Colonial Viper Mark 1

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Colonial Viper Mark 1
Colonial Viper Mark 1.png
Size (W×H×L) 19m×12.5m×30m
Cargo capacity N/A
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.375 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.3
Pitch: 2.1
Energy banks 3
Energy recharge rate

Medium (3.0)

Gun mounts Fore
Missile slots 0
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 140,000₢


The Colonial Viper Mark 1, produced by The GalTech Industries Corporation, is a one man fighter designed specifically for ship to ship combat. Its combination of small size, speed and manoeuvrability make it an ideal choice for a carrier or station based fighter but it is also able to provide a more general defence and escort role.

The lack of cargo carrying capacity or fuel scopes makes it, however, an unattractive ship choice for pirates and for this reason they are only rarely found amongst pirate groups.

Standard Equipment

Forward pulse laser

Ship Variants

The ship is available in player, escort, hunter, police, wingman and pirate roles. The basic player version is equipped with a pulse laser while all other roles are equipped with a beam laser. All other specifications are the same.

Minimum Requirements

The OXP was designed to work on Oolite 1.76 but should also be backward compatible. No additional OXPs are required to be installed in order this OXP to run.


Move the OXZ file to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Start the game up while pressing the "SHIFT" key until the rotating ship appears. The ship should than be added to your game.


  • 20/05/2012 - Version 1.00 - Pre-release test version.
  • 21/05/2012 - Version 1.01 - Release version (Slight tweaks to the texture and correction to the scan class script).
  • 22/05/2012 - Version 1.02 - Updated release incorporating tweaks to the subfolder names to ensure compatibility with non-windows operating systems.


  • V1.00 - With thanks to Cody, Smivs and Thargoid for their assistance via the Oolite Bulletin forum and Universal Studios for producing the original movie in the first place.
  • V1.01 - With thanks to Capt Murphy, Commander McLane, cim, Eric Walch and Staer9 for their assistance via the Oolite Bulletin forum.
  • V1.02 - With thanks to Capt Murphy via PM regarding to advice on folder names within the .oxp folder.

Play Testers



Colonial Viper Mark 1 V1.02 (311kb)

Montana05: I created a "Restore" which, based on the information's from this page, should be as close as possible to the original. It is available on the expansion manager and additionally here: Colonial Viper Mark I Restore