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Help, advice and tutorials on this wiki and elsewhere

How do I ... dock / succeed in trading / win a fight / configure my controller/joystick etc


  • Combat (Tactics):
Oolite Tactics: a couple of essays, advice for beginners, intermediate & advanced pilots, long list of OXPs
Laser tactics: pulse, beam & military lasers
Missile tactics: different missiles, ECM, MTS & STE
Using weapons of mass destruction (Quirium cascade bombs)
Pre-Oolite combat for Classic Elite, FE2 & FFE
Dealing with Thargoids
Dealing with piracy

  • See also the OoliteRS (Reference Sheets) and AdviceforNewCommanders which came as .pdfs in your original game download. Probably worth printing out!

  • Career Options: Trader, Smuggler, Courier, Chauffeur, Miner, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Rescuer
also includes OXP Careers: Rescue Stations, Galactic Navy Reservist, Salvage Operator, Ship Escort Services, Jouster.


You might find it helpful to reconfigure your keyboard: Some people find it helpful to either move the position of the fire laser key, or to transpose the yaw & roll keys. Other people find that their standard Gaelic-language keyboard fails to allow them to use their Torus drives, for example.

See Keyboard Issues for links to solutions, discussions, OXPs and more!



The Dark Side

ie: programming. For those untutored in these mysteries, one often starts with tweaking and then progresses further.