Random Docking Music OXP

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Plays a randomly selected music track on activating docking computers (slow dock), from a list set inside the OXP.

Included in the OXP is the Oolite version of the Blue Danube waltz by Strauss.

Installation Instructions


open RandomDockingMusic.oxp by right clicking and select something about opening the OXP package


Open the file randomDockingMusic.js found in RandomDockingMusic.oxp/Scripts/

Now where it says:

// keep on adding or removing music in the same manner as seen above

Add or remove music pieces at your desire... in RandomDockingMusicv1.01.oxp/Music/

Music files should be in OGG Vorbis format (.ogg) files. Use a converter such as Audacity to produce these from your MP3s or similar.


There is a discussion thread on the forum for this OXP here.


Written by Frame.
Inspired by dalek501 on the Oolite BBS.
One of the files used produced by Acclivity on www.freesound.org.

Version History

v1.00 First released 20th March 2010.

v1.01 Removed Rachmaninoff music track due to copyright issue.


Random Docking Music OXP v1.01 on Box.com (6.3 mb)