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Damaged python from Smiv's ShipSet


This Oolite Expansion Pack (OXP) is a replacement texture set giving the ships in Oolite a new 'realistic' look. This is achieved by applying new textures (skins) to the original models which improve the look of the game while preserving authenticity and originality... the ships are the same shape, but much better looking!

The models used are the original models from Oolite v1.65 which have been adapted for use in Smivs'Shipset. These base models have been enhanced with the addition of gun and engine sub-entities.

Smivs'Shipset v4.0 includes additional versions of many of the standard ships for more variety. In total, there are over 40 different ship textures.

This OXP features some beautiful lighting effects which do not require shaders. The ships have illuminated cockpit and porthole windows, strobing Navigation Lights and other additional lights, plus 'glow' effects for the radiators/heat-exchangers. Several also feature hull spotlighting. The ships' hulls also have realistic shininess and reflectiveness.

The Galcop Viper Interceptor, Python Blackdog (pirate) and Python Trader, FerDeLance Hunter and FerDeLance Executive, Boa Trader, Anaconda Trader, Adder Scavenger, Krait Hunter, Viper Pursuit, Asp Pirate and the Constrictor are all added to the Start-up demo ships display.

Have a look at the ships on Youtube

Special features

Smivs'Shipset v4.0 is the first Oolite ship set with dynamic textures which change in game to show NPC damage during combat. If you or an NPC shoot-up another ship to the point where its shields fail and it starts throwing sparks, the texture is changed 'on the fly' to one with visible damage - you will actually see laser scoring and holes punched in the hull.

If the ship under attack has an escape capsule and the pilot ejects, the ship will then go derelict. As the reactor shuts down the engine glow fades and the ship starts to tumble gently in space. As it tumbles, it loses all power. The interior and external lights fade out, and finally the ship loses its navigation strobes.

Another exciting visual feature of v4.0 is enhanced death effects. Normally, when you kill another ship you get a brief and rather weedy little flash. With Smivs'Shipset v4.0 when a ship is destroyed, it will explode dramatically, and for a split second you may even see large chunks of burning wreckage before they also explode.

Also included in Smivs'Shipset is a kit which will allow you to make a custom texture for the player Cobra Mk 3. This is a very easy process and will allow you to personalise your own Cobra Mk 3 if you want to. Full instructions are included.

Battle Damage OXP

The older versions of Battle Damage would also replace the player's ship texture if damaged. Smiv's ShipSet only replaces the NPC ship textures.


Smivs adder.jpg Smivs anaconda.jpg Smivs asp.jpg Smivs boa.jpg
Smivs boa2.jpg Smivs cobra1.jpg Smivs cobra3.jpg Smivs constrictor.jpg
Smivs ferdelance.jpg Smivs gecko.jpg Smivs krait.jpg Smivs mamba.jpg
Smivs moray.jpg Smivs python.jpg Smivs shuttle.jpg Smivs sidewinder.jpg
Smivs thargoid warship.jpg Smivs thargon.jpg Smivs transporter.jpg Smivs viper.jpg
Smivs viper interceptor.jpg Smivs worm.jpg

Link to Smivs' Website

Smivsonline. Visit here to find information about Smivs' ShipSet and Smivs' other OXPs. There was a ShipSet section with a gallery with full-size (500x500px) images.

Complementary OXP

Accessories OXP is the companion to Smivs' ShipSet, and adds all the non-ship objects. Together these two OXPs replace every standard object in Oolite.

Licence & Credits

This work is Licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence. To view a copy of this Licence, visit

Creative Commons Licence

or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

The OXP was developed by Smivs.

A very big Thank You to Capt. Murphy for much useful testing and feedback, and for transforming over 30 shipscripts into one elegant single unified script.

Thanks also go to Okti, Ahruman, Thargoid, Eric Walch, Capt Beatnik and Cim for helpful advice, suggestions and bug reports both during develop,ent and post-release, and to Commander McLane for pointing out a long time ago that it seemed a bit odd that derelict ships still had all the lights on!

Version History

Smivs'Shipset v4.1, v4.1.1 & v4.1.2

Bugfix releases. 25th/26th Feb, 2012. Previously, a player accidentaly shooting explosion debris in the presence of Police could get an offender tag. v4.1.1 ensures that shooting the debris does not count as a kill. Minor coding fixes.

Smivs'Shipset v4.0

released 17th February 2012. v4.0 features new visual effects, in-game damage to NPCs during combat, and spectacular death explosions. The models also now have gun and engine sub-entities.

Smivs'Shipset v3.1

released 26th August 2011. v3.1 features new and revised textures. Thargoid 'missile_launch_position' issue corrected. 'Kit' added to allow users to make a custom texture for the player's own Cobra Mk III.

Smivs'Shipset v3.0

released 8th December 2010. Adds on-board models, extra versions of Adder and FerDeLance, some new textures and improved lighting effects.

Smivs' ShipSet v2.0

released 27th July 2010. Adds lighting effects and some new textures.

Shipset SD version v1.2, and HD version v1.1

Update released on 24th June 2010.
Added minor ships from the old Smivs'Shipset-Supplement OXP into the main Smivs'Shipset OXP on release of Accessories OXP v1.0.

Shipset SD version v1.1 - Bugfix released on 22nd May 2010.
There was a slight error in the shipdata.plist on the Standard Definition edition of the Shipset which caused the exhaust flumes on the Boa Class Cruiser to be in the wrong position, and the exhaust flume of the Boa to be far too big. This has now been corrected in version 1.1. The High Definition edition is OK (I'd changed them here during testing, but forgot to transfer the changes to the SD edition).

v1.0 - First released on 21st May 2010.

Download Links and Installation

Smivs'Shipset Download
(Downloads are direct from Smivs' website, Smivsonline)

Smivs' ShipSet is available in two forms, a 'Replace' version which simply replaces the in-built ships, and an 'Add' version which will add Smivs' Ships to the default set and/or any other replacement shipset/s that you may use.
Both versions have two texture options available. There is a Standard Definition (1024x1024px) edition suitable for computers with on-board graphics, and a High Definition (2048x2048px) edition for use on computers with dedicated graphics cards.
Decide which version is best for you and download it. Place the complete .oxp folder into your AddOns folder.
Consult the Wiki or BB if you are not sure where this is.

Oolite Forum thread

Any questions, problems or bug reports should be posted on this OXP's BB thread here