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Galactic Navy recruitment advertisement
Galactic Navy Behemoths
249th Naval Reserve Wing

This page links to the two Navies currently on offer, as well as other navy-related pages such as ships.

Oolite Navies

  • Galactic Navy: (2006-11) - large, pervasive presence, also fights pirates (oodles of ships, many of them massive, 14 sector bases in every galaxy, etc). Ships, Naval bases & missions. Needs minor fixing, but is the most complete of the 3. The most recent work here was done by Spara who updated the AI's for Behemoth and rejigged the ships for Galactic Navy Facelift oxp (2014).

  • HIMSN: (2012-14) - invisible (off fighting Thargoids in intergalactic space). Fewer ships which do not act as police. Ships & Naval bases. Best graphics of the 3. Unfinished (bases need more work), but working.

  • 249th Naval Reserve Wing OXP: (2012) - large pervasive presence supplementing police in every system. Extra wings (Bravo, Charlie) can be added. Oodles of ships, some massive. Just ships. Unfinished, but working.

Each of these comes with its own Lore. Galactic Navy is syncretist, HIMSN is purist, 249th leans towards HIMSN, but adds far too many in-system ships for the creators of HIMSN.

You can, of course, ignore the lore and add all of them together into your Ooniverse! They will not fight each other, though.

Naval Ships

OXP's without their own pages only, those with pages are below.

  • ADCK's Navy Destroyer - this is the only one of the following which actually works! Ugly!!
  • Navy Light Destroyer
  • sb-navy (carriers & ancillary ships; sbdestroyer): see Named Collections: Simon B (2011-13) under Guide to Unlisted OXPs. Simon B's carrier was incorporated into Behemoth by Spara.
  • Navy Starships (Navy Interceptor & Constitution): see Named Collections: Charlie (2006-8) under Guide to Unlisted OXPs. Constitution was updated and is under Star Trek, below.

Non-Oolite Naval Ships

Other Links

Resources for people writing naval wars .oxp's

Configurable Populator has code for altering the population of the solar system (to reduce normal traffic in times of war)
Station Validator remembers the destruction of orbital stations, preventing their magical resurrection on one's next visit to the system. Spara (2014).
Imperial Star Destroyer contains code for Factories (making Tie-fighters/Tie-interceptors)
Leviathan Platform - a planetary defence platform
Squadron Command System - for commanding a small squadron: may need changes to ships' AI too!
GNN - for the inevitable news coverage
Diplomancy - for handling political ramifications
Refugee Adder - for the fleeing refugees

And see Montana05's Invasion oxp (in "alpha" stage - Jan 2023)

Also, be aware of Resistance Commander - an OXP based around leading resistance to an invasion.

Taken from discussion of wars on BB (2021)