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Zorgon Petterson Group

The famous Fer-de-Lance

Zorgon Petterson are best known for their expensive and luxurious Fer-de-Lance, introduced back in 3100. Overnight, they turned from being a small insignificant tweaker of other spaceships into being the ultimate crafters of luxury and elegance. The long list of fine touches to their Fer-de-Lance is legendary: everything is high quality and custom-designed. Not just the burr-walnut finish on the astrogation panel (specially devised by Aegidian Industries), the bespoke excellence of the deflector array with its silver-cased pulse-chambered manotox field generator (again specially devised by the specialist heavy electronics arm of Biarge United Shipyards - and its pure gold connectors for linking to the tantalum field coils of the isodentrix array - also specially commissioned from Aegidian. Every minor detail has been scrutinised with care and painstaking attention to minutiae.

With the development by the Navy of the Behemoth and the Viper, ZPG then licensed the rights to the Asp from the Galactic Navy, and established a foothold in naval manufacturing.

In 3126 ZPG were bought up by Faulcon de Lacy of Reorte.

The Corporate Headquarters is located at Xexedi. Their museum there is well worth visiting.


Vanilla game

Asp Mark II (taken over from the Navy by ZGP and built under license)
Fer-de-Lance (the best known ship of the company, expensive and luxurious)


Fer-de-Lance Spaceship - A fighter-like hull, popular with hunters and assassins. Produced under license by SoloTek Industries.
Fer-de-Lance Lightspeeder - A nostalgic line with some improved specifications.
Fer-de-Lance NG also known as NG-1 - The next generation, produced under license by a forgotten shipyard, nowadays obsolete.
Fer-de-Lance NG-2 - A remake of the NG, produced under license by Biarge United Shipyards.
Fer-de-Lance 3G - The second major update (3rd Generation).
Asp Explorer - A scout ship with some cargo space. Originally produced by Zorgon Petterson Group this craft is today offered under license from SoloTek Industries.
Asp Mark II Special - 2 generations had been build. The first was later used to design the Asp-X, the second is a smaller but still deadly Asp Mark II.
Navy Asp Mark II - An Asp specially designed for the Galactic Navy. While the first generation wasn't able to live up to the expectations, the second (based on the Asp Mark II Special) is still serving in several navies.
Asp-X - A powerful heavy interceptor, based on the design of the first generation of the Asp Mark II Special. Originally developed for Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy but also licensed for civilian use.
Ferdepai - A combination of a Fer-de-Lance and a Asp Mark II, abandoning the luxurious trimmings in exchange for military equipment. The first of 2 prototypes and soon replaced with the Fer-de-Pai.
Fer-de-Pai - A combination of a Fer-de-Lance and a Asp Mark II, abandoning the luxurious trimmings in exchange for military equipment. The second prototype, replaced the Ferdepai.
Monitor 1 developed in 3012 and sold off to Monitor Industries two years later due to its slow speed damaging ZPG's corporate image.
Mussurana Void Yacht - A ship made for the rich, with an interior to match and defenses plus weaponry to protect it.

Fer-de-Lance (Gallery)

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Fer de Lance.PNG
Fer de Lance SS.PNG
Fer-de-Lance SS
Fer de Lance lightspeeder 02.PNG
FdL Lightspeeder
Fer de Lance NG 1a.png
Fer-de-Lance NG
Fer de Lance NG 2C.PNG
Fer-de-Lance NG-2
Fer de Lance 3G.PNG
Fer-de-Lance 3G

Asp (Gallery)

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Asp Mark II 02.PNG
Asp Mark II
Asp Mark II Special 02.PNG
Asp Mark II Special (G1)
Asp mark II Navy 02.PNG
Navy Asp Mark II (G1)

Neo-Asp (Gallery)

The following ships are all based on the designs of Simon B:
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Asp Explorer 01.PNG
Asp Explorer
Asp Mark II Special.PNG
Asp Mark II Special (G2)
Asp mark II Navy.PNG
Navy Asp Mark II (G2)

Iron Ass ZeePeeGees (Gallery)

The following ships are among the Iron Ass volumes
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IA aspRD.jpg
Iron Ass Asp
IA asp.jpg
Iron Ass Asp Protoype A
IA aspX.jpg
Iron Ass Asp X
IA ferdelanceRD.jpg
Iron Ass Fer-de-Lance
IA ferdelance.jpg
Iron Ass FdL Protoype A
IA ferdelanceTC.jpg
Fer-de-Lance Turbo
IA monitor.jpg
Iron Ass Monitor
IA mussurana.jpg
Iron Ass Mussurana

Other Designs (Gallery)

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Monitor 1 Neolite.PNG
Monitor 1 (Neolite)
Fer de Pai 01.PNG
Fer de Pai 02.PNG
Mussurana Void Yacht Neolite.PNG
Mussurana (Neolite)


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