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A mission OXP set in a Ooniverse in economic recession.


Across the eight galaxies times are getting hard. Pirates are getting more desperate. Stuck for cash, other pilots have become flying billboards for unscrupulous advertising companies. Rock hermits have been abandoning their distant homes and moving to safer regions planet-side. If you're lucky, you might see one of these rare abandoned hermitages on your travels.


  • Recession.oxp by JohnSmith (2006) - this is an OXP not an OXZ: you need to unzip it & put it in your AddOns folder. See OXP for instructions.


Tester's Report (Commander andrax_iON)

Okies - had a few runs thru, time to report. Tested on v1.90 (Linux) with minimal add-ons (below); fresh Jameson, easy start (Tionisla + 1k Cr) & racked up cash&upgrades plus necessary kills (need >16 for mission start).

Mission screens kicked in as expected, action starts on exiting witchspace at Riedquat; first time thru, I found Othello pretty quickly, scanned nearby ships (coupla Cleans, one offensive AspMkII and a coupla Geckos) but they kept their distance & hey - I got one job. For the next hour & ten, I kept tabs on Othello & escort (~8 ships) as they flew laps around the witchpoint buoy; no-one attacked them, no-one attacked me & we made no progress towards Riedquat. A stray Moray got jumped, at which point Othello's entire escort took off to join in & it was just me 'n' him for a coupla minutes, but nothing jumped us & the rest re-joined once the fracas was over. Short attention span, so I killed it & tried again.

Second time around I thought to get a bit more aggressive; well, it was a plan. Got wasted by the Asp & Geckos, not sure if they attacked Othello but one Gecko came in fast at his group and that's when they jumped me.

Third & fourth runs, I couldn't find Othello at all - hung around searching for 20 mins or so, but failed to make contact with his group or any bandits.

Othello's ship definition in shipdata.plist gets a 'like_ship' to 'anaconda', but no ai_type assignment or custom definition and two ship roles ("boss" and "anaconda-boss") that I can't find reference to - someone with better oolite-fu can no doubt shed light, but it seems odd to my novice eye.

I haven't spotted any reference to licence terms; one change I'd recommend would be to correct the spelling of Riedquat in missiontext.plist, but not sure if that's an option.

I'll try another coupla runs & post any worthwhile results; still get the sense this may be an unfinished project, but in no real position to judge (I can't fly a Cobra, let alone read .plists *grin*).


(and see last of Cmdr andrax_iON's report

OXP level indicator

  • The mission is designed for "poor" or better players

Gameplay and Balance Indicator

  • The recession makes it harder to earn money and equip your ship.