Shady Sungs

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Shady Sungs OXP
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Version 1.3
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Category Retextures OXPs
Author Sung Mehta


Adds Sungs textured ships to the game, and adds shaders (Normal Maps and Glow Maps).

There are two versions of this OXP:

  • Add-On: Adds the textures to the game as extra ship variety.
  • Replacement: Adds the textures as replacements of the core ship textures.

Please see Installing_multiple_retexture_OXPs for information about using Shady Sungs with other retexture pack OXPs.


  • Concept and Idea: Sung Mehta.
  • Diffuse Maps: Sung Mehta.
  • New textures (Normal/Effects Maps): ADCK.
  • Config Files: ADCK.
  • Shader files: From neolites by Simon B.

(Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)


  • Before installation, be sure to delete any previous versions of shady_sungs.oxp.
  • Extract the shady_sungs.oxp into your Addons directory of Oolite.
  • Just to be sure startup Oolite with the SHIFT-key pressed until you see the spinning Cobra MKIII.


  • Please read "Readme.txt" in regards to licensing.
  • I am not able to give permission for you to use any files within this OXP in your own OXPs.
  • Please contact the original developer of Sungs textures if you wish to use the textures within this OXP in your own works.

Gallery of Ships & Stations

SungsAdder.jpg SungsAnaconda.jpg SungsAsp.jpg SungsBoa.jpg
SungsBoa2.jpg SungsBuoy.jpg SungsCargo.jpg SungsCobra1.jpg
SungsCobra3.jpg SungsCons.jpg SungsCori.jpg SungsFdl.jpg
SungsGecko.jpg SungsKrait.jpg SungsMamba.jpg SungsMoray.jpg
SungsPython.jpg SungsShuttle.jpg SungsSidewinder.jpg SungsTharg.jpg
SungsThargon.jpg SungsTrans.jpg SungsViper.jpg SungsViperi.jpg


  • Current Add-On Version: V1.3 with fixes to the Rock Hermit and Dodecahedron station (thanks to Capt.Murphy).
  • Current Replacement Version: V1.3(thanks to Capt.Murphy).
  • V1.2 with a minor bug fix by Micha.
  • V1.1
  • Older Version