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A Navy Transport.
A Navy Medical Ship.
A Navy SecCom Station.
A Navy Frigate.
A Navy Minesweeper.

The Galactic Navy OXP introduces a more visible Galactic Navy presence to the Ooniverse. Each galaxy now contains 14 individual Sector Commands with base systems and stations. There are several new navy ships and navy patrols including Navy Carrier Groups, frigate patrols, and convoys. Once docked at SecCom stations players have a variety of options to choose from including Navy Reserve missions.

Original idea and earlier versions were created by matt634. Version 5 was released by Nemoricus, with Behemoth battle group code from Commodore Eric Walch and other assistance from Thargoid. Special thanks to Screet for playtesting.


Specifically this OXP adds 6 new NPC ships:

Navyfrig sm.png
Navy Frigate
Navylander sm.png
Navy Lander
Navymed sm.png
Navy Medical Ship
Navyms sm.png
Navy Minesweeper
Navyshut sm.png
Navy Shuttle
Navytran sm.png
Navy Transport

This OXP also adds 14 individual Sector Command Military Stations to each galaxy in orbit around their home planets. At SecCom stations a player may check incoming news, buy victory bonds to support the Navy, or sign up for reserve duty. All pilots with at least a competent rating are eligible for reserve missions. Players may track their status on the interactive Reserve Leaderboard.

This OXP adds Carrier Group Patrols, Navy Frigate Patrols, Emergency Medical Transports, and Navy Transport Convoys to the space lanes as well as increasing the action of interstellar space battles.
Finally, this OXP adds a one time Special Ops mission to Galaxy Six. Players must be docked at a SecCom station and have flown at least 10 reserve sorties. A save file is included for mission testers. There is a walkthrough where you can look for hints if you get stuck.


A Navy Landing Craft.

This OXP requires the Behemoth OXP to function properly.


All Update Notes can be found in the Readme included with OXP
See the BB Thread for updates and latest news

Download Links

Download Galactic Navy v5.4.3. This requires Oolite version 1.74 or higher. (updated 18th october 2011))

Older version in legacy script:
Download Galactic Navy v4.0

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