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Work in progress - corrections and additional information's will be added


Instead of adding to every OXP the same resources I created an external package that could be referenced to. While saving disc space it also makes future maintenance easier. While mainly designed to support other OXP's a stand-alone download is adding Griff's alloy and the new commodity "Quirium Crystal".


Explosive shrapnels and burning quirium fuel are making ship explosions more realistic but in close range also more dangerous. They could be spawned with the roles MRP01_effects_explosive_shrapnel and MRP01_effects_burningFuel. The burning quirium fuel once in a while leaves radioactives or a quirium crystal behind after the explosion.


Adds Griff's awesome alloy variants.

Similar to alloy radioactives (role: radioactives), platinum (role: platinum) and gold (role: gold) are now added as an entity rather than only in a container. Gold and platinum include the role splinter(0.10) so both could be the result of mining as well.

Minerals, now an entity as well, have the roles minerals or splinter. While the display names are "Minerals" and "Ore" they are basically just variations of splinters.

Introduces the new commodity "Quirium Crystal", a rare crystal with 5-dimensional emission. While traded similar to gem stones in g they do also appear in the corona of some suns and at ship explosions as an entity (role: quirium_crystal).


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Adds for all commodities of the core-game a cargopod (roles: cargopod_ & commodity name, cargopod_platinum, for example). Goods in kg got 10 - 20 units per container, goods in g got 20 - 40 units. Additional to the core-game commodities only witchfire whiskey (Darkside Moonshine Distillery), holy artifacts (Dictators) and quirium crystal (this pack) are covered, all other OXP goods are not included.


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While some containers could contain various commodities the different designs help to decide what is worth scooping.

Escape Pods

Various modified versions of escape crafts are included:

Isis Space Boat

(defined as a lifeboat and a shuttle, police version included as well).

  • Roles:

Isis Medical Craft

(defined as a lifeboat and a shuttle).

  • Role:

Griff's Escape Pod/Capsule

designed as a pod and as a capsule. police version available.

  • Roles:

GalTech Escape Pod GIC-E1 and Escape Capsule GT-EC-01

police versions available.

  • Roles:


the last resource for a crew member

  • Roles:

Please note that with the next release all crafts starting with GalTech will be changed


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OXP Definitions

  • lifeboats:
holds a big group of people, usually serving multiple purposes and only found on large vessels
  • escape pods:
a group of people, found on medium to large vessels
  • escape capsule:
1 - 2 person, found on small vessels
  • spacesuit:
1 person, found as last escape of a crew member

Developers little help


  • MRP01_pirate_nicknames (an array of nicknames for pirates and other criminals)
  • MRP01_GalCop_races_oolite (an array of expanded races of GalCop space, Oolite style)
  • MRP01_GalCop_races_scientific (an array of expanded races of GalCop space, scientific style)
  • An expansion of core library categories and summaries:
"oolite-ship-library-category-alien_ship" = "Alien Ship" (ships from outer GalCop space)
"oolite-ship-library-category-warship" = "Warship" (military ships)
  • summeries for warships:
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLP" = "Military light patrol ship";
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMP" = "Military medium patrol ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHP" = "Military heavy patrol ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLA" = "Military light attack ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMA" = "Military medium attack ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHA" = "Military heavy attack ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLC" = "Military light corvette"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMC" = "Military medium corvette"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHC" = "Military heavy corvette"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLFr" = "Military light frigate"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMFr" = "Military medium frigate"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHFr" = "Military heavy frigate"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLD" = "Military light destroyer"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMD" = "Military medium destroyer"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHD" = "Military heavy destroyer"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLCr" = "Military light cruiser"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMCr" = "Military medium cruiser"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHCr" = "Military heavy cruiser"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MLB" = "Military light battleship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MMB" = "Military medium battleship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-MHB" = "Military heavy battleship"
  • additional summeries for police ships:
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PMF" = "Police medium fighter"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PLP" = "Police light patrol ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PMP" = "Police medium patrol ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PHP" = "Police heavy patrol ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PLA" = "Police light attack ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PMA" = "Police medium attack ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PHA" = "Police heavy attack ship"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PLC" = "Police light corvette"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PMC" = "Police medium corvette"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PHC" = "Police heavy corvette"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PLFr" = "Police light frigate"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PMFr" = "Police medium frigate"
"oolite-ship-library-summary-PHFr" = "Police heavy frigate"

There is no need to include the OXP to access this definitions, a simple copy in your own code will work and by doing so you can help to prevent the shiplibrary from slowing down and keep a certain standard.


explosive shrapnels: Charlie (concept) and Griff (model, textures & shaders)
burning quirium fuel: Thargoid (concept) and Griff (model)
alloy: Griff (model, textures & shaders)
minerals: Griff (model)
containers: another_commander (specular map)
lifeboats: Killer Wolf
escape pods: Shipbuilder and Griff
escape capsules: Shipbuilder and Griff
spacesuit: Norby (concept in Fighters OXP) and Knotty (model)


This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
To view a copy of this license, visit


This OXP could be found on the Expansions Manager or alternatively here: Montanas Resource Pack 01.

Version History

  • V 0.53:
beginning of refactor of the code resulting in most key definitions to change
added Griffs escape capsules as pod and capsule
added Isis Interstellar lifeboats / space boats
added role splinter(0.10) to gold and platinum
included an expansion of core library categories and summaries
included another array of expanded races of GalCop space, this one more scientific (MRP01_GalCop_races_scientific).
  • V 0.52:
some more entries to the shiplibrary.plist
emergency update of script-info properties to prevent conflicts with N-Shield.OXP
  • V 0.51:
added gold and platinum as an entity (roles: gold and platinum).
added minerals as an entity - roles minerals or splinter (showing up as "Minerals" and "Ore" and basically just variations of splinters).
new role "GalTech_ship_debris" which is useful for a ship explosion, includes alloy, radioactives (10%), gold (10%) and platinum (10%).
added "GalTech escape capsule GT-EC-01", a downgraded version of the GalTech Escape Pod GIC-E1, designed for smaller ships (roles: GalTech_escape_capsule_01 and GalTech_escape_capsule_police).
included a spacesuit for ejected pilots of fighters or as the last resource for crew members to escape destruction (roles: MRP01_escape_suit_01 and MRP01_escape_suit_police). Warning: Difficult to scoop.
added an array of nicknames for pirates and other criminals to descriptions.plist (MRP01_pirate_nicknames).
added an array of expanded races of GalCop space to descriptions.plist (MRP01_GalCop_races_oolite).
  • V 0.50:
initial release

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage lowGPU usage low


Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
0.53 2021-02-13 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 commodities and effects Misc OXPs Montana05 BB Thread