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There are several distinctions here. Is the station an orbital station? Is the station the main orbital station? Is the station a GalCop station?

In the Vanilla game there are just the three stations and the rock hermits (the top four). You can save your game at any of these. The main orbital station is the station around the only planet circling the sun.

This all changes when you add in OXPs. You can add in more stations around the planet (eg Superhub or SothisTC). You can also add in more planets some of which may have their own orbital stations (see Guide to Ambience OXPs - you need OXPs for the planets and OXPs for the extra stations). You can add in more stations which sit around the witchpoint (RRS Waystation, Bank of the Black Monks, System Independent Repair Facility) or are positioned at the sun (Kiota Stations, CZGF & SLAPU). Et cetera, et cetera.

Note that only the main orbital station has an Aegis where one is - in theory - protected from the depredations of piracy. And some other oxp's which affect stations only affect the main orbital (eg Dock Assist System OXP or Traffic Lights OXP).

Note that at the time of writing (2021) you cannot save at all stations. This is due to peculiarities in the Oolite game code (in theory, you can save at "stationary stations" - but the definition of "stationary" is not intuitive!).

Standard stations

These are all GalCop stations. They appear as the main orbital station and have an Aegis where one is - in theory - protected from the depredations of piracy. They obey GalCop law and leaving with illegal goods will incur a penalty. They have both a marketplace and a shipyard.

Coriolis sm.png
Coriolis Station
Dodecahedron sm.png
Dodecahedron Station
Ico-stat sm.png
Icosahedron Station

Other anchorages

Rock Hermits (if you can find one) are not GalCop stations. One can buy illegal goods without penalty. They have both a marketplace (prices differ from the main orbital station) and a shipyard (again, prices differ).

Rock Hermit sm.png
Rock Hermit

OXP retextures

Click on the stations above to see the many variant textures for each

OXP stations

  • Not all Oolite Stations are GalCop stations! Company stations (eg Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ) and system stations (eg Astrogulag Penal Colony) are not. But Torus, Globes & Superhubs are. The importance here is for trading in illegal goods. GalCop stations will award you illegal or refugee status if you leave with illegal merchandise on board. The others won't.
  • GalCop stations will also have police vipers as defenders (changed by OXPs to other police ships for some political systems such as Commies or Dictatorships).
  • Not all stations have marketplaces. Or shipyards.
Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ
at Galaxy 3: Aqualina only
Astromine sm.png
Astrogulag penal colony
Blackmonks sm.png
Black Monk Monastery
BuoyRepair Facility sm.png
Buoy repair facility
CZGF sm.png
Collective Zero Gravity Factory (CZGF)
Constore sm.png
DMD D.jpg
Darkside Moonshine Distillery
Darkside Moonshine Saloon
Fuelstat sm.png
Fuel station
Ftz small.png
Free Trade Zone
Globe-station sm.png
Globe station
Hacker outpost
Hathor Trade Station.png
Hathor Trade Station
Hoopy sm.png
HoOpy casino
Imperial AstroFactory.png
Imperial AstroFactory
WildShips kiota4Comms.png
One of many Kiota stations
WildShips kiota4Ring.png
Another of many Kiota stations
Lave Academy
Military station sm.png
Military station
Mining Outpost.png
Mining Outpost
Navystat sm.png
Navy Station
Nephthys Station.png
Nephthys Station
Nuit space station
Noshaders z groovie octanew1.jpeg
Octahedron station
Riredi sodalite orbital station.png
Riredi sodalite station
at Galaxy 1: Riredi only
Royal Hunting Lodge
RRS HQ.png
RRS Galactic HQ
RRS Waystation
Salvage gang
SLAPU sm.png
Solar Laboratory And Production Unit (SLAPU)
Sothis station (mini).png
Sothis station
Spacebar sm.png
Space bar
Stranger's World Orbital Station (mini).png
One of many Strangers World stations
Sirf sm.png
System Independent Repair Facility (S.I.R.F.)
TaranisHQ sm.png
Taranis Corporation HQ
at Galaxy 1: Lerelace only
Trade Outpost snap shot.png
Trader Outpost (Oolite)
Taxi station sm.png
Taxi station
Tionisla Chronicle Array
Noshaders z groovie tetra1.jpeg
Tetrahedron Depot
Torus sm.png
Torus station
Trans-Hab station sm.png
Transhab station

Unfinished OXP stations

Amaranth's Refinery.png
Amaranth's Refinery station
Biosphere Station small.png
BioSphere station
Cloud City close-up.png
Cloud city
Colonization 3.png
Inside Okti's massive colony
Draven Oodulldorf Station.png
Draven's Oodulldorf Station
at Galaxy 6: Veisin only
Gsagostinho Lunar Outpost Test.png
Gsagostinho's station experiments
Gsagostinho Station1 Test.png
Gsagostinho's station experiments
Mandotech shipyards
Ryan Villa.png
Ryan's villa
at Galaxy 5: Cesousla only
Solar Station 2.png
Solar Harvest's solar station
Tetiri Planet Ring
at Galaxy 5: Tetiri only
Z superico.png
Zieman's Superico Station
Zieman's Habitat Station (mini).png
Zieman's Habitat Orbital Station

Some of these are fascinating. Cloud cities orbit gas giants, but docking has not been built in. Okti's colony was to be part of a mission, and one can fly inside it. Mandotech revolves in different circles, as does Zieman's SuperIco. The Hathor is truly beautiful and is a delight to dock at. Some need only a little work to update them.

One of several SecCom station designs (Galactic Navy OXP's)


Stations currently not shown above


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