Station Options

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Telescope 2.0

This OXP allows you to tamper with the inner workings of other OXPs while docked. It does so in an in-game manner, designed to enhance immersion.


If you have ever wrestled with Library's or OXPConfig's interfaces, you will find Station Options a delight! Unlike the others, this preserves the in-game element and also bothers to explain what things do! Unlike Library, which does this too, there's no limit on the amount of text. You have a chance of understanding what things mean!

It currently only works with Telescope.


Now available in the Expansion Manager! (Feb 21, 2022)

Or you can download the .oxz's and pop them into either your ManagedAddOns folder or your AddOns folder (see OXP if you need more information).

Supported in Telescope 2.1

For Telescope version 1.15, this oxz adds the extra data for using Station Options:

Telescope 1.15 with Telescope_station_options oxp

Oxp Integration

For oxp developers: adopting Station Options.


  • Author: cag
  • License: CC BY-NC-SA 4
  • Required: Oolite v.1.79 or newer


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


On it own, this oxp has no effect. Any bias must be attributed to the oxp that supports Station Options.