Aegidian's Specials

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This expansion pack adds two ships to the Universe, the Mussurana and the Asp Mk II. Both are within the power-range of the Standard Ships. Clicking the link for either ship will take you to a Wiki page giving further information about them.

Both ships are added to the game generally and are thus available to both the player and NPCs (either pirates or traders). Both ships are in the Classic Elite style. The OXP also adds a new type of cargo canister, for more variety.

The OXP was written by Aegidian (a.k.a Giles Williams, the author of the Oolite game engine).

Download Link

Aegidian's Specials v 1.2

Aegidian's Specials v 1.1

(old oosat link, outdated)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the Neolite Companion OXP, then you should not use this OXP as the Neolite one replaces this.

Difficulty Rating

"Noob". This OXP adds new ships, but the ships added are within the power-range of the Classic Elite Ships. If you chose to install this OXP more variety is added to the game. These new ships are no tougher than the ships you would encounter in the basic set. This OXP simply adds more variety to the ships you will encounter in the space lanes and find for sale in Shipyards. This OXP is a SHIPS OXP. Install it and everyone can fly these ships, the Player and NPCs alike.

Version History

v1.0 Original release
v1.1 Added cargopod scan class to barrels for use with newer Oolite versions.

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a folder named "aegidian-special". Open this folder and you will see a folder named "aegidian-special.oxp" and a readme. Move the "aegidian-special.oxp" folder to AddOns. As with all OXPs, its the folder ending .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.