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This page is devoted to the company. For the Isis Interstellar OXP, see the note below.

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Isis Interstellar a subsidiary of Isis International.


Vamtrade sm.png
Vampire Mk I
Purg sm.png
Vampire Mk II
Vampire Mk III - Dominatrix
Vampire Mk III - Dominatrix (Civilian)
Vampire Mk III - Purgatori
Vampire Mk III - Purgatori (Civilian)
Vampire Mk IV - Diamondback
Vampire Mk IV - Purgatori Diamondback
Vampire Mk IV - Diamondback (Civilian)
Vamcop sm.png
Vampire Police
Vampire Police (Dominatrix)
Reaper sm.png
Vampire Reaper
Vampire Reaper (Dominatrix)
Vampire (Renegade)
Venom (Blue)
Venom (Green)
Venom (Purple)
Venom (Pirate)
Venom (Red)
Venom (Renegade)
Werewolf - Damage Inc.
Werewolf (Civilian)
Werewolf (Purgatori Model)
Mystery ship


Nuit Space Station
Sothis station.png
Sothis Space Station
Hathor Trade Station.png
Hathor Trade Station
Nephthys Station.png
Nephthys Station

Isis HUD
Dynamic HUD (Critical damage)
Dynamic HUD (Docked)
Steampunk HUD



  • Hathor Trade Station - this elegant station is close to the sun and provides better profits for cheaper essentials
  • Nephthys Station - on the far side of the planet, this station caters to the wealthy. Updated by Montana05.
  • Nuit Space Station OXP Isis Interstellar formally announces the availability of their newest creation, the Nuit space station.
  • Sothis Space Station - this one is quite beautiful - even the buoy.


Werewolf OXP Isis Interstellar are proud to announce the launch of their latest spacecraft, the Werewolf.

Vampire OXP Adds the Purgatori Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs.
A Military version is used by the police, but several civilian versions of the ship are also available on the open market.

Reduxed Vampires‎ The above Vampires but with shaders (Anniversary Edition).

Vampire Dominatrix OXP Adds the Dominatrix Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs.
A Military version is used by the police, but several civilian versions of the ship are also available on the open market.

Vampire Diamondback OXP Adds the Diamondback Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs.
A Military version is used by the police, but several civilian versions of the ship are also available on the open market.

Venom OXP From Isis Interstellar who previously also made the Vampire. This ship also provides three extra HUDs.

Cobra MK IV From Isis Interstellar. Has more energy than its famous predecessor and a "Black" variant with more upgrades.

King Cobra ~ Cobra MK VI From Isis Interstellar. This ship comes with new missiles and an integrated hardened Escape pod as well as other goodies.


  • Wolf's HUD is also shown on the Dynamic HUD & Isis HUD pages
  • His special HUDs for his Dominatrix, Vampire and Venom ships are shown on his own page.
  • The King Cobra HUD is shown on the King Cobra page. It has two different docked HUDs for the various docked screens.

Isis Interstellar OXP

The .oxp contains Vampires for police, pirates, traders, a player purgatori vampire & a player reaper vampire with a selection of HUDs.

KW's thoughts on his ships

Disembodied: Everybody has different tastes. As has been said many times before, one person's uber is another person's nicely kitted-out. But I think it's a good idea for designers to keep their feet on the (imaginary ;)) ground. It's easy to make something that's better than everything else: it just needs bigger numbers than everything else. The real trick is exercising sufficient self-control to leave stuff out; to impose limits for no other reason than to give a creation more character and to make things more interesting for the player. For example (off the top of my head – I'd be interested to see what people thought about these, and if anyone has their own suggestions):

1) a really hot combat ship that can't carry any missiles (or even can only carry 1);
2) a fast bulk trader that can't fit a rear laser.
KW: i tried stuff like that w/ my Vampires, they were well specced but to balance out they didn't have side or rear weapons points. it wasn't well received.

Disembodied: I find that a bit disappointing, that it wasn't well-received. Personally I thought your Vampires and Werewolves were pretty well balanced. Might it be that lots of people were quietly happy, and a few were noisily upset? ;)

KW: lol, mighta been! at the time, i took out the side guns because i'd never ever had a use for them in all my Elite/Oolite player. similarly, the rear gun just got my coordination all snafu, and IIRC Elite used one heat level so there was no point to switching to a rear gun. on release, a few people actually said they used the rear gun as a matter of course, which kinda surprised me. guess it goes to show you should never assume everyone else has the same levels of ineptitude as you do when it comes to flying in reverse :-D
in later releases i put the guns back, but i try to balance out missile carrying and cargo space etc - in my write-ups i blather about space being taken up by powerplants etc so you get a good fighter w/ not much cargo space, etc etc. the prob i have w/ each release tho, is that i'm starting to hit a "glass ceiling" : you naturally want each new ship to be better/faster/stronger to keep up the impression of technical advances etc, but you start running into the ubericity factor. i guess maybe if every new Vampire model had the same stats it might not bother people in gameplay, but for me i like to pretend things are real, and if Isis Interstellar's MkIII Vampire got xxx recharge rate and yyy top speed, i have to consider that if the Mark IV didn't get that "+ zzz%" then they wouldn't have bothered putting it into production.
<edit> BTW, thanks for the compliment on my ships :-)

Taken from the Antiebericity thread (2011)


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KillerWolf refused to give copyright to any of his oxp's (the ones above) unless he was going to be forced to.

There is a context to this. There were two nasty debates on "the friendliest bulletin board this side of Riedquat" which took place in 2008-9. One was over Sung's shady ships, the second over Lestradae's mega-oxp's Realistic Shipyards/RS & Oolite Extended/OE.

This whole business led to an increased emphasis on licensing - and thus to creation of the Expansions Manager where the need for licensing is made explicit when one submits an oxp to it.



Killer Wolf

Killer Wolf was also involved in producing the Anarchies oxp. - and a cover for Drew Wagar's Mutabilis novella.

His work has provided inspiration for many other oxps: Another HUD, the Coluber HUDs, SothisTC, etc.

He ended up being chased away by some leading members of the oolite community back in 2012.