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Man of Mystery

The renowned designer and Man of Mystery.

Montana05 has been slowly and methodically restoring and upgrading vintage spacecraft (and dabbling also with space stations) across The Eight.


His successful restorations include:




Other OXPs

He is also understood to be behind the recent surges in the Quirium Crystal markets:

And to be involved in the spread of the mysterious epidemic "Hermit's Bane":

And to be planning an invasion

  • Invasion! (2022) - Montana05's Lambda.oxp for simulating an invasion - still in alpha (every system you visit is invaded!). More details in posts following linked download post. No license as yet. (Cholly's comment - this has to be the most exciting thing to happen in Oolite for yonks!)

Rumours and Facts

It should be mentioned that this figure is surrounded by the most outrageous rumours. Scuttlebut abounds of his building entire armadas of navies from his secret hide-out. Hard-bitten pirates in seedy space bars talk of his developing new orbitals where narcotics can be grown in leafy profusion. There is also hearsay of his inventing entire religions.

The location of this mysterious engineer is unknown. It is understood (from his recorded mutterings) to be in an pandemic-riven region plagued by mercantile lunatics with grandiose political inclinations.

Meanwhile, shipyards and engineers all over The Eight are poring over his designs and incorporating them into their products.