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In a quiet corner of Galaxy 7 across the Great Rift in the Rubicon Crossroad, there is the planet Erbieder. What the official documentation says about it is, “Erbieder is most famous for its vast dense forests and its fabulous cuisine”. It is a very beautiful place to visit. The food is just delightful. Some say the best in the eight.


Now the forests on Erbieder are something else. They cover thousands of square miles and of every kind of tree you could even dream of thinking up. As a result the air on Erbieder is the freshest and cleanest of all the eight and also contributes to their good health.



They do a speciality dish in some restaurants that is a particular dish indeed. It comprises of Steak and kidneys with an addition of lung some spices, a little oatmeal, and a few other things. It gets served hot with mashed potato and something called neeps. Some say it a replica dish of an island nation called Scotland back on Tera, with the name of Haggis, Tatties, and Neeps. But if you plan to go for the cuisine then you have lots to choose from.

They also, surprisingly, have a vegetarian quarter in most cities. They usually are never of any size but they are quaint little areas that also serve vegetables of a stunning variety with the usual high standard you would expect from the more carnivorous selection of establishments. With a trademark dish being Smivs pumpkin pie. Which is quite filling and delectable on the pallet, goes well with a chocolate desert!


There is the BBQ festival in which over eating is required and it is considered an insult if you haven’t put on weight during the three month festivities. There is also the picnic festival, which is a quaint little festival which has a dark side about it, more about that later. But the main dishes served on Erbieder are their meat dishes. Maybe the rumours hold some truth but they do love their meat in all sorts of varieties. Whatever your taste you will find an establishment to have it fully satisfied. One of the government officials was overheard saying “We would eat anything with a face!” but it has not been made into planet policy, yet.

Other festivals that are of renown are the beer and ale festivals that seem to take place with alarming regularity. And if you do plan to visit during this time, Bar El Viejo is a must. It would go to explain why the planet is still only a tech level 8 when the population’s schools offer above average teaching with the Okti University of Uber Science being one of the eights highest achievers.


Now you would think that with all the pre-occupation in food and drink they would be quite a hefty population with an oversize problem. But surprisingly they don’t. As they seem to love their sporting activities. And it’s not just watching it either as televised events are designed to get the population up and going. There is a worldwide company that gets state backing and is very influential called FitLeaF. Their motto: Fitness Life and Food. They take as a matter of personal pride to be able to stuff as much food and drink as is possible to imagine and still win nearly every event in the Great Rift Oolimpics. And the ever growing interplanetary Pride of the Planets event which is probably one day going to overshadow the Oolimpics. It is an event where anybody can take part. It is a series of 27 gruelling events where each planet enters one event to be taken place. Every contestant has to complete that event. The losing 1/27th are disqualified from continuing on to the next. Erbieder has consistently had the most contestants every year with an average of 62% of its population taking part. One year caused quite a controversy when the final event was completely made up of Erbiederians.

Neighbouring Systems of Note

Their nearest neighbour is Onteised. And you couldn’t get a more opposite culture being mainly industrial with a population’s girth growing faster than their economy. They are generally shunned by the Erbiederians. When you even mention the name Onteised you usually get someone replying very quickly “They are a bit smelly over there”. Some say the disease that ravages the planet is diabetes!

Lore and Legends

But there is a side of these dense forests that seldom gets talked about and only in hushed corners of dark rooms. And it is related to the picnic festival mentioned earlier. It is the only time when tourists are actively discouraged from visiting the planet. It lasts only for seven days (Which by Erbieder standards of festivals is tiny) and it’s a time when only light meals are eaten and very little ale is drunk. Most of the population enters the Fangorn forests with their families to small clearings spread out a large blanket onto the lush green grass and enjoy the delights of a picnic. But here is where it gets sinister. The Erbiederians are well known for their hatred of pirates. And to date no pirate that has been arrested or handed in at the main station has been seen again. (But it is something of a mystery as to why they seem to welcome the odd contrabandista). That is because at the end of the picnic festival all the pirates and select prisoners (Those deemed to be no longer suitable to enter back into society) are brought to the edge of one of the biggest forests on the planet, and one that the local population never go into, then they are released and driven into the forest. They are never seen again!

And this is the home planet of Fatleaf.



Not much is known of the species of Carniflora that Fatleaf is from. But it is known he likes his food. He can be regularly found in DS’s Seedy Space Bar talking about all things food and the odd homebrew he likes to make from time to time.

He is currently a budding Boffin trying to get the handle on JS and .plist’s with his first effort being Victim 11.OXP

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