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Welcome to the Elite Wiki

Welcome to the Elite Wiki, a user-edited guide to the world of Elite. Feel free to edit or add any pages you feel are necessary, but please read the Manual of Style first...

Important note - Due to the increasing number of spam accounts, new account creation has been disabled. If you want an account, please send a PM via the Oolite Bulletin Board to 'maik', Cholmondely or Old Murgh.

Classic Elite

'Classic Elite' - i.e. Elite 1 - BBC Micro, Spectrum, Elite+, ArcElite etc., including things like Elite: TNK

Frontier Elite: 2

Information regarding the first sequel to Elite.

Frontier First Encounters

Information regarding the third instalment of Elite.


Information regarding the GNU GPL recreation of Elite.

Elite: Dangerous

Information regarding the fourth instalment of the Elite series.

Other Stuff

Helping with the Wiki

Feel free to start editing as soon as you feel you can, but please read the Manual of Style before editing, and make any testing of the wiki system in the Sandbox. Visit the village pump to make any discussions you wish about better organizing the wiki, or adding major new additions to the wiki, or start right in on requests posted in the article requests.

Manual of Style, Sandbox, Village Pump, Article Requests, Requests for Deletion


Fiction based in the world of Elite.

Important Note is currently down. Try instead.

To rejig your in-game Expansions Manager to the new address, see here and a_c's following post.

Or use Hiran's Oolite Starter instead

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