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Just to say, I've bunged a couple of your Resource Pack pods into the images gallery on the Escape Pod page.

Cholmondeley 18:26, 21 May 2021 (BST)

By the way - have you ever tried contacting Charlie? I've seen his 2006 e-mail a couple of times dotted about the place. It's a shame he never finished his black hole! Or maybe he did and got swallowed up...

Feel free to use my images anywhere you like, they are not limited to "my" pages.

I never tried to contact Charlie, he never showed up for too many years. Thinking about his OXP's I better finish his WIP myself, he is even more "Ueber" than I am. :D

Montana05 06:51, 2021/05/22

I wonder if we could lure Mandoman back. I had a natter with him by "pm". This really the only game that he has ever played, and the constant criticism of his über-oxp's (and his inability to programme the AI's needed to make his fleets work) really put him off.

Oh - and I really wish we could lure Dybal back. Goodness! He was brilliant...

Cholmondeley 09:40, 7 June 2021 (BST)

Mandomans fleet is ueber, significant stronger than the core-ships but so are my ships. I guess nowadays the acceptance will be much higher. His designs are very creative, not all of his textures or models are my personal taste, but I do appreciate his work.

In short, having him back in the team would be an advantage. Dybal was great but I doubt we will ever hear from him again.

Montana05 15:57, 2021/06/07

New Wiki pages:

I feel that some of the more exciting but beta oxp's should go up - to tempt others to finish them, or cannibalise them for their own projects.

Specifically thinking of:

Z GrOovy HPC pack (2014) Dertien's Cobra & Sidewinder with landing wheels and other bits you can shoot off! - as discussed yesterday...

If I create the page would you be willing to fill in the gaps, please?

And - are there any others which need to be on our wiki? Cholmondeley 17:03, 10 June 2021 (BST)

Sure, if I can access the code I could complete the wiki pages, maybe even finish or rewrite the OXP's.

Montana05 07:31, 2021/06/11

Nephthys station.jpg

Just to say, I really like your new picture of the Nephthys - magnificent! Cholmondeley 21:35, 17 March 2022 (UTC)

Thank you, like many times before I was actually looking for something different but this picture seemed to fit perfect for the Nephthys.

Montana05 / 2022-03-18 08:11

I really like this one:

Taranis Corporation navy frigate GN.JPG

It just exudes the possibilities of adventure! Your current batch of pictures are just redolent of transcendence regarding the current limitations of Oolite.

Cholmondeley 23:34, 28 May 2022 (BST)

Thanks again, this background just seemed to fit a Navy Frigate.

Montana05 / 2022-05-29 07:14

Just seen your new and striking shot of the Ghost Gunship. I just wanted to say "Thank you" for your work in resuscitating these oxp's. The fact that I'm not into them myself is irrelevant to the much more important fact that you are doing this work and keeping these ships alive and relevant. Again, "Thank you!"

No need to thank me, while some ships are not exactly my taste either, I think they should be part of the collection.

Montana05 / 2022-07-26 16:46

To do list for LitF v1.0

(Massively Locked & Cholmondeley)

*Different map layouts for Icos, Dodos & RH's - almost done
*More random encounters done
*More Bookshops done
*More Churches done (but not including CHWG)
*Planetary Govt sectors/offices - almost done
*More and better bars - being done
*Amplify differences between govt types - being done
*Amplify differences between species types - waiting for Redspear's Station Variations .plist to begin work
*Introduce on-board ability to use ship's mediStim bay (for those not wishing to use the station hospital)

To do list for LitF v2.0

*Introduce an unoxygenated RH (will require reworking Astronaut.oxp to allow EVA's) 
*Different map layouts for some OXP stations (Torus, Superhub, Royal Hunting Lodges, etc)
*Weave in station geography from other OXP's (eg Smuggler's Dockmaster & Diplomancy's Embassy District)
*Weave in a physical visit to the Ship's Outfitting F3 page


As you can see, the rejig of Life in the Frontier is coming along. We're making things special for the Commie worlds, and hope to move on to the Feudals and the Dictators.

How is your Church of the Holy Witchspace Guard.oxp coming along? How much is there left to do?

As you know, the Dictators.oxp already splits up the worlds into agricultural Juntas and ind'l Imperial dictatorships. I would like to include the Church's worlds (the "mainly"s) as such within LitF. But if CHWG is not coming out, it will merely be confusing. Ideally, CHWG needs either to be part of Dictators - [i]or[/i] to be a [u]required[/u] download (as "Imperial Astrofactories" is) in the Dictators Manifest.plist.

And again, is there anything I can do to help with your project...
Cholmondeley 10:24, 12 December 2022 (UTC)

I am currently in the middle of finishing my long list of pending OXP's rather than making all the time new ones. My main idea remains to be a new version of Dictators, with HWG included, but that will mainly depend on phkb, he is in charge of this OXP.

Montana05 08:46, 2022/12/13

Church of the Holy Witchspace Guard

I'd like to expand on this so that I can start creating temples inside the orbital space stations! Your text from the thread is this:

The Church of the Holy Witchspace Guard (HWG):

location: mainly industrial dictator systems
government: the church acts as the religious, political and military leader 
new commodity: religious artifacts (good luck charms and protection chants)
new station: high temple

The centers of the church could be found in many systems, not only providing spiritual support  but different levels of education as well. Furthermore quite a number of local influential organizations and persons employ members of the church as advisers. Therefore the church is well respected in most systems, the exception are communists who basically hate (and fear) them for their influence.

The military order of the church serves as Navy and, in cooperation with GalCop, as police as well. They are known to have experienced pilots. Currently their crafts of choice are the Kingsnake Gamma and the Kingsnake Delta. While this ships look alike a well known prototype of the Galactic Navy they are merely better armed Vipers.

There are rumors that the officers of the order have mental powers to intervene the equipment of their enemy ships. If this kind of PSI really exists or if its just and advanced technology nobody knows. However, there are only stories at late hours in a Seedy Space Bar, no proof ever was found.

My expansion, for comment:


Leleer: 0:2 - Dictatorship, Mainly Ind. Pop. 3.5 B, Prod. 13720 MCr. HC: 7, TL: 8, Human Colonials.
The world Leleer is very noted for its pink Leleerian Er plant plantations but beset by frequent civil war.

Veis: 0:81 - Dictatorship, Mainly Ind. Pop. 3.1 B, Prod. 12152 MCr. HC: 3, TL: 7, Human Colonials.
The planet Veis is a boring world.

Atrienxe: 0:88 - Dictatorship, Mainly Ind. Pop. 3.9 B, Prod. 15288 MCr. HC: 7, TL: 9, Human Colonials.
Atrienxe is an unremarkable dump.

Atage: 0:103 - Dictatorship, Mainly Ind. Pop. 3.9 B, Prod. 15288 MCr. HC: 4, TL: 9, Red Bug-Eyed Lizards.
Atage is an unremarkable planet.

Tiquat: 0:231 - Dictatorship, Mainly Ind. Pop. 4.3 B, Prod. 16856 MCr. HC: 8, TL: 10, Red Fat Insects.
This world is reasonably well known for its great parking meters but cursed by unpredictable earthquakes.

As well as these five systems, there are also a number of independent countries on dis-unified planets (eg. Confederacies, Multi-Governments & Anarchies, and a handful of Duchies/Baronies on Feudal Systems who identify with the Church - not to mention individual worshippers in the democracies and feudal systems.


The Church is devoted to purity - the purity of the worshippers and the purity of Witchspace. To be pure one must know what purity is and how to attain it - hence the emphasis on education. In the religious academies this leads on to education in religious dogma to convert the ignorant, and in some academies to tutoring in space combat against the Thargoids. The Thargoids pollute space with their peculiar space drives and must be eradicated. It is rumoured that the temple at Veis is collecting data about Thargoid appearances in order to predict future incursions.

The inner sancta of the Temples are naturally only open to those who are pure. Purification for a service involves ritual bathing, censoring with incense, prayers and silent meditation. the peculiar appearance of the church's temples and ships is tied in with this purity.

Since the expertise in fighting against the Thargoids also translates into fighting against pirates - or other invading systems, the church advisors to other system governments are usually there in a military guise.

Montana05: is the above acceptable?

Cholmondeley 12:36, 13 December 2022 (UTC)

Great job, if you somewhere include the point that the advisers act as spies and influence the decisions of their employers to benefit the church we are nearly there. :)

Montana05 08:55, 2022/12/14