Guide to Accuracy OXPs

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Pulse Laser crosshairs
STE showing direction (arrow to the side of the crosshairs), identity of and distance to target

Guide to OXPs designed to help accuracy in combat

Vanilla game combat accuracy

There are a number of accuracy enhancers in the Vanilla game.

  • The basic vanilla targeting is of course performed by lining up one's ship so that the putative target is in the viewscreen crosshairs:
r key for IRR recognition of the object in the crosshairs - which also targets it
t to target your current active missile on the object in your crosshairs
u to unlock that missile from being targeted on the object
Note that the targeting process ensures that the target is identified by STE as being a target (vital for dogfights when the enemy leaves your viewscreen).
  • Keyboard Precision Key - pressing the control key while moving will slow the turn and allow for more precision in so doing. Those who only use the keyboard often keep the control key depressed for the entire duration of combat. The precision of this can be tweaked. See Keyboard Issues.
  • Joystick Precision toggle - the in-game Controller/Joystick Configuration pages allow two options.
i) one can select a button on the Joystick/controller which toggles precision turning (as above, but a toggle) - and whose action is indicated on some of the HUDs
(ii) one can tweak one's Joystick/Controller axis profile for the same effect. See Joysticks: Guide to Setting Up for more on the above.
  • Combat practice - the in-game Tutorial allows one to practice one's combat skills.

The following optional items enhance missile targeting

  • Scanner Targeting Enhancement (STE) places a targeting box around the object, gives some information about it and the direction if it is no longer in the crosshairs
  • Multi-Targeting System (MTS) allows one to select a target for each missile currently carried on-board if done in advance. Otherwise each missile is fired at the same target. The missile is selected by use of y
  • Target System Memory Expansion (TSME) allows selection of 10 targets. The target is selected by use of +/-. All missiles are fired at the same target.
  • Integrated Targeting System (ITS) merges data from your TSME, STE and basic IFF System to show targeting squares around all objects currently in your target memory. The squares are coloured to match their scanner colour. This also helps in distinguishing the enemy from the bystanders.

For developing your skills: See Laser tactics & Missile tactics

OXPs enhancing accuracy

There are a number of OXPs which have been written over the years to enhance accuracy in combat. Some just target a missile at the target under consideration. Some let one know if the target is firmly held in the laser sights (so that the laser will not overheat for no purpose). Others take over control of steering to aim a laser accurately at the foe. Et cetera, et cetera. Yet other OXPs do other things (such as Telescope) but also include a combat accuracy option.


  • Target Reticle by Eric Walch: changes colour to red when the target is in the crosshairs (2008)
  • Auto Crosshairs by Wildeblood: changes shape when the target is in the crosshairs (2013)
  • SniperLock by CSOTB (CommonSense Out of the Box): micro-adjusts your flying to keep target in crosshairs. This cuts out at very close range to prevent collisions. (2011)
  • SniperLock Fix by Dybal: Fix for SniperLock to prevent it interfering with use of Telescope in long-distance travel (2020)
  • SniperLock Plus by Dybal: Fix for SniperLock allowing use with off-centre weapons (eg dual lasers) (2020)


For all MissileLocks: by locking your Target for your missiles, if you also have STE, the targeting box (with directional arrows) now appears around it, and is now also useful for laser combat.


  • Sniper Sight by User:Wildeblood gives sniper-sight functionality to HUDs (2012)
  • Telescope by Norby: sniper ring to fine-tune aim, autosteering, far-target locking, MFD showing nearest targets (2017). The autosteering has been partially disabled so as to not be a "cheat".
  • Target System Plugins by NickSta: 3 add-ons to other targeting systems for analysing their targets (2020). Very effective!


  • CombatHUD by Smivs: if STE is fitted, reticle turns red when target is centred. (2014)
  • Sniper Camera System HUD by CommonSenseOTB: a zoomable control system for long-distance shooting & surveillance (2011)
  • Vimana HUD by Gnievmir: - TFSystem (Target Filtering System) selects class of target: hostile, police, thargoid, neutral, asteroid etc (2019)

Combat skills practice OXPs


Note that the "u" button unlocks a target, freeing up your targeting system so you can then select another target.

As a matter of interest, the arguments over what constituted Cheating back in 2010/11 led to - for example - the abilities of Telescope being watered down!

Military Targeting System works without buying anything (but there is an expensive upgrade).

Fast Target Selector is dirt cheap to facilitate targeting for new players.

Telescope allows targeting of objects beyond range (eg the "Sun of Aona" listed on the right)

Target Memory Interface MFD (Target System Plugins)
The TMI display when nothing is targeted


There are two MFDs which list your targets when you have more than one:

Telescope is non-specific and includes your target amongst everything else in range in its MFDs
Target System Plugins lists all targeted objects in a dedicated MFD


Most of these listed above probably conflict with each other. Be especially aware of those with dynamic targeting, where the target can change automatically: Military Targeting System, Target AutoLock & Telescope!

Note that the targeting in Telescope can be disabled (but that the ability to target distant objects remains). And see Littlebear's 2023 post here for improving Telescope's settings.