Navy Minesweeper

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Navy MineSweeper
Size (W×H×L) 135m×73m×24m
Cargo capacity N/A
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.32 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 3.0
Pitch: 1.8
Energy banks N/A
Energy recharge rate

Excellent (6)

Gun mounts N/A
Missile slots 0
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price Not for sale

The Navy Minesweeper serves a crucial function in the Galactic Navy. They prevent a single Q-mine from destroying an entire fleet. Adapted from the Viper Cruiser, these minesweepers can be found protecting every carrier group and Sec Com Station throughout the eight galaxies.

Notable Features

Navy Minesweepers carry a devastating array offensive weaponry. Their sole mission, however, is Q-mine defense. Each ship mounts a large, rotating sensor array used to detect and disarm any Q-mine within range. While not 100% reliable in operation, they provide the best security currently available against the insidious Q-mine threat.

Custom Paintjobs


The Navy MineSweeper is part of the Galactic Navy OXP available here