Installing multiple retexture OXPs

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This short article provides guidance to end-users who want to install more than one retexture pack/OXP to maximise the variety of ships seen in game. There are currently 5 main retexture packs that retexture and/or remodel the native Oolite ships. They can be formatted so that they replace the native Oolite ships entirely once installed (I refer to these as 'replacement' packs), or to add the revamped ships in addition to the native Oolite ships (I refer to these as 'addition' packs).


The first rule for setting up multiple retexture packs is that you can only install one 'replacement' pack at a time. Attempting to install more than one 'replacement' pack will result in conflicts, and the general result is that you will only actually see ships in game from one of the packs.

However you can install a single 'replacement' pack along with as many 'addition' packs as you like*, and all the ships should appear in game. You could also install just 'addition' packs if you wanted to keep the original native Oolite ships in the game. In general the starting ship for a new Jameson will be the Cobra Mk3 from the 'replacement' retexture pack. If no 'replacement' pack is installed it is the native Oolite Cobra Mk3. This may influence your choice of which of the packs to use as a 'replacement' pack.

  • Please be aware that installing multiple re-texture packs increases Oolite's memory use in general play and may not be advisable for players with old or low specification hardware. If Oolite often runs slowly or you have other problems with multiple packs installed, try taking one or more packs out of the mix to see if that helps.

Specifics for current retexture packs

Several of the existing retexture packs come in both 'addition' and 'replacement' versions to facilitate installing multiple retexture packs. The information below is correct as of 19/04/12. (updated 15/04/22 to add Iron Ass).

  • Deepspace Ships includes both 'replacement' and 'addition' versions in the same download. If you install the OXP as normal you are installing the 'replacement' version. The 'addition' version files are included in an zip file embedded inside the main download called 'non override'. To install this version you will need to extract the Config folder from this zip file and use it to replace the standard 'replacement' Config folder that comes with the OXP.
  • Griff Industries is available in both 'replacement' and 'addition' versions. Download and install the version you want following the instructions on the wiki page.
  • Neolite Ships Core 1.1 is available in both 'replacement' and 'addition' versions. Download and install the version you want following the instructions on the wiki page.
  • Shady Sungs is available in both 'replacement' and 'addition' versions (the addition version download is called 'Add-On'). Download and install the version you want.
  • The Classic Ships v1.0 is available in separate 'replacement' and 'addition' versions. Available via the Expansions Manager or can be downloaded from the wiki page.
  • Iron Ass Vol.1 is available in both 'replacement' and 'addition' versions, both downloads only available via the wiki page.