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This page is about the OXP helper expansion pack, Library, for other uses, see Library (disambiguation).

PAD: GalCop
PAD: Persons
PAD: Player data


Reinventing the wheel is not everybody's taste, so here comes a collection of useful snippets and helpers. Its main purpose is to simplify or unify some common tasks used by OXPers. Library is the successor to CCL, Hyperradio and OXPConfig. The library does not alter any native JS objects (like Array or String) to avoid clashes and does not clutter the global namespace.

This oxp also adds the following items to the F4 ship-station interface page

  • Config for AddOns (AddOns category) - for tweaking OXPs (see BGS for an example).
  • PAD (Captain's Log category) - a personal assistance device with details of naval career, people met, etc.
The P.A.D. (or Personal Assistance Device) ships functionality to display different sorts of data, sorted by categories. Every category may contain several pages (or subcategories) - which can also be implemented by AddOns. Currently there are categories for
GALCOP: A standard entry, but after doing specific jobs it will contain an entry for the Navy as well. Other AddOns may add more.
GUILDS: An empty entry at the moment. Could be used e.g. by RandomHits, Feudal States and other AddOns which do have a membership.
INFOS: A category for special events, news, etc. Could be useful e.g. for BloombergMarkets, etc.
LOGBOOK: A category for standard events like rescued escape pods, bailed out, fined, etc. Could be used for contracts as well.
PERSONS: A category for characters you have met.
SYSTEMS: A category for special systems like Tianve, Tionisla, etc.
The PAD also ships with search functionality and some categories do allow the player to add custom notes. The display of these pages is based on templates, so all pages in a category will have the same layout. AddOns can add data easily to existing pages or add a new page in existing categories. Another feature is to set player specific data, like origin, species, gender, age and a custom picture.
Note: there are currently several oxp's that allow for configuring other oxp's:
*Library (the most recent, done via the F4 page when docked) by Svengali
*OXPConfig (done via the F2 page - press F7 when told to) by Svengali
*Station Options by cag: this one is comprehensible, but alas, only a beta version (2018)


For Documentation just follow the links.

  • Lib_2DCollision.js - Methods for checking if point is in bounding-box, on line or in poly.
  • Lib_Animator.js - Tool to create animations on missionscreens (see Demos).
  • Lib_BinSearch.js - Instantiated search tree.
  • Lib_Config.js - Configuration interface for AddOns.
  • Lib_Crypt.js - De-/Encryption for strings.
  • Lib_GUI.js - Unified GUI image, sound and music handling.
  • Lib_Main.js - Generic functions for various tasks.
  • Lib_Music.js - Unified event driven and generic music handling (see Demos).
  • Lib_PAD.js - Unified logbook, mission-log, diary and interface. Added in v1.7
  • Lib_Starmap.js - In-System-Maps in 3D (docked and inflight) (see Demos). Added in v1.7


identifier = "oolite.oxp.Svengali.Library";


  • Latest version needs Oolite v1.88.


Install like any other OXP.


Music for playing the game to (these three need Library to function):


Install like any other OXP.


There are two tools tucked away in diverse locations:

See here for description re shaders etc. (2 pages, 2018).
On your F4 screen (if you have Library running too) under "Developer":

Lib MatFinder Pos01.png Lib MatFinder Pos02.png Lib MatFinder.png

On starting a game (if you have Library running too):

Library devtools switches.png Library devtools.png Library devtools.values.png

On your F4 screen (if you have Library running too) under "Lib_MatEditor":

Lib MatEditor (1).png Lib MatEditor (2).png


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Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.7.1 2018-11-19 CC-by-nc-sa-4.0 Helper for OXPs Misc OXPs BlackWolf & Svengali BB-Link