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Deeper Space HUD

HUDs OXPs modify your dials, gauges and other read-outs. You can see some HUD images here, some of which are not listed below.

Selecting a new HUD

As you can see, the choice is bewildering. The following considerations are worth taking on board:

  • Does the HUD clearly tell you when you are in red alert?
  • Are you comfortable with the combat display - shields/energy levels/laser temperature
  • Are you comfortable with the MFD arrangement? Do you have enough of them? Do they block out too much of your view?
  • Are you satisfied with the indicator for precision flying?
  • Do you want warnings for low altitude/high temperature etc?
  • What happens when you dock? Is there a docked version - or does it work with Docked HUDs if not?


Yet more HUDs

  • OXZ List - scroll down for the HUDs
  • OXP List - scroll down for the list - clicking on the Category column will sort all the HUDs together in the middle of the table!
  • Guide to Unlisted OXPs - scroll down for HUDs

Stuff for HUDs

  • Failing HUD - (2015) by Spara. As maintenance becomes more urgent, your HUD starts flickering!

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