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This is an index of pages about OXPs containing Sound Sets.

Some of these date back to c.2006-10:
Amiga Sounds, the Captain Berf voices for crewmembers, CustomSounds, Halsis (more recently modernised for BGS), Hawksound, MildAudio, Murgh's Replacement Sounds, Random Docking Music, Wiggy's Replacement Sounds, Xaotik's Replacement Sounds & Combined (Murgh, Wiggy & Xaotik's) sounds.

Others are bang up to date:
BGS & Library act as enablers for many modern sound set oxp's, as well as providing their own sound sets. Some (XenonUI, Dangerous HUD) provide sounds for specific parts of the game. Others (Contextual Jukebox OXP) provide contextual music for gameplay.

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