Asp Mark II Special

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Asp Mark II Special
Asp Mark II Special.PNG
Size (W×H×L) 38 m×10 m×42 m
Cargo capacity N/A
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.40 LM
Manoeuvrability Pitch: 1.0
Roll: 2.0
Yaw: 1.0
Thrust: 50
Energy banks 5.5
Energy recharge rate

Good (4.00)

Gun mounts Fore: 1x
Rear: 1x
Missile slots 1
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 425,000 Cr


The Asp Mark II Special was an early project of the Galactic Navy. However, the sheer size and production costs of this first version lead to an early cancellation with only a few hundred ships ever on the spacelanes. Nowadays, the remaining crafts are mainly in the hands of pirates. Years later the blueprints were retrieved from the archives leading to the development of the Asp-X.

After the Asp was taken over by Zorgon Petterson Group the name was used for another project, a member of the Neo-Asp family. The lead designer Simon B (already famous at this time) went exactly the opposite way, by using all micro-technology available the ship became smaller and looked more aggressive while keeping all specifications of a standard Asp Mark II. Since high-tech doesn't come cheap and some first-class cabin furnishing was included, the basic price went up for 50,000 Cr.

Never particular popular with the clients, the design lead to the development of an update of the Navy Asp Mark II and a reinstatement at the Galactic Navy.


Compatible equipment for this ship. Factory standard equipment is marked in bold, all other equipment can be added by the player.
Misc. Equipment Escape CapsuleDocking ComputersWitch Fuel InjectorsGalactic HyperdriveAdvanced Space CompassScanner Targeting EnhancementMulti-Targeting System • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
Weaponry Pulse LaserBeam LaserMilitary LaserEnergy Bomb • {{{6}}} • {{{7}}} • {{{8}}} • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
Defence E.C.M. SystemExtra Energy UnitNaval Energy UnitShield BoostersMilitary Shield Enhancement • {{{7}}} • {{{8}}} • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}


Asp Mark II Special 02.PNG
Asp Mark II Special
(Aegidian's Specials)
Asp Mark II Special.PNG
Asp Mark II Special
(Neolite Ships)
IA aspX2.jpg
Iron Ass Asp X
(Iron Ass OXP)


The Asp Mark II Special is found in 4 packages:

While most specifications for both ship versions are similar, Aegidian's Asp Mark II Special (NPC only) has the dimensions 138 m x 32 m x 125 m and a mass of 438.479 t.

NOTE:Neolite Companion OXP will replace Aegidian's Specials, these packages are not compatible.


  • Aegidian (original OXP and that Oolite actually exists)
  • Simon Bridge aka Simon B (models, textures, shaders)
  • Capt. Murphy (repackage and minor bug fix)




This ship may be downloaded in Aegidian's Specials, Aegidian's X-Ships, Neolite Ships and the Iron Ass Vol.3.


Creative Commons License:
Copyright: Simon Bridge - Distributed under GPLv2 and compatible licenses. Simon based the ships on original work by Wolfwood.