Beam Laser

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Beam Laser crosshairs


The Beam Laser fires continuous parallel strands of laser beam, and as such is a considerable upgrade from the Pulse Laser, but will overheat far more rapidly. It is effective out to a maximum range of 15,000 metres.

Sales Pitch

The Ingram Model M1928A2 is highly recommended for front shooting. Beam lasers fire continuous laser strands, up to 150 in parallel. Barrel is Allutium + lined with tensioned plastiglass, and as with the 1919A4 Pulse Laser, power is provided by main drive link. Beam Lasers are capable of slicing through 410mm FL metal.


Cost: 1000.0 ₢.
Techlevel: 5


  • See Guide to Accuracy OXPs for a list of OXPs which help aiming!
  • Weapon Laws OXP restricts sales of the various lasers in the more stable government systems. Beam lasers will not be sold in corporate systems, democracies, confederacies or communist states.
  • Laser Combat Reimagined OXP rejigs all the lasers and gives the beam laser improved speed to render it better for dogfights.
  • New lasers OXP introduces another 2 varieties of beam laser
  • Laser Cooler helps cool down lasers
  • Laser Booster OXP empowers lasers but at the risk of breakage


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