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King Cobra
Vampire HUD
Dominatrix HUD
One of his Venom HUDs
Nuit station
Sothis station
Hathor Trade station
Nephthys station

Killer Wolf joined our community back in 2007. He was very active designing Ships, Stations and HUDs up until he was chased away back in 2012.

His HUDs were the first dynamic HUDs, and some of his designs are truly beautiful.


The .oxp contains Vampires for police, pirates, traders, a player purgatori vampire & a player reaper vampire with a selection of HUDs

Killer Wolf's Ships (selection)

Vampire (Dominatrix)


  • Cobra MK IV From Isis Interstellar. Has more energy than its famous predecessor and a "Black" variant with more upgrades.
  • King Cobra ~ Cobra MK VI From Isis Interstellar. This ship comes with new missiles and an integrated hardened Escape pod as well as other goodies.
  • Phantom From Isis Interstellar. A multi-role military hauler/troop carrier with external missiles & separated cargo & fuel scoops. And another new missile!
  • Reduxed Vampires‎ From Isis Interstellar. The Vampire MkI and MkII Anniversary Editions (ie with shaders)
  • Scorpius From Isis Interstellar. A vast trading and transport vessel resembling a trireme. A private commission.
  • Spectre Unknown (and deadly) opponents of the Thargoids
  • Vampire OXP Adds the Purgatori Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs.
  • Vampire Dominatrix OXP Adds the Dominatrix Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs.
  • Vampire Diamondback OXP Adds the Diamondback Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs.
  • Vampire MkVI An updated version of the Vampire for 2022's better graphic chips
  • Venom OXP From Isis Interstellar who previously also made the Vampire. This ship also provides three extra HUDs.
  • Werewolf OXP Isis Interstellar.


Individual Ship HUDs

These were created at the time when there was a fad for ships to come with custom HUDs

Dom HUD (an option with his Vampire Dominatrix.oxp, which also includes some test huds)
King Cobra HUD (has separate docked HUD's for the various docked screens)
Venom Cockpit (comes in standard, mahogany and walnut burr - in his Venom.oxp)
Wolf HUD (in his Werewolf.oxp: see his Dynamic HUD page above - 3 versions of this come as part of the Isis Interstellar OXP)


These are all named after ancient Egyptian goddesses

  • Nuit Space Station OXP - features external docking for Liners/Big Ships if it can ever be implemented in Oolite! Updated by Montana05.
  • Sothis - both station and buoy are things of beauty. Upgraded by Spara to a rather unique SothisTC for Corporate States
  • Hathor Trade Station - this elegant station is close to the sun and provides better profits for cheaper essentials
  • Nephthys Station - on the far side of the planet, this station caters to the wealthy. Updated by Montana05.
There is also another station lurking in KW's Wasps.oxp!


  • Wasps OXP adds formation flying wasps, queen wasps, and wasp nests

Collections of Killer Wolf's OXP's

Copyright License

KillerWolf refused to give copyright to any of his oxp's (the ones above) unless he was going to be forced to. This was not because he did not want other people to use them, tweak them or use parts of them...

There is a context to this. There were two nasty debates on "the friendliest bulletin board this side of Riedquat" which took place in 2008-9. One was over Sung's shady ships, the second over Lestradae's mega-oxp's Realistic Shipyards/RS & Oolite Extended/OE. This led to much argument about licensing and the growth of a culture in which licensing became more and more important. Needless to say, not everybody agreed or approved. And KillerWolf ended up as one of the casualties.

This whole business led to an increased emphasis on licensing - and thus to creation of the Expansions Manager where the need for licensing is made explicit when one submits an oxp to it.


Killer Wolf's cover for the Mutabilis novel

Mutabilis cover

Drew Wagar was getting into writing novels - he had edited the Oolite anthology (Alien Items) and was halfway through what would become his Oolite saga.

There was a competition for the cover for his second novel, and Killer Wolf submitted an entry.