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Tsoj's Chrysopelea
HIMSN - completed by Tsoj
BGS original spiderweb effect - restored by Tsoj
Tsoj's rejigged keyboard for better combat

Tsoj is in Berlin, Germany and joined the Oolite community in 2016.

He is also fascinated by computer chess.

I played Elite: Dangerous for quite a while. When I started, I hoped that the massive multiplayer would add some atmosphere and could lead to stories that did not feel auto-generated. But weirdly enough, I have this feeling more when I play Oolite. Because of the huge amount of OXPs I have installed, I happen to get surprised from time to time by some OXP that I installed but kind of forgot about. And every OXP written by a player adds another "person"/"personality" to the game, so in that sense Oolite already is a multiplayer

Developer work

  • Added "Update all" option to the Expansions Manager for Oolite v.1.91
  • Added "setShipInfoForKey" capability to Oolite v.1.91

List of oxp's

Tweaked oxp's

  • Tsoj (& Cbr) finished off and published HIMSN which had been languishing since 2013.
  • Tsoj updated BGS restoring the old and popular spiderweb tunnel effect
  • Update for NPC equipment damage OXP fixing various issues

DIY oxp's

  • The ingredients to make your own oxp for E:D music will be found here


  • Keyconfig.plist for German QWERTZ Linux keyboard (Mit reichlichem Gruß an Kommandant Freiherr von Tsoj, 2021).