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Neolite retexture for Adder


I am restarting my original project to re-imagine the classic ships to take advantage of the expanded features in Oolite 1.73 (oooh - bleeding edge!) including normal mapping to create ridges, with custom shaders, specular and glow maps. The trick is to create detailed, medium-poly, models which still fit the classic Elite look and feel. I'll also be working to preserve backward compatibility so that 1.69 will still render something which looks respectable. All ships are under the GNU GPL v2 or compatible license. You may use these OXPs to make your own ships, so long as you extend the same courtesy to others. Skins, maps, etc are under creative-commons attribution-sharealake. I don't mind if you want to base your own work off mine, provided due credit is given. If there are any questions or concerns, do ask.

The OXP's were written by SimonB back in 2009-10.

Simon B's Ships OXP

Simon B's Ships OXP is a later 2014 OXZ on the in-game Expansions Manager which contains roughly half of the original ships shown below.

Gallery of Ships

Note that the screenshots do not show Shaders: this is because they were taken on a non-shader computer!!

Neolite Core

Retextures for the Vanilla game ships only.

Neolite adder.jpg Neolite anaconda.jpg Neolite asp.jpg Neolite boa.jpg
Neolite boa class cruiser.jpg Neolite boa skiff.jpg Neolite cobra mk1.jpg Neolite cobra mk3.jpg
Neolite constrictor.jpg Neolite escape capsule.jpg Neolite ferdelance.jpg Neolite gecko.jpg
Neolite krait.jpg Neolite mamba.jpg Neolite moray star boat.jpg Neolite moray medical boat.jpg
Neolite python.jpg Neolite shuttle.jpg Neolite sidewinder.jpg Neolite thargoid.jpg
Neolite tharglet.jpg Neolite transporter.jpg Neolite viper.jpg Neolite worm.jpg

Neolite Companion

  • More retextures for Asp, Python & Sidewinder
  • New ships: Bushmaster, Cat, Chameleon, Cobra Mk2, Ghavial, Iguana, Monitor, Mussuruna, Ophidian & Salamander.
Neolite Asp MkII Special.jpg Neolite Bushmaster.jpg Cat  (Oolite) Neolite Chameleon.jpg
Neolite Cobra Mk2x.jpg Neolite Ghavial.jpg Neolite Iguana.jpg Neolite Monitor.jpg
Neolite Mussurana.jpg Neolite Ophidian.jpg Neolite python class cruiser.jpg Neolite Python ETS.jpg
Neolite Salamander.jpg Neolite Sidewinder Xport.jpg

Neolite Wolfies

Adds Asp Mk1, Asp Explorer, Cobra Courier, Cobra Rapier, Drake, Drake Mk2 & Wolf Mk1.

Neolite Asp Mk1.jpg Neolite Asp Explorer.jpg Neolite Cobra Courier.jpg Neolite Cobra Mk3 Rapier.jpg
Neolite Drake.jpg Neolite Drake Mk2.jpg Neolite Wolf Mk1.jpg


The author has uploaded the version 1.0 files to

For version 1.1 download links see the last section of this page.

Neolite Core v1.0. This is a full replacement set for all native oolite (non oxp) ships.

Neolite Companion v1.0. It replaces the following oxps: Old Ships, Aegidian's specials, Aegidian x-ships, and Python Class Cruiser.

Neolite Wolfies v1.0. It replaces the wolfwoods-variants.oxp.

Other Downloads

For the Expansion Manager's partial version see Simon B's Ships OXP above

ADCK wrote a special override-addon which reinstates the original ships, preventing them from over-writing the standard vanilla ships, available in my (ADCK's Box)

The Neolites one has a readme with instalation instructions, (and the Deepspace one is simply extracted to your addons dir (click yes when asked to overwrite)).

Difficulty Rating

"Noob". This OXP only replaces ships with better looking ones

Version History

v1.0 Original release

v1.1 Repackage and minor bug fix by Capt. Murphy - see last section of this page.

v1.1.1 Update to repackage fixing minor bug carried over from version 1.0.

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a folder named "Neolite.oxp".Move the "Neolite.oxp" folder to AddOns. As with all OXPs, its the folder ending .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.

CAVEAT: non-neolite OXPs which use like_ship entries in their plist may inherit subentities from neolite ships. These oxps will be fixed as they are detected.

Note (2012/01/29): The version of Neolite.oxp available from does not contain all of the texture files required due to file size restrictions set by the host. You will also need to download and manually copy and paste the contents to the Textures file in Neolite.oxp.

Related Links

Players are encouraged to add to the project. See the links for more information.

Project Announcements: I'll try to remember to put major announcements in this thread

RFC: Fancy Classics: the original announcement, historical and ongoing discussions. This is where you report your observations and watch for developments.

How to reskin a Neolite Ship: a tutorial covering critical aspects of neolite skins, including special effects.

How to make a Neolite Ship: a tutorial covering the standard neolite conversion formula using Wings3D. If you want to convert you favorite ship to the neolite style, this is your first stop.

Neolite Home: Homepage for various Neolite oxps. Only stable oxps are listed on the wiki. Projects in development may be found here.

Neolite 1.1

Neolite 1.1 is a repackage of Simon's original work by Capt. Murphy to facilitate end-users being able to installing multiple re-texture packs without conflicts. It also fixes a few minor bugs in Neolite 1.0, including a missing texture for the Mamba on non-shader computers, a missing exhaust plume on the Constrictor, and (with v. 1.1.1) a referencing error for the Boa and Boa Cruiser's customised Escape Pod. Neolite Companion has also been made standalone, whilst any plists in XML format have been converted to Openstep format.

Downloads include readme files with license and permissions information. Copyright remains Simon B's.

Neolite Core.

To install Neolite Core 1.1 you must download and install both Neolite_Core_Resources_A_1.1.oxp and Neolite_Core_Resources_B_1.1.oxp, along with either Neolite_Core_Replace_1.1.1.oxp or Neolite_Core_Addition_1.1.1.oxp.

To install extract the folders named *.oxp from each download and copy them to your Oolite AddOns folder. There is no need to attempt to combine the 3 OXPs, the installation is designed to work with them as separate OXPs in your AddOns folder.

Installing Neolite_Core_Replace_1.1.1.oxp will result in the Neolite Core ships replacing the equivalent native Oolite ships entirely. Use this if you want a new Jameson to be piloting a Neolite Cobra 3. It is not compatible with any other retexture pack that also replaces the native Oolite ships, although many of the other retexture packs also come in 'replace' and 'addition' versions to facilitate installing multiple retexture packs.

Installing Neolite_Core_Addition_1.1.1.oxp will result in the Neolite Core ships being added in addition to the native Oolite ships, or in addition to another retexture pack that replaces the native Oolite ships. Use this version if you want to retain the native Oolite ships in game or want the Neolite ships in addition to another retexture pack that has replaced the native Oolite ships.

Please see Installing multiple retexture OXPs for general information on installing multiple retexture packs.

Neolite Companion.

Neolite_Companion_1.1.oxp is now a standalone OXP that installs the Neolite Companion ships.

Neolite Wolfies.

Neolite_Wolfies_1.1.oxp is a standalone OXP that installs the Neolite Wolfies. Only change from version 1.0 is that plists are now in Openstep format.

Note on Neolite Stations

  • SimonB's Coriolis was the only finished Neolite station. Dodo and Ico were basically place holders with just the same texture on them. Spara (2017)