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The In-game tutorial is accessed through the very first game screen after you have chosen Start New Commander.


There are 9 lessons:

  • 1 ... The HUD
  • 2 ... Using the scanner
  • 3 ... Flight training (includes dodging practice for dogfights)
  • 4 ... Weapons systems
  • 5 ... Missiles
  • 6 ... Combat practice (teaching how to dogfight ... rather than sniping from a distance)
  • 7 ... Docking practice
  • 8 ... Information screens (F5 & F5F5, F6 & F6F6, etc)
  • 9 ... System Navigation (from the Witchpoint beacon to the main orbital station)

The b and n buttons

One uses the n button to advance in each lesson.

The b button modifies the n button: It toggles the n-button between 3 functions:

next stage in lesson (default setting)
next lesson
restart lesson

So to skip several lessons one must press b ... n then b ... n and then b ... n repeatedly


The in-game tutorial was introduced by Cim as part of the innovations in Oolite version 1.80 back in 1984


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