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Some eye-candy showing Cloud cities at each main planet (eventually) destined for some future gas giants, Population of each one a few million. It is possible to fly under a Cloud city without blowing up, but not easy. Also they are (fairly) easy to destroy (immoral but fun). There is even a black-coloured Cloud city at each home planet to give a visual throw-back to how Cloud Cities could have looked like in original Elite.

Note: No docking nor landing capability exists, your ship will be destroyed if you approach too close!

Disclaimer, wish-list:
This is a work in progress with coding help needed (landing, docking etc.), or is its present state a 'feature' ... 
"Cloud cities not visitable unless visitor registered" ?
Fix some issues like why subentities on cloud cities (flashers etc.) sometimes don't appear?
Improvements to textures, model, invited. The OXP models folder also contains the wings3D raw model file.
Atmosphere of main planets not thick enough to encapsulate whole city, but not really a problem.
Hope to have some exhaust plumes firing out of the bottom to levitate the city, but the 'craft' is not moving.
The craft are following a local latitude, longitude placement scheme, but not rotating with planet yet.

See BB Thread: Cloud City OXP (2009)


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  • Note: this is an OXP not an OXZ. It needs to go in your AddOns folder (See OXP for details).


There seems to be no license in the package.