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Zieman's Habitat Orbital Station
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Zieman first got actively involved with Oolite in 2009:

I've enjoyed Elite in its various incarnations starting with C-64, year was 1986 I think.

So, greetings to all humans and aliens flying around Ooliverse!

While it is unsure to what extent he was involved in the creation of the famous Zieman Energy Deflection Shields, he is known as a ship and station manufacturer. He has contributed a number of ships (and specialised armament for them) as well as working on orbital stations. His ships include two new alien species (Baakili & Manchi). His Zieman's Habitat Orbital Station is particularly impressive - and he enabled the convoluted twistings of the Mandotech Station & Shipyards to function as they should.




Far Arm Sunracer
Far Arm Scow
Far Arm Tanker
Far Arm Hunter
Far Arm Dart
Far Arm Corsair
Far Arm Cruiser
Far Arm Titan
Far Arm Manchi Wasp
Far Arm Manchi Vulture
  • Z-ships: This OXP adds 4 ships (+ variants) to the Ooniverse.
Z-ships Asp Explorer
Z-ships Cobra Commodore
Z-ships Porcupine
Z-ships Python Courier