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The Cobra Mk III cargo hold offers room to support freight of 20t of standard cargo cannisters. Should this prove to be insufficient, there exists a solution in undertaking a Cargo Bay expansion, which is not terribly expensive or technologically advanced, but does take some time.

From the bridge, all Cargo Bay functions are controlled by the Tichy CargoMate, often informally referred to as "the Librarian", as it is relied upon to keep all cargo indexed and updated to the ship's manifest, and using its C-claws, keep all cargo stacked and organized in the most practical manner possible.

Should the need arise to jettison cargo mid-flight, this action is prompted by pressing shift-d. It is always advisable, however, to toggle through the Tichy's register first, by pressing shift-r, to be certain it is the desired cargo that is next in line for ejection. See Dumping Cargo for tips.

Adding a Fuel/Cargo Scoop allows scooped items (ie not fuel!) to be deposited in the cargo hold directly. This includes cargo pods, escape pods and asteroid splinters.


Cute, cuddly & best avoided!
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Do not let your hold become infested with Trumbles, no matter how cute and cuddly you find them to be.

Vanilla game

  • Cargo Bay Expansion extends the cargo hold as discussed above
  • Cargo/Fuel Scoops enable one to directly scoop cargo (or asteroid splinters etc) from outside the ship and load it into the cargo hold
  • Passenger Berth: each berth requires 5t of cargo hold space


  • Pods - peculiar cargo
  • HyperCargo created an extra dimension to your cargo hold allowing you to squeeze in more cargo - unless you run out of energy.

There are a large number of OXPs which compensate for their advantages by reducing the available space in the cargo hold. The most noticeable of these are the reserve Quirium fuel tanks (ie: Duplex Fuel Tank, Extra Fuel Tanks & Internal Fuel Tank).


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