Runner G5 Challenge

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Complete a non-stop 50LY journey from Rianin to Ceered in Galaxy 5. On the way you have to collect 750TC cargo and 100 kills.


Oolite RunnerG5 Challenge

I propose a challenge for all the Oolite Traders in the Ooniverse. The challenge is devised to test and compare your skills against me and other Oolite players. It is a challenge, so, that implies it is challenging! When you try the challenge, even if you fail, I think you will see a marked improvement in your skills, and, how you play the game in future. You will benefit from taking up the challenge.

Have fun and Good Luck.


The basic scenario of the challenge is that it follows standard games play and missions. So you have picked up some stuff on the way (no spoilers).

During the nova mission, when you picked up all those passengers, and transported them away from their doomed planet. The Planetary Engineer found all the salvage space junk you had collected on the Constrictor Mission. As a thank you for transporting him and the other refugees. He redesigns, and rebuilds your broken down Anaconda by using the drives, navigation system and shield technology from the Constrictor.

When you dock at Rianin your ship's data is downloaded into the stations computer. The Space Navy decides that such a ship is far too advanced, and not appropriate for civilian use. The Space Navy send a Galaxy wide dispatch to confiscate your ship, "at all cost". While watching the Commodity Market Prices you see that all your cargo had been unloaded and your credit balance is reduced to 0.0₢. Your Legal Status have been change to Fugitive. Your Rating has been down graded from Elite to Mostly Harmless.

While the Galcops are banging on your air lock trying to serve you the confiscation order, you get an incoming message from a friend saying that the Space Navy has placed a 1,000,000₢ bounty on your ship. He can save your sorry arse if you can make the 50 light year trip to Ceered within 300 hours ie 12 days 12 hours. To pay the bribes needed at Ceered you will need to have a full load of cargo ie 750TC, and the bounty from 100 kills.

You will have to make the trip to Ceered without stopping at another station or the Galcops will destroy your ship when you dock. This includes non station docking eg Rock Hermits. With 1,000,000₢ bounty on your ship, every bounty hunter, pirate and glory hound will be after you.

Anaconda Constrictor

Your Anaconda Constrictor is a fighting ship with a special combat-centric HUD. It also has

E.C.M System
Fuel Scoops
Naval Energy Unit
Docking Computer
Witchdrive Fuel Injectors
Scanner Targeting Enhancement
Multi-Targeting System
Advanced Space Compass
Advanced Navigational Array
Target System Memory Expansion
Shield Boosters
Military Shield Enhancement
External Heat Shield
Wormhole Scanner
Forward Military Laser
Starboard Mining Laser
Maximum speed 0.600 LM
Cargo capacity 750 TC

Rianin to Ceered

The challenge is set in Galaxy 5 from Rianin to Ceered.

Record Your Score

It's not important whether you win or loose the challenge, but that you play. If you complete the challenge, please, register your score on the RunnerG5 Wall Of Shame on the Oolite Forum. The challenge will be a lot more fun when you see how your Oolite skills compare with other Oolite players. This, in fact, is the whole reason for issuing the challenge.

Player Hints

The idea of the challenge is skills testing. The challenge will test your navigation skills, salvage skills, combat skills, mining skills, tactical skills, as well as your patience and resolve. The following hints may improve your chance of successfully completing the challenge.


Multiple short jumps are quicker than a single long jump.


Obviously, you have to sun skim all the way to obtain fuel.

Cargo and Kills

Plenty of pirates and asteroids are placed between the witchpoint and the sun. But if you are still short on quota there are additional pirates and asteroids between the sun and the planet. I suggest getting your cargo and kills early in the game and then rabbiting as fast as you can to Ceered.

You will need to dust off, and calibrate, your mining laser.

Equipment Damage

Be careful of equipment damage. You cannot dock for repairs. Damaged equipment will make the challenge more difficult. But, if you loose your fuel scoop, you loose. Your only choice is to start over again.

You have a fast ship in the Anaconda Constrictor, and you will be able to outrun any opponent (an acceptable strategy in some cases).

Existing OXP Equipment

The runnerG5 oxp is designed (I hope) to have minimum impact on the players existing setup and installed oxp's. The mission can only start if you load the (included) saved game, and since the saved game does not have any "additional oxp equipment" it should make for a level playing field. Even if you have, an ore processor or fancy missile oxp's installed, the Anaconda Constrictor is not equipped with them.

Be careful what oxp's you leave in, the NPC will still have access to the equipment in your installed oxp's, and you don't. Be aware, you don't have countermeasures for exotic missiles, and, a big ship, with big guns, may only lead to "Press Space".

Unusual Cargo

Keep your eyes open for this!


  • Unzip the file.
  • Copy the RunnerG5-1.0.oxp directory to your $HOME/.Oolite/AddOns directory.
  • Copy the RunnerG5.oolite-save file to your oolite-saves directory.
  • Start Oolite
  • Load RunnerG5 Commander
  • Hold on for the Oolite ride of your life.


Thanks to everyone on the Oolite Forum that provided help and advice. I'm convinced, it is, "the friendliest board this side of Riedquat."


  • Author: galpet
  • License: is there one?
  • Version: 0.4
  • Requires: Oolite v.1.75

Download - download, unzip, and bung in your AddOns folder (See OXP if you need more detail).