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By the time most Jamesons have acquired enough credits to afford this piece of equipment, they have learnt to dock manually with their optical receivers obscured (or were scraped from a dockingbay by auto-shovels). Nevertheless, this is a useful piece of AI to install in your vessel if you do not have a copilot, who can take over the helm should you feel an urgent need to visit the captains recreational cubicle. (Be advised that voiding the ships sanitation tanks while in dock or in the process of docking is prohibited and will be fined according to GalCop Art.2, sec.4a "unsanitary behaviour" and Art.1,sec.5 "vandalism of GalCop property" - punishments include cleaning the docking area of such noisome jetsam.)

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The SinCorn RemLock D&A System is a sophisticated and expensive piece of gadgetry. It comes with MemmSomn Pilot Interaction to induce hi-cram sleep during the maneuvre.


Press c ("c") on your control console to activate, and to deactivate. Autopilot will approach the station, ask for clearance and line up in the queue at the docking beacon and eventually dock. Pressing c ("c") will also contact any targeted ship or station rather than the main station, permitting auto-docking with large vessels and non-standard space-stations.

Docking computers can save on minor collisions and accidents which cost Commanders money. A tired Commander can easily make a minor mistake that will not destroy the ship but may damage valuable ship systems.

Another use for Docking Computers...

Advanced Options

A soothing ancient melody will be replayed while activated as most space veterans get agitated at the slow and deliberate method of docking the AI uses, this can be switched on and off by pressing s ("s").

Holding shift and pressing c ("C") activates a hypnotic sleep inducer (MemmSomn Pilot Interaction) at the same time as the docking computers - this allows the pilot to sleep while the ship docks and awake refreshed when docking procedures are complete. This allows Commanders to devote more concentration on important commercial decisions once docked. Note, this option is not available with certain large vessels and non-standard stations.

Historic Versions

Before the end of 2005, Oolite's docking computers were more exciting!

You just can't trust these dodgy deals in the back of the space port.

I go up to this fella, he says "wanna docking computer? Your approach were mighty shakey. Going cheap". So I pays my money and kicks off to the next system. Get my approach all lined up and then remember the new toy - press "D" and the docking computer kicks into life. It wanders around a bit, I get the "Final approach" message. I relax as soothing music plays over my hardened space suit and my Mark III makes its approach. However, it makes a couple of adjustments on the way in and then it MUCKS UP at the last moment and paints me in a molecular thin layer over the outside of the space station. Wow is that going to cost me and the WIFE is going to be mad at me again.

So - is this by design? Is the docking computer a cruel joke or is it just a little temperamental? I remember the old Beeb Elite scraping the paintwork a bit a number of times but I don't remember an out-and-out wipeout.

Toby Haynes

tjwhaynes » Wed Sep 28, 2005 (It used be activated by d, not c).


Pricetag: 1500.0 ₢.
Techlevel: 10

OXP list

  • Dock Assist System OXP helps you to align better with a main station's docking bay by adding a set of runway lights.
  • Neo-Docklights OXP adds a trail of green docking lights to tech 3+ main stations, which turn red on station launches.
  • Traffic Lights OXP helps with manual docking at the system's only main station & gives priority docking after 15 mins.
  • Audible Docking Clearance enables the docking clearance protocol and plays notify sounds for docking events
  • Traffic Control personnel give help with the approach to and the manual docking at all main stations.
  • Autodock gives players without a docking computer the ability to use automated docking systems at main stations for a small fee.
  • Docking Computers OXP ditto
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System) guides one into the docking bay.

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