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This Category page aims to collect all pages related to the Galactic Navy OXP.

Be warned: all the Galactic Navy OXP's are old! The most recent completed work on them was done by Spara - a graphics facelift incorporating shaders in 2014.

  • Galactic Navy OXP gives you the stations, most of the ships and the missions. This OXP is the foundation for everything else (except Behemoth, which is needed for proper functioning).
  • Behemoth gives you the remaining essential capital ships - this is the only oxp found on the in-game Expansions Monitor.
  • Category:Navies has links to other naval ships, some of which were designed for the GN.
See especially Vampire - Diamondback, Vampire - Diamondback & Werewolf whose lore ties them in with the Galactic Navy's 138th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Planetary & Interstellar), "Damage Inc." (138th SOAR).
There is also a planetary defence platform: Leviathan Platform, as well as a selection of other capital ships.

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