Coyote's Run

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Coyote’s Run OXP by Okti

Coyote's Run brings Cody's novella Coyote to life as an exciting mission OXP.



This OXP is based on the Oolite fiction short story Coyote, by Cody.

The mission will commence when the player jumps into Laquused in G5, with a Cloaking Device. The mission uses comms messages extensively, and the player can check the current instructions by accessing the F5-F5 screen. Also, all previous mission screens can be viewed by pressing F7 when docked to view System Information. The normal System Information can be displayed by a second F7 when mission screens are exited.

Most of the actions are scripted according to the tale and only slightly changed or extended. It would be handy to have read the tale, or to read it during the mission play, but the OXP can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read the tale.

The short story Coyote, can be downloaded here.


Inside the .zip there are two OXPs... move the Coyote’s Run.oxp into your AddOns folder. If you use Griff’s all-in-one shipset in your game, then you should also install the Coyote’s Run for Griff.oxp into your AddOns folder... this will ensure that all the ships in the OXP are Griff ships. NB: the Coyote's Run for Griff.oxp is currently broken, and should not be installed. The main OXP should run okay, but there may be some problems, as it needs an update.


  • Author of this oxp: Okti
  • Cody (Screenplay Consultant): for allowing me to script his intellectual property, correcting the mission texts, giving ideas, test running the mission, motivating me during the WIP period... in short, for directing the OXP.
  • Smivs: for providing textures and test playing the mission, and invaluable insights and advice.
  • Fatleaf (Chief Test-pilot): for testing, giving ideas, motivation and making me laugh at his comments, and his heroic efforts to ‘break’ the mission.
  • Mauiby de Fug: for testing, correcting typos and his kind PM’s and posts about the mission.
  • Svengali, Ironfist: for testing and giving ideas about placing objects in the right locations.
  • Wyvern: for modeling and quaternion help and also for suggestions for the mission.
  • Griff: for allowing me to write the overrides oxp for his shipset, and his help in providing a custom paintjob and decals for some ships.
  • Eric Walch: for testing the plists on his Mac.
  • PhantorGorth: for facilitating the development environment in the Oolite chatroom, and for his knowledge of JavaScript.
  • All the regulars at DS's Seedy Space Bar for the 'vibes'… thanks, guys and gals!
  • All OXP authors, from whose work I learnt so much, and the Oolite development team, without which many missions would not be possible.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.


Use is made of various ‘sector names’ in the OXP... these are taken from ClymAngus’ excellent chart of G5, which can be downloaded here.


Phkb: "I've had this sitting around for a while without making a lot of progress on it, so I thought it better to share it and potentially get some other eyes looking at it. This is an update to the "Coyote's Run" mission pack, updating all the scripts and files to use the latest facilities in Oolite, and fixing a couple of bugs. Theoretically I've made no logic changes to the flow of the mission and so this should be a 100% complete conversion, but that's where it's sometimes harder to check.

Now, stay with me, as this next bit is tricky. If you have the shady version of Griff's ships installed, but don't have the "replace" pack installed: if you still want to use Griff's shady versions for ships used in this mission, then you need to add this pack to your AddOns: Coyote's Run For Griff.oxz. I'm pretty confident that 9 times out of 10 you won't need it, but just in case...

There's a save game in the "Resources" folder inside the pack you can copy to your save games folder if you want to start the mission quickly. Otherwise, the mission starts as stated above: when you jump into Laquused in G5, with a Cloaking Device.

As always, let me know if you find any bugs/problems/etc.



  • This mission OXP is discussed on the Oolite forum here (seems to be missing in action).
  • And here: [UPDATED RELEASE] Coyote's Run Mission (2011-5)
  • And here: (WIP) Coyote's Run mission pack v2.0 (2019)


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