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Gerege Federation Space Works' "Boa"

Logo - GFSW.pngOne of the "Big Four" spaceworks firms.


Gerege Federation Space Works build the Boa, their replacement for the ageing Python.

The successor to the famous (and still popular) Python. Larger, faster and more manoeuverable than its venerable predecessor, the Boa has attracted a following amongst the more wealthy traders despite being over double the price at a hefty Cr.450,000. It is one of the few larger traders that is seen without escorts, having enough manuverability and a good enough weapons loadout to look after itself. The Gerege Federation Space Works consider they have built a worthy successor to the Python, and many traders agree.

One feature that has caught an inexperienced pirate unawares is that with the engine shut down, the rear of a Boa looks remarkably like the top of an Asp Mk.II. Boa captains have used this to good effect on occasions, the most famous incident being the kidnapping of Ty Lozar, a senior political figure of the Tionislan government during the 3020s. His ship, which had an Asp escort dropped out of hyperspace and flew towards the "Asp" which on closer inspection turned out to be a Boa - which turned around and gobbled his small Ophidian Class Yacht in its yawning ram scoop like a shark snapping up a surfer. The Tionislan government refused to pay up, and Lozar was never seen again.

The Boa is also a favorite target for ship thieves. What Spaceship?, in a run-off competition on the security systems fitted to most ships discovered that the Boa had one of the most useless security systems fitted as standard to any ship - even the Python had better security. Most Boa owners upgrade the security system on purchase. The Gerege Federation are said to be working on a new system for the ship.

Mainly because of its size the Boa has been able to keep up with technological progress and can be outfitted at a good dry dock with virtually any piece of equipment known to man or feline.

Based in Gerege.

OXP ships

They are also the builders of the Boa 2 Class Cruiser, the Boa II Clipper Class and the Python Clipper Class.

Boa 2 Class Cruiser

When the specs for the updated Boa design were submitted, the alterations were not deemed sufficient to merit a reclassification, thus the new ship was named the Boa 2. However, some consider that viewpoint to be woefully under-appreciative. The Class Cruiser is larger, faster, and sturdier than the original, with only a slightly lower roll rate. Hence it is also substantially more expensive.

The Boa Class Cruiser offers a solid mix of cargo capacity and combat capability. In fact, it is superior to the widely admired Python Class Cruiser in all respects except 10% lower speed (and the lack of a sharky paint job).

Boa II & Python Clipper Class

Inspired by the great Clipper ships of Old Earth's 19th Century the Boa II Clipper was developed by the Gerege Federation Space Works as a result of extensive market research carried out for them by respected pollsters Moori. The research indicated that there was an un-filled niche in the market for a very fast combat-capable transport, a ship capable of covering great distances comfortably, safely, but most of all, quickly.

To keep development time and costs down it was decided to adapt the proven hull of the Boa Class Cruiser, rather than design a new ship from scratch. As the Boa CC was strong, capacious, and very manoeuvrable, little needed to be done other than increase the engine power. By enlarging the engine room they were able to shoe-horn in a third Stardrive, thus giving the Clipper an immediate 50% power increase over the Class Cruiser, and a top speed of a highly creditable 0.362 LM. The trade-off is a 25 ton reduction in cargo space, but the remaining 150 tons capacity was considered more than adequate.

Following the success of their Clipper upgrade to the Boa 2, the Gerege Federation SpaceWorks felt that a similar upgrade to a smaller freighter would also be worthwhile. Following negotiations with Whatt and Pritney, they obtained a license to adapt Python hulls to 'Clipper' specification, the Python Clipper Class.

These ships have custom HUDs, with a clear logical layout optimised for combat situations.


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