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MandoTech Industries is a fledgling ship building company, striving for excellence in a Galaxy full of greatness. Mandotech's main goal is to make useful ships for all types of use, including shipping, warcraft, and leisure. At this time Mandotech Industries is working on a fleet of ships, not yet sure of it's final destination, but intending it to be among the most formidable fleets in known space.

They have, in fact, the beginnings of their new Super Carrier in each of their eight stations. There is a Mandotech station in all eight Galactic Sectors, in systems with a tech level of no less the 13, all either Confederate systems, or Democracies. Every system is an Industrial based system, and Mandotech has been careful to build their stations well away from the system main station in each system, to avoid any confusion.

The systems in each Galactic Sector, beginning in Sector One, are as follows: S1 - Rexebe; S2 - Tezaeded; S3 - Lezaer; S4 - Gebiisso S5 - Zaeredre; S6 - Oresmaa; S7 - Quandixe; S8 - Esusale.

Mandotech Industries has been geared up for their latest ship, the MT1013SuperCarrier. This carrier is nearly three times the size of the Behemoth size MT1012Carrier, with at least that much more fire power, not to mention the extra room for carrying fighter ships, as well as able to dock the biggest trader ships in existence. The SuperCarrier takes up the space that four MT1012Carriers took up in the scaffolds.

At the bottom is a picture, taken on the fly, of a partially built MT1013SuperCarrier, still sitting in the Mandotech Ship Building Scaffolds.



Oolite version 1.74

Changelog: MandotechIndStationV1.4.oxp

Many changes involving model centering, distance figuring, buoy placement, etc.
The Mandotech Industries Station & Shipyards is about finished. Thanks to Zieman, who was really the one that made this station possible. I consider the upcoming oxp of this station to be equally Zieman's, maybe more. Zieman said that we needed to thank Pagroove, and Griff for their snippets of code, using shaders, and other bits and pieces from their oxps to bring this together.


  • Authors: mandoman & Zieman
  • Completed: December, 2012
  • This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit " or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.
Whilst you are free to use this oxp, and change it to your own specifications, please do not release any changes without giving credit to where it is due.


  • Special thanks to Pagroove & Griff for the use of their excellent work in figuring station position, rotation, etc.
  • Very Hugely Great Thanks for the work Zieman put into this oxp. It would not have happened without such help as he provided.

Added by Zieman:

station orientation code base I took from Fuel Station OXP by Thargoid, and Thargoid took it from McLane's Anarchies
station placement code and check to prevent duplicates derived from Superhub OXP
station buoy placement adapted from Your Ad here OXP
shader code and working mechanics of the docking bay flashers adjusted from PAGroove Stations OXP
Scrambled pseudorandom number code by Jens Ayton


Work on-going!