Pulse Laser

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Pulse Laser
Pulse laser small.jpg
Name Ingram M1919A4 Pulse Laser
Cost 400.0₢
TL Availability 4


The Pulse Laser fires intermittent beams, and is considered an unglamorous weapon in space combat. Its one redeeming quality is that it generates little energy, and is therefore the weapon least prone to overheating. It is effective out to a maximum range of 12,500 metres.

Sales Pitch

The Ingram Model 1919A4 Pulse Laser is recommended for all positional laser mountings, but is especially effective for rear-shooting. Fires intermittent laser "rods" 610mm in length, with a cycle rate of 1500 RoPM. The barrel is of high grade Allutium fibre, lined with tempered QuQorian Silica. Power provided directly from inverse energy banks contained in main ship's drive. Each rod is capable of piercing 267mm of Flux-Locked metal.

Pulse Laser crosshairs


  • To fire, press a.
  • To arm/disarm, press _ (underscore).

... note that arming/disarming also affects your missiles


Cost: 400.0 ₢.
Techlevel: 4


  • See Guide to Accuracy OXPs for a list of OXPs which help aiming!
  • Weapon Laws OXP restricts sales of the various lasers in the more stable government systems. Pulse lasers will not be sold in Corporate systems or democracies.
  • Laser Combat Reimagined OXP which rejigs all the lasers and gives the pulse laser an extended range.
  • New lasers OXP introduces another 3 varieties of pulse laser


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