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Thargoid is a small green furry creature from Alpha-Centuri (occasionally mistaken for a sick trumble), who in his spare time likes to wrestle balrogs, rescue dragons in distress from fiery damsels and paint dust motes in interesting but luridly invisible colours.

Some of the above may not be 100% accurate (he swears he's blue, not green).

He has also written a few OXPs for Oolite, and currently is taking a break from OXP'ing, much to the surprise of Mrs Thargoid and the little Thargons. But that doesn't seem to stop him writing and issuing them...

A selection of my OXPs can now be downloaded in OXZ format for Oolite 1.79. They are available either via the in-game OXZ manager, or via this wiki page.


All of my OXPs are available from my Box.Net space.

Particularly recommended for new Commanders

  • OXPConfig compatible80px.png
    Welcome Mat - Special software upgrade and optional equipment bolt-on for the ships communications software. By locking onto the system's witchspace beacon, detailed information with regard to it's planetary biography and system safety is downloaded after connection (which can take up to 60s). However if purchased the add-on equipment automatically deals with the connection and transfer, giving instant information. Designed to be compatible and adjustable with OXPConfig.

Download - Welcome Mat v1.13. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.72).

  • Traffic Control - Adds traffic control personnel to each system main station. These welcoming folk guide the inexperienced Commander (or even old hands who've become too reliant on docking computers that they've now lost) in the delicate art of station approach and docking. Always ready with advice and a friendly greeting or parting word, just don't dally and block the approach lane of the station or else you'll feel their wrath!

Download - Traffic Control v1.11. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.72).

  • OXPConfig compatible80px.png
    Lave Academy - Introduces the Lave Academy Orbital Station to the Lave and optionally other systems. Also features three mini-games that test basic flight skills.

Download - Lave Academy v1.34. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

  • Flight Log - Adds a simple log of the last 100 systems visited in the current galaxy (latest 10 viewable in-game), which can be dumped out to latest.log. Your kills and profit/loss made whilst in-system are also logged.

Download - Flight Log v1.08. (Requires minimum Oolite 1.79).

  • Commanders Log - Adds a log of the last 100 major events in the current Commander's life, which can be dumped out to latest.log. The latest 10 are viewable in-game when docked.

Download - Commanders Log v1.01. (Requires minimum Oolite 1.79).

Equipment and weaponry

  • Energy Equipment - Two new pieces of equipment, the emergency charge device (ECD) and the emergency energy unit (EEU). Both are single-use devices, the ECD a pylon-based player triggered device that adds a top-up to the ships energy banks, and the EEU a system-fitted version that is automatically triggered when energy levels become critical.

Download - Energy Equipment v1.11. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Repair 'Bots - Pylon-stored and triggered nanobots, can repair damaged ships systems. Also now available a new repair system, which gives full damage control for any ship not already featuring it.

Download - Repair Bots v2.10. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

Download - Target Autolock Plus v1.12. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

Download - Armoury v1.13. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.76).

  • IronHide - Enhanced armour for the ships hull to better protect against combat damage and general bumps and knocks.

Download - IronHide v2.00. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).

  • Naval Grid - Military-grade energy grid to properly link the naval energy unit to military-boosted shields, enhancing recharging rates.

Download - Naval Grid v1.00. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).

  • Cargo Shepherd - A handy little piece of pylon-mounted equipment that when launched attracts most free-floating cargo pods to it and holds them until you can scoop them. Useful for when your hold is too full to take everything in one go, as it also includes a beacon to return to it.

Download - Cargo Shepherd v1.01. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Retro Rockets - A handy little piece of equipment which gives your ship a backwards boost out of trouble.

Download - Retro Rockets v1.00. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Military Fuel Injectors - Military upgrade to the ships fuel injectors, giving a recapture system for unburnt fuel.

Download - Military Fuel Injectors v1.03. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).

  • Tracker - An advanced space compass add-on which allows the system-wide tracking of up to five entities.

Download - Tracker v1.02. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).

  • APRIL - An in-flight pylon reloading system, the "Automated Pylon Re-arm In-flight Loader".

Download - APRIL v1.03. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.76).

  • Laser Boosters - A primeable turbo-charger for your lasers to overcharge them from your energy banks and make them more damaging. But adds a chance of them breaking on use.

Download - Laser Booster v1.02. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

  • TrackerCam - A deployable camera which links to your ships external view monitor and trackers the ships movements.

Download - TrackerCam v1.00. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

  • Planetary Compass - An upgrade to the advanced space compass, which allows tracking and indentification of the planetary bodies (planets and moons) within the system. Requires one or more of the Planetary Compass name packs to also be installed.

Download - Planetary Compass v1.01. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

New Ships and missions

  • Aquatics - Ships OXP plus a new station and mission based on the planet Aqualina in G3 (formerly the colony of Ribiara).

Download - Aquatics v2.32. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

  • To Catch a Thargoid - Mission set in Galaxy 3 for Dangerous or above rank Commanders. Follow-up to Thargoid Plans.

Download - TCAT v1.11. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).

  • Stealth - A small mission set in Galaxy 3 to showcase the new scanner features and the possibility for stealth ships.

Download - Stealth v1.05. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.76).

  • Vortex - Two new player ships - a brawling blockade runner and a military spec cargo hauler. Rare and expensive, but both are kitted out with a lot of powerful and unique features and abilities.

Download - Vortex v1.30. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

  • WildShips - Four new ships plus the Kiota station variants.

Download - WildShips v1.08. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

System objects and places to visit

  • Planetfall - An OXP to allow landing and trading on the planets and moons of each system.

Download - Planetfall v1.51. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).

Planetfall Russian translation of v1.41 by Seventh, with thanks also to Catsam and Radcapricorn.

  • OXPConfig compatible80px.png
    Fuel Station - For the Commander on the go, fly-thru witchpoint and route 1 fuel stations and fuel satellites.

Download - Fuel Station v1.36. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Gates - Adds a pair of jump gates to suitable tech/govt systems, enabling quick and safe transfer by-passing route one. All for only 250Cr per journey.

Download - Gates v1.13. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Ring Racer - Corporate Systems Ring Racer league in Galaxy 1.

Download - Ring Racer v1.21. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Stellar Serpents - A little ongoing mission/flavour OXP on the theme of space monsters.

Download - Stellar Serpents v1.21. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).


  • Pods - New cargo pods and pod features. Includes fuel, missile, large-capacity and empty pods, plus some which explode, don't scoop right, jam in the scoops or even explode in the cargo bay, breaching the hull. Oh and I succumbed and added the trumble pod too, much as I wasn't going to...

The UPS variants of the Pods are now also rolled up into this OXP, and will be ignored if UPS-courier is not installed.

Download - Pods v1.35. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

Download - HyperCargo v1.10. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Cargo Spotter - A primable piece of equipment which highlights scoopable items in a virtual glow on your visual display.

Download - Cargo Spotter v1.01. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.77).


  • Second Wave - A variety of new types of Thargoid Warships and Robot Fighters to add some variation and interest to the game. Half the fun is finding out what their characteristics and quirks are, but for those who really want to know have a look on the Second Wave ships page.

Download - Second Wave v1.34. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.74).

  • Hired Guns - A chance to agree a contract for two escort ships to accompany you on your next journey.

Download - Hired Guns v1.26. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.75).

  • Big Ships - An OXP designed for builders of large ships which should not attempt to dock with or launch from the main station. Sets up a new role of "bigTrader" which is populated for each system, plus offers an AI for use with such large ships.

Download - Big Ships v1.02. (Requires minimum Oolite v1.72).

  • ooCheat - A little OXP that adds a cheat menu to the game.

Download - ooCheat v1.11. (Requires minimum v1.77).

  • Bounty Status - A little OXP that adds your current bounty (and legal status) to the manifest (F5) screen.

Download - Bounty Status v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.74).

  • Swarm - A new variant on the Thargoid mothership and Thargons, introducing a swarming mentality. Somewhat more of a challenge than the vanilla versions.

Download - Swarm v1.03. (Requires minimum v1.75).

  • Neo-DockLights - Adds a row of lights to the system main station to aid approach and docking. These change colour depending whether the approach is clear or not.

Download - Neo-DockLights v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.77).

  • Realistic Damage - A scripted tweak which causes randomly some equipment to be totally destroyed when it gets damaged.

Download - Realistic Damage v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.76).

  • Commodity Markets - A demonstration OXP which splits the commodity market of the system main stations into two, one for selling and one for buying. Prices are slightly different between the two, to simulate more realistic trading.

Download - Commodity Markets v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.77).

  • Lazarus - A small OXP which replaces the trunk Thargoid warship ship script, giving new capabilities of Thargon reanimation plus occasional reinforcements arriving in and just after battles.

Download - Lazarus v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.76).

YAH Tweaks

  • YAH Mobile - A little add-on OXP for Your Ad Here OXP. It introduces mobile ship-towed advertising billboards to the route one space lane of appropriate systems.

Download - YAH Mobile v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.74).

  • YAH Constore Removal - A subtract-on which removes Griff's lovely Constores from the game when YAH is installed, leaving only cold and empty space.

Download - YAH Constore Removal v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.74).

  • YAH Witchpoint Override - A subtract-on which restores the default witchpoint buoy (or any other that a different OXP may add) rather than the large YAH billboards people seem to like splatting into.

Download - YAH Witchpoint Override v1.00. (Requires minimum v1.74).


Other peoples OXPs I've helped with

Demo/Taster OXPs

Small (or not so small) OXPs which showcase various concepts or ideas.

  • Animated Ships (2010) - Butterflies!
  • Animation Demo - small examples of the new frame callback in 1.75 - not to be confused with Svengali's Animation Demo for Lib.oxp!
  • Butterflies Callback - the frame callback version of the Butterflies animation demo above (co-authored with Kaks).
  • Capsule Self-Repair (2010) - repairs damaged Escape Capsules (don't forget to change "" to "")
  • Goliath OXP - large cannon-type planetary defense turret weapon (2010)
  • Tractor Beam Demo (2010) - see here for the context


As per my retirement post (linked just above), all of my OXPs are currently orphaned. But by that post I have given permission for anyone who wishes to take over and adopt any of them for the purposes of improvement, updating, reworking or anything else that they may wish to do with them. This supercedes the licenses that are currently in the OXPs/OXZs themselves for this purpose. Thargoid 2014
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