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Missons OXPs add new missions for Commanders to undertake.

Oolite Missions provides a useful comparisons table giving details of which galaxy the mission is set in, rank needed, etc.

Asteroid Storm is pretty limited. Playing through some of the really basic early ones can get you in the mindset and know what to expect for some of the later ones. Generally, I've found missions written by Thargoid to be pretty good, and as for large epic missions, there's the classic Assassin's Guild, and Trident Down. I haven't started Iron Raven yet, but from my experience with other oxps by Ramirez, I'd say it's pretty likely to be an epic one as well. Mauiby de Fug in 2011
Just to throw in my own two cents, I'll post the missions I use (Onno256 in 2011)
*Random Hits OXP - Not really a mission, but a good way to earn some fast credits (any galaxy)
*UPS Courier - Also for a fast credit, and a steady stream of missions (any galaxy)

*BlackjacksBullion OXP - short story-based mission (Galaxy 2)
*Deposed OXP - Nice one (Galaxy 4)
*Ionics OXP - Also haven't done this one yet, but have met their ships... (Galaxy 2)
*Iron Raven - playing this one now, till now, very nice! (Galaxy 8)
*LongWay OXP - short beginner's mission (Galaxy 1)
*Lovecats.oxp - also nice, played this one with a previous commander (Galaxy 4)
*Scourge of the Black Baron - short story-based mission (Galaxy 1)
*Spy Hunter OXP - Haven't done this one yet, but am eagerly anticipating (Galaxy 1)
*To Catch a Thargoid - Done this one with a previous commander, brilliant! (Galaxy 3)

*I have also played the Trident Down mission(s), a must do!

For some reason, galaxy map 4 is rife with missions!


Information on Missions

  • Oolite Missions gives a spreadsheet with all missions sortable by Galaxy, number of kills needed to commence, etc.
Note: some of these a full-length stories, others randomly generate lots of short missions


Two points.

1) A number of missions change the relevant galaxy in ways which add flavour and Lore to it. See especially Ionics (G2), Resistance Commander (G5) & Assassins Guild (G7).
2) Svengali designed his Library OXP to complement missions - with a database of met NPC's, ability to register medals, catalogue of special systems, etc. Sadly, he died before he could update Vector and Localhero for Library. The only missions which Library fully supports are those in the Vanilla game and the Galactic Navy OXP. Nobody else has integrated their missions with it.

Old Missions

Note that a number of missions are marked as Deprecated.

In some cases, this is due to changes in Oolite. Try an older version from the links here.
In other cases, the original plan of the author was banjaxed by the growing plethora of oxp's which defeated the mechanics of the mission (such oxp's as Telescope, fuel tanks, or the various Uberships, etc), and in one case it was marked as deprecated. In such cases it will still work (and you can remove some of these oxp's to get the original feel intended for the mission).