Steampunk HUD

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Designed by Killer Wolf back in 2010, republished in 2022 with HUDSelector compatibility added (thanks to Phkb).

This HUD has the same two MFD's which go with the Vanilla game HUD.

There is a folded contrast lens option which needs tweaking in order to be seen (see How to tweak OXZ's).

Folded Len option

To use this folded HUD rename the "hud.png" image to, eg, "oldhud.png" and rename the "steamwolffolded.png" image to "hud.png".

License per other threads/comments/whatever, all my stuff is freely available for people to do what they want w/; my only stipulation was, be respectful. (Killer Wolf 2022)



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Steampunk Scanner occludes the lollipops! Displaying more than 4 missiles is also problematic...