than just being to the left-hand side!

The planet Uscela is also rumoured to contain a research base that is devoted to analysis of technologies coming out of the Imperial Shipyards in Facece.


The Galactic Navy was first mentioned in Imprint where it was tasked with fighting off the Interstellar Sanction's invasion of Galaxy 3 (20 years before Oolite begins).

Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy

For a discussion of the relationship between the Galactic Navy and HIMSN, see Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy and the BB threads linked there.

Amnesty Offers

Amnesty offers you see ingame probably come from Anarchies OXP - see #6 under Notable Features.

In-game Galactic Navy

The presence of the GN is also provided in-game by Behemoth & Anarchies.


  • Vampire - Diamondback - for details on the activities of the 138th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Planetary & Interstellar), "Damage Inc.", based on the Tactical Assault Carrier, USS Orion. The 138th are the Navy's secretive special forces.
  • Academies - Dr Beeb's naval version of the Lave Academy (2009)

Note that all this is mostly broken for modern Oolite. Behemoth & Galactic Navy Extend are the only updated versions.

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