Cowell & MgRath

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Cowell & MgRath's iconic Cobra


Shipyards based at Lave. Most famous for the Cobra Mk III introduced in 3100 AD.

Lave Station One, as well as housing the GalCop orbital administration complex, has an office for Cowell & MgRath Shipyards as well as being a staging point for academy graduates to begin their flight career.

The Cobra Mk.3

Received prototype contract for the reconnaissance-class Cobra from the Galactic Navy during the Cobra MkII debacle.

A large number of stripped-down base models (Mk III) were supplied to nascent independent traders due to a penalty clause in a Faulcon deLacy Spaceways contract with the Galactic Co-operative of Worlds.

Later versions with full engine layout and restored military specifications included the Cobra Courier and SuperCobra.

Pimp my Cobra: To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the release of the Cobra Mark III, Cowell & MgRath in concert with What Spaceship? magazine engineered a competition. The competitors were given a standard Cobra Mark III and were freely allowed to modify its engines, interior space and design, exterior design and equipment. The response was so great and the standard of entries so high, that a wave of licensed, pimped cobras hit the shipyards.

See Wolfwood Interstellar Technologies for C&G's attempt to sue a competitor, and King Cobra for the feud with Isis Interstellar.

Many cobras come with a Pilot's Reference Manual written by one of C&G's better known test pilots.

Other C&G models

The Llama with similar specifications to the Cobra Mk.3 - and a similar price - but a catamaran designed hull. Can land on water.


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