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Navy Class Carrier (NCC) from Behemoth
Navy SecCom station from Galactic Navy Facelift
Navy Frigate from Galactic Navy Facelift

This Category page aims to collect all pages related to the Galactic Navy OXP, one of several Navies designed for Oolite.

Be warned: all the Galactic Navy OXP's are old!

The most recent completed work on them was done by Spara - a graphics facelift incorporating shaders in 2014.

Jackiebean was hoping to produce updated retextures in 2018 but was gobbled up by the Witchspace Lobster!


  • Galactic Navy OXP gives you the stations, most of the ships and the missions. This OXP is the foundation for everything else (except Behemoth, which is needed for proper functioning).
  • Behemoth gives you the remaining essential capital ships - this is the only oxp found on the in-game Expansions Monitor.
  • Galactic Navy Additions are a collection of OXP's: Spara's "Galactic Navy Facelift" (retextures) and two destroyers.
  • Category:Navies has links to other naval ships, some of which were specifically designed for the Galactic Navy.
See especially Vampire - Diamondback, Vampire - Diamondback & Werewolf whose lore ties them in with the Galactic Navy's 138th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Planetary & Interstellar), "Damage Inc." (138th SOAR).
There is also a planetary defence platform: Leviathan Platform, as well as a selection of other capital ships.

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