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Taxi Station
New Taxi Station.jpg
Size (metres, W×H×L) Unknown
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Speed: 0.0001 LM
Rotating Yes
Energy recharge rate 8
Armaments None
Defenders 2 x GalCop
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon T
Taxi Cab (Adder)
New Taxi Adder.jpg
Size (metres, W×H×L) 30 x 8 x 45
Cargo capacity 5 TC
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.24 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.8
Pitch: 2.0
Energy banks N/A
Energy recharge rate Poor (2.0)
Gun mounts Fore
Missile slots 1
Shield boosters available N/A
Military shields available N/A
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price N/A


The Taxi Galactica Corporation was founded in the late 2800s by Rufus Skywelder, a reputable businessman from Isinor. He envisioned a network of ships ferrying people around the Galactic Co-Operative of Planets, and making a tidy profit from every single passenger. By 2943 the Skywelder family had expanded their business to cover five of the eight galaxies, and by the end of the century they had a Taxi Station in every system that was ruled as a Corporation (this was due to licensing agreements and safety issues).


Occasionally, the Taxi Galactica Corporation will ask pilots to work part-time for them. Those pilots with a good enough reputation should visit their local Taxi Station and apply today!

Version History

  • v2.1 from phkb
    • Included YellOo cabs from Amah's "Z-Groovy's No-Shader Variety Packs" (if installed).
    • Taxi Cabs will now get a random ship name (if randomshipnames OXP is installed).
  • v2.0 from phkb
    • Small tweaks to station AI to avoid mass taxi launches.
    • Updated subentity definitions in shipdata.plist to use new style.
    • Updated population methods to use new system populator, to allow saving the game at Taxi Stations.
    • BGS docking tunnel texture added.
    • Passenger berths can now be purchased at all Taxi Stations (it makes in-game sense that a taxi station could supply them).
    • Added an F4 interface screen option to allow for players to re-enter the Taxi Galactica bulletin board without needing to launch and re-dock.
    • Jumping to a new galaxy while carrying a taxi contract will terminate the contract at the first docking opportunity, rather than immediately after arriving in system (as it makes more sense for a wronged passenger to jump ship at that point).
    • The colour of the Adder model shown on mission screen will now be the same on all mission screens shown at the Taxi station. A new colour will be picked the next time the system is populated.
    • Added "screenID" properties to all mission screens.
  • v1.0 - Changed models for Taxi Adder and Taxi Station to ones Griff designed with textures by dertian. Also moved Taxi Station to planet and added billboard buoy. Also when leaving galaxy script will check to see if on a contract and if so will now cancel contract and remove passenger. Removed Frigate from this release due to formatting issues. Also rewritten script to conform to stock script layout and merged scripts into one file for ease of editing/viewing, also commented lines of script to give detail on what does what.
  • v0.6 - Fixed bug where fuel was not awarded at end of mission and also fixed bug where redocking with Taxi Station would display "Welcome blah blah... supposed to be delivering Enitno Thmaat to the 2 system". Now displays correct system name not just a number. Also added first special mission which is available after five normal missions have been completed.
  • v0.5 - Complete overhaul of OXP, Taxi Station available in corporate systems in all galaxies. Changed the scripting to JavaScript to make OXP compatible with newer version of Oolite. Changed mission requirements back to delivering passengers from the Taxi Station to the Main Station, but will now select any system within 40 light years. Rankings have been removed for now, may add them back in at later stage. Each mission has a difficulty setting which relates to how many pirates will be waiting for you.
  • v0.4 - Changed mission requirements: you now take passengers to the Taxi Station in the required system. It made more sense this way, as you have to start at the Taxi Station anyway. Also added Taxi Cabs to the traffic in Galaxy 1. Rankings have been added, as well as a Pilot Stats board viewable a the Taxi Station. The more contracts you complete, you eventually go up a level. Each level determines how many pirates may be waiting for you. Also added the excellent logo designed and created by Disembodied to the Taxi Station.
  • v0.301 - Fix added for multiple destinations appearing all over the place. The mission intro text, the objective text and the system locator all match, as does the passenger name in both the intro and objective texts. Also added a fix for multiple Taxi Stations being created every time the player launches from a station in a corporate system in Galaxy 1.
  • v0.3 - Complete restart, Taxi Station now only in corporate systems in Galaxy 1. Rebel Frigate and Rebel Viper removed from OXP, including mission. Taxi missions are now offered at the station, to take passengers to the Main Station in other corporate systems in Galaxy 1. 2000 credits per journey, provided you make it there in less than 50 jumps.
  • v0.201 - Fix for Rebel AI causing mass jamming of the comms. Also improved on minor script errors/mishaps.
  • v0.2 - Mission added to take a war criminal of the Galactic Navy to naval captivity, without getting blasted by the Rebel Frigates and Rebel Vipers.
  • v0.1 - Taxi Station and Taxi Cab in game. Taxi Station in every Corporate, Democratic and Confederate systems.



  • Author: Pleb87, currently maintained by Phkb
  • License: CC BY-NC-SA 3
  • Version: 2.1
  • Requires: Oolite version 1.79 or newer


  • Taxi Station model - Griff
  • Taxi Station textures - Griff/dertian
  • Taxi Cab model - Griff
  • Taxi Cab textures - Griff
  • Taxi Galactica logo - Disembodied
  • Taxi Station Billboard - Your Ad Here! OXP


  • Author: Pleb87
  • Galaxy Seeds for details of Pleb's Oolite Galaxy Generator
  • HIMSN - Pleb masterminded this Navy oxp after Gimi stood down, and wrote the AI's for it.