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Collection of Help pages for playing Oolite


*For playing Classic Elite, FE2 & FFE see those respective categories for their help pages.
*For help with The Dark Side - see Category:Oolite scripting for more information.

Note that three different Ship's Manuals are on offer

The Ship's Manual in the Ship's Library OXP is the most recent
(and is readable in-game - and is adjusted to your ship and to your keyboard!)
The Pilot's Reference Manual was written for the Oolite Cobra MkIII
The Space Traders Flight Training Manual was written for the Classic Elite Cobra MkIII but is still good.

The in-game Tutorial & the in-game Expansions Manager have their own explanatory wiki pages.

Please note that your game download includes Mr Gimlet's advice to new pilots and the RS Reference Sheet: (search for OoliteRS - stashed away in the entrails of your computer - or 2008 version - File:OoliteRS it is well worth printing out.

Old Help

  • Manual for Oolite v.1.65 (polyh, 2008): the major changes in Oolite game-play since 2008 involve tougher combat and more pirates in the safer systems which close to pirate dens in anarchies and such.


Oolite v.1.90

Oolite v.1.76

Helpful OXPs for new pilots

There is a lot of information in Oolite. These vital OXPs help give you access to the information you need to play/enjoy the game

  • Hints allows you to eavesdrop on more experienced pilots in the station bars. Tips on combat tactics, trade, buying equipment, fighting off Thargoids or pirates, etc.

You might also care to add The Galactic Almanac OXZ - a guide to everything in your current solar system - stations, planetary bodies, rock hermits, etc. (not yet on the in-game Expansions Manager).